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lesbian group sex
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Okay, it seems like these Fridays are flying by…. In honour of the weekend, I present you with a gallery of three slim, sweet, European lesbians playing with a dildo!!!!
Now you have to help me out here – is this technically ‘group sex’ considering there’s no actual male/female intercourse? Is it even sex??? What if they use a strapon?? ^_^

Anyways, for several years now, I’ve been using Colgate Total as my toothpaste. In part because I can buy it in bulk at Costco. ^_^ But also because it promises 12 hour protection against bacteria, which I believe because it contains Triclosan, which is an antibacterial dental product that my dentist once brushed directly onto my teeth in a probably frustrated attempt to keep cavity appearance down to a dull roar. Direct application is kind of gross – after he brushed the gel on, it dried and I was to avoid brushing for a full day, and flossing for a couple of days, and with time bits of the dried product would flake off my teeth, which was sort of nasty. That being said, it seemed to work – my next checkup was cavity free. ^_^

Anyway, I’ve been using Colgate Total. A little while ago, though, I was leaving a movie theatre one evening, and there were women handing out toothpaste samples. Since I can’t say no to free stuff, I politely lined up for my sample. When I got to the woman, she looked at me and said, “I’m going to give you two.” I must look like someone who has struggled with cavities in the past or something… Anyway, I walked away with two mini tubes of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste in my handbag. ^_^

As I was packing for my little BC getaway, I reached for my full size tube of Colgate, then remembered the little tubes of Aquafresh. I thought, Why take such a honking big tube when a smaller one will fit in my travel kit so much more nicely? So for the past couple of days, I’ve been using the Aquafresh.

What do I think of it? Well, for starters, the orange stripe in it means that the foam it produces has an orange tint to it, which is, well, weird. Also, the orange stripe leads one to expect some sort of weird orange mint flavour, which it doesn’t have – actually, the flavour reminds me of Robitussin cough syrup!! It foams up more than the Colgate does, and my teeth do feel really really clean afterwards.

So, will I be switching once I’ve used up my current stash of Colgate Total? Well, we’ll see what’s available at Costco. ^_^

Enjoy the lesbian threesome gallery from SapphicErotica!!

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hot sword swallowing asian
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Okay guys – it’s Friday (technically), and I have a news article about yet another crazy Japanese Fetish… To go along with that, I figured I better have an asian themed gallery!!! Now, Lina Kina may *not* be Japanese, but she is Asian, and she IS posing with a Japanese sword…. That, and the fact that Lina Kina is gorgeous, make for a decent post..

Also, on Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver, you can see Lina Kina hardcore with a big dick ^_^… Real sword swallowing ^_^

Anyways –

A man obsessed with a recorded female voice has been arrested after spending more than 3,000 hours on a freephone telephone number.
Man loved to hear the woman’s voice

Hiroyuki Nomoto, from Tokyo in Japan, called the number around 500 times so he could hear the woman’s dulcet tones on a taped message.

The 38-year-old plumber was arrested on suspicion of obstructing the business of the company at the other end of the line, a food firm based in Takasaki, north of the capital.

“The company has the number for 24-hour order-taking with a female voice,” a police spokesman said.

“He said he wanted to hear a woman’s voice.

“The company paid the call charges, which amounted to £18,595 for the call time of 3,100 hours.”

Japanese police are used to dealing with people obsessed with female voices.

A 37-year-old man was arrested in January after placing at least 2,600 calls to directory enquiries over several months.

Telephone operators – who in Japan are almost always women – reportedly nicknamed him the “don’t-hang-up-man”.


Really, Japanese men have a lot of fetishes.. Japanese people tend to be obsessive ^_^

Enjoy the hot Lina Kina gallery from Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver!!

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sexy blonde lesbian teens
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Okay guys, time for some more AliceWonderbang!! Alice Wonderbang features a hot blonde teen slut who bangs pretty much everyone and everything… There are a bunch of lesbian video galleries, hardcore galleries, and group sex galleries of teen Alice getting fucked!!! Alice Wonderbang is a pretty hot site..

Well, I arrived home safe and sound last night. ^_^

That means that this morning, I showered in my own bathroom. This also means that I happened to catch a glimpse of my backside in the mirror as I was toweling off. It was then that I noticed a mark on my tushie. A crescent-shaped, dark purple mark, right there on the left side of my heinie. When I saw it, I wondered what I’d done to mar my bum so. Then, it came back, in a painful flash of a memory. I remembered my ferry ride Saturday night, when I had attempted to glide gracefully into my seat, but misjudged several factors, resulting in me ramming the armrest with my posterior with no small degree of force, much to the amusement of all those who were there to observe….

I wonder how long it’ll take for this bruise to fade? I’m sure you want pics, but no way!!

Enjoy the hot and sexy blonde lesbian teens from Alice Wonderbang!

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high resolution gallery of a sexy, shaved american teen
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Okay guys, Shyla is a relatively new model that is debuting on Met-Art…. Not longer is Met-Art utilizing cheap Russian models…… Rather, they’re branching out into expensive midwest teens – corn fed, and bred in perfect proportion!!! I love this fully nude gallery of Shyla!!

Anyways, today I went back to Butchart Gardens. ^_^

Since I’d already been there once before and had explored the grounds pretty thoroughly then, it wasn’t an overly long visit. Had I had to pay the full admission, then this might have been a silly adventure, but last August when I went the first time, the year-long season’s pass was about one and a half day’s admissions, so it seemed quite likely that I’d be back at some point during the next year and worth buying the pass. ^_^ So I didn’t have to fork over any money today when I entered the gate. ^_^

It was also nice to be able to see the gardens at a different time of year, since the plants don’t all bloom at once. As mentioned previously, last time I was there was in August, so it was all late summer or all summer flowers that were out. Today the all summers were out again, but I caught the tail end of the spring flowers too. ^_^ This means that there were full tulips out in many spots. ^_^ Rhododendrons were out, as were violas and fuschias, as well as other flowers that I don’t recognize and know the names of off the top of my head. I saw white bleeding hearts and blue poppies. ^_^ The rose garden was completely devoid of blossoms, but there were buds on the bushes. The day wasn’t too hot, but it wasn’t cold either. All in all, I spent a very pleasant couple of hours happily strolling through the gardens. ^_^

I did mill through the gift shop at the end of my visit, but this time I did not purchase any seeds. Why not? Not because I wasn’t inspired by the artful displays of blooms I had just wandered past. It’s because I still haven’t done anything with the seeds I bought last year!! I need to go get myself one of those window box flower pots that I can balance on my railing. I think I’ve probably missed the appropriate window for the seeds I have. I may plant them anyway whenever I get the box – they’re columbine, and the package says that they are hardy perennials, so it could be okay. Still, I’ll probably save some of the seeds in case it doesn’t work out. ^_^

I wonder how long seeds in a little packet are good for? On the one hand, I think they should be good forever, but on the other that doesn’t seem like it should be true.

Well would you look at that! It seems both of my thumbs are rather black…..

Enjoy the sexy gallery of cute American teen Shyla!!

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Bachelorette parties, hen parties, Ladies Night Out – whatever you call them, these alcohol fueled nights of debauchery are the average husband’s worst nightmare!! I know that a few of you find it sexy if your wife goes out and gets laid by a male stripper, but still, if I was a guy, I would NOT let my significant other go out with her friends and get drunk in front of abnormally large, swinging penises!!! That being said, it’s a sexy Partyhardcore gallery… Loverboysusa also features the same situations…

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