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masturbate with a bottle
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Okay guys, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted some ALSScan… Now, I don’t neglect ALS on purpose… It’s just that it’s rather rare for me to get content of them…. That being said, since I had some free time on my hands without that evil TV demanding my attention, I was able to collect a few galleries from ALS – All Ladies Shaved!! I hope you like Faye Runaway… Inside the member’s area, you’ll see the actual bottle insertion as Faye stretches her pussy around it!!!

In other news, a friend pointed out to me that even though my TV is out of order, I could just watch my TV shows online on the computer, the only difference being a smaller screen. The problem with this solution is that I have a hard time eating in front of the computer, especially dinner type meals, which tend to involve both hands. Sitting on the couch in front of the TV, no problem. Sitting on a chair in front of the computer, where the computer takes up the table space in front of you and you need to sit closer, thus eliminating lap space as a surface for your dishes, bit of a problem.

Ah, but I’ll survive TV-less for a few days. I just might be a bit strange by the end of it. ^_^ But the restoration of normal routine should fix me up right proper!!!!

Maybe I’ll take some dirty pictures….

In the meantime, enjoy the Faye Runaway beer bottle in pussy gallery!

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drunk women fuck male strippers - partyhardcore
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Okay guys, it’s Friday night, and time for another XXX gallery of sexy drunk women fondling male strippers at a bachelorette party!! This free Partyhardcore gallery features the black male stripper prominently, as well as the rest of the gang… I hope you like the debauchery that follows! There’s even a drunken male stripper cumshot!

In the next few days, I’m going to get some galleries up from DareRing and SellYourSexTape

Anyways, no TV makes this girl go a little loopy, it would seem…

Yesterday morning, a TV repairman came by to take a look at my TV. It’s a rear projection dealie I’ve had for a few years now, and the extended warranty is about to expire – as in, the warranty is no more as of July 14. So since the unit’s been having some convergence issues for a while now as well as some red seepage, it seemed wise to have it looked at while the extended warranty would still cover the costs.

So the fellow shows up, and I’ve rearranged a few furniture items so that the TV can be pulled away from the wall, and I show him the convergence issues – unfortunately, the red seepage is really only visible in the dark, which means I couldn’t show him that with sunlight streaming in through the window, and my window coverings are not so opaque that all light is obliterated. Still, he saw the convergence issue, and he settled in to work behind the TV. I settled onto the couch and worked on a yarn cake.

After a while, he gets up and goes out to his vehicle to retrieve something, then returns and gets back to it. A little while after that, he gets up and reemerges from behind the TV with what I’m guessing is the TV equivalent of a motherboard in his hands. He shows me a couple of chips on one side, saying that these things are what he thinks need to be replaced in order to resolve the convergence issue.

He then tells me that he’s taking this bit of the TV with him, and since this weekend is a long weekend, I shouldn’t expect to hear back from the shop until Wednesday of next week, and when I do hear back from them, it’ll be to arrange for a time when they can come in and put this piece back in the TV.

I was not expecting that at all. I figured that someone would come, look at the TV’s display, and then tinker with it, either in some super top secret settings mode, or by fiddling with things inside the TV. I really had no basis for this expectation, but there it was all the same. I didn’t think they’d actually have to remove a piece and take it away, leaving me with a non-functioning TV for several days!

So I’ve now been almost 36 hours without a TV. I must admit, during the day, I don’t really notice, because I don’t use the TV during the day – I’m either out and about running errands, or I’m parked in front of my laptop. The evenings, though – that’s my usual TV time, and so far it’s been rough. I don’t know what to do while I’m eating! I can’t knit, because I need my hands for eating. I can’t read, because I lose my spot on the page when I look away to look at my food. And trust me, I need to look at my food as I eat. It’s not that I’m so clumsy I’ll accidentally eat a chunk out of my arm or something. It’s that I like to see what my next bite is going to be, and I tend to examine my food rather carefully while selecting that bite. I cannot wolf blindly. So I look away from my reading, and I lose my spot, and when I manage to find it again it’s time for another bite, and then I lose my spot again, and after a few repetitions of this pattern I get thoroughly fed up and just shove the reading aside. So reading while eating is out. What’s left?

Listening to yourself chew your food while you eat. That’s about it.

I miss my TV…. I guess I’ll just have to settle for watching porn ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the Partyhardcore xxx gallery… Check out LoverboysUSA if you want some more male strippers with amateur women galleries…

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tia ling with dildo - dirty asian slut
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Okay guys… Time for yet another Asian slut XXX gallery! This one features Tia Ling, a hardcore sex model that can be seen in quite a few gangbangs, interracial (black guy) sex, bondage, and more… Tia Ling may not be the most attractive asian, but her sluttiness sure makes up for it!

Another interesting site these guys run is “Maccy’s Bar”, and of course, 88Square

Anyways, I’ve seen product descriptions claiming that merino wool is a miracle fiber – it’s soft, fine, insulates even when wet, and won’t hold odours. Over the past few months, I’ve managed to amass a respectable collection of merino wool sweaters. I’ve been wearing them, though not too much since it’s summer, and the usual thought process is not Gosh, what a lovely warm sunny day, time to put on a merino wool sweater!. I think I’ve worn them enough, though to be able to comment on the claims about merino wool.

Softness, fineness – yes, this wool is very soft and fine. I started having a problem wearing other wools last year – they were giving me itchies and rashes. This is not a problem with merino.

Insulates when wet – okay, I haven’t really tested this one. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a frame of mind where I will willingly put on a wet sweater just to see if it will still keep me warm, nor do I tend to find myself out in the rain without a rain coat. Dry merino does insulate very very well, though.

Won’t hold odours – I was skeptical of this one, typically fiber just soaks up whatever smells are around it. Amazingly enough, this claim is true! Merino wool does not pick up smells from the outside world. You know how food smells get into your clothes? Not if you’re wearing merino. Same goes for the less appealing smells that get generated with physical activities. I’ve heard stories about people who will wear their merino sweaters while working out or running, and even after multiple wears without washes in between, the sweater smells as clean as it did coming out of the drawer. Not that I’m encouraging you to go out and sweat up a storm everyday for a month in your merino without ever washing it – I’m just saying that if you choose to do so, the merino won’t ever tell anyone that it hasn’t been washed.

That being said, merino is not a completely perfect fiber. I have found that though merino doesn’t hold odour when dry, it does emit its own particular odour when wet. So yes, your merino will smell more as its drying than it does after being worn. Seems sort of perverse, but there it is….. One of my room smells like I have a herd of wet sheep….

Anyways, the moral of the story is, go ahead, buy merino. Just make sure that you don’t have to be around it as it dries after washing. I recommend clothes by Icebreaker!!

Anyways, enjoy the XXX gallery of a dirty asian slut – Tia Ling!

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Thumb Desc3
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a sexy pigtailed teen getting fucked!

I’m not sure what’s happened to Jenny Hendrix. She used to be a young, FRESH looking starlet eagerly taking cocks as big as my forearm…. (Although I must admit, my forearm isn’t too big….)
However now she looks a bit cracked out! I don’t think her asshole closes properly either… Too many dicks!

Oh wait. Could that be my answer? Anyways, this gallery comes from PigTails and Round Asses – a site dedicated to young teens with big asses getting banged! They also have a neat lesbian site with unknown amateur porn chicks called Naughty Best Friends

Anyways, I was dropping off some work-related paperwork at an office today. First, I had to stop by Staples (Bureau En Gros for you fellow Quebecers) to make copies of my documents, then I organized them, stapled them, and put them all into a big manila envelope and went to the relevant office.

When I got there, I discovered that this office closes for an hour at lunch, so I’d have to wait around for fifteen minutes to deliver my stuff.

Now, I understand why offices close for lunch. The reception staff appreciate having an hour to not be working. I know I sure would have – back in the day, I worked my share of office reception type jobs, and I actually wasn’t allowed to just shut down for a half hour for my lunch – I was expected to eat my lunch at my desk, and deal with calls and walk ins as they came up. So, really, it was sort of ludicrous that I wasn’t paid for that half hour, since I was working for that half hour. Oh well.

So yes, I understand why offices would close for lunch.

That being said, it’s still rather infuriating to be on one side of a door and be able to look in through a window and see a receptionist sitting at her desk playing a little computer game…. I wonder if it’s just a French thing??

On a related note, I pulled a Dr. Sweets (from the TV show Bones) today – there I was, attempting to demonstrate that I am a mature, responsible individual, and when a wonderful gentleman who worked in the office I was waiting for offered to deliver my paperwork so that I wouldn’t have to wait for them to re-open, I said Oh, awesome. Perfect choice of words! I couldn’t have said Oh, that would be wonderful, or even Oh, that would be great. I said Oh, awesome.

Oh well. So much for being a grown up…

Enjoy the pigtailed Jenny Hendrix getting fucked!!!

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latina teen inserts anal dildo in ass
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Okay guys, it’s almost hump day… Wednesday…. the middle of the week… Half behind you, half in front of you…. To make your week a little bit better, you can click on the above picture, and see the full, free XXX gallery of hot latina teen, Pamela Spice, sticking a sex toy up her ass……

I’m actually kind of intrigued by Pamela Spice… Is she American? Or is she a cheap Venezuelan prostitute that was ‘borrowed’ for a week, produced 100+ sets of pictures, and then returned to the streets to offer $5 blowjobs???

Pamela Spice’s skin looks to be pretty healthy, and she has braces (porn teen with braces…. high on the fetish list!!) which indicates that there is SOME money in her family…

I guess for all we know, Pamela Spice is the daughter of a Columbian drug lord…. ^_^

Eitherway, enjoy the hot latina anal sex toy gallery!

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