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realpeachez fully naked
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Okay guys, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted any galleries of Peachez…. But I just stumbled across a Howard Stern video of her (Calling herself Peaches) talking about how much she loves giving blowjobs, and how she’s such a slut…. So, I figured I’d get a gallery up!! Realpeachez has recently gone semi-hardcore.. She’s shoved cucumbers up her pussy, given blowjobs to a couple of guys, and done some pretty sexy lesbian sets!!
This gallery is a rare free one that shows her fully nude… in her member’s area, you’ll see graphic closeups and more….
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Anyways, I know, I know. I’d be better off if I didn’t bother with snacks when I go to the movie theatre. But where’s the fun in that? ^_^

When I went to the movies on the weekend, I bought a drink to enjoy while I watched. I have one of those Scene loyalty cards, so that means I get 10% off any purchases made at the concession stand. ^_^ Still, they want $4.49 for a large pop! O.o There’s just no way that it costs them that much for a fountain pop, even if it is super huge. So, I take full advantage of their free refill policy – I always make sure I get my refill as I’m leaving the theatre. ^_^ This way, I enjoy my drink during the movie, and then I have another drink to enjoy, typically the next day. I’m glad they use pretty sturdy paper cups. Pop has a way of eating through lesser paper cups. But this one stays intact overnight. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the Sarah Peachez gallery!!! I’m off to bed!!

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Asian ffm threesome
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It’s Sunday, and the new week is upon us. Instead of hiding under the covers and crying, we should embrace what the new week has to offer!!!

Okay, so maybe it’s a pretty meager offering. At least it’s spring, and the weather should be getting even nicer in the weeks to come… Anyways, I hope you enjoy this asian ffm threesome gallery featuring Arcadia and Layla Lei…. Please don’t look too closely at the dark skinned asian… I swear she used to be a man!!!!! If you ignore her face, the rest of the gallery is pretty decent – it’s from Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver

Anyways, I diligently spent a bit of time in Practice Mode in Rockband, working my way through Flirtin’ with Disaster by Molly Hatchett. First, I tried it at 50% speed, and did pretty well with it. Then I started bringing the speed back up to normal with each successive attempt – 60%, then 70%, then 80%, then 90%. My accuracy decreased with each increase in speed, but I felt like I was improving.

This a few days ago…. Today, I decided to give it a go, without having tried it at normal speed in practice mode. I loaded up my Solo Tour file, and made my selection.

And I got through it!

Not perfectly – nowhere near perfectly, but not too shabbily either. I scored four of five stars on the whole song – pretty close to five, but just not close enough – and I did dip down into the red danger zone on the solo for a bit, but I managed to muddle through and pull it off! ^_^

Once I finished the Big Rock Ending, a special little concert animation started up, because this was the last song I needed to get through to complete my Solo Tour. I then received my award for completing the Solo Tour on Hard – a golden guitar. ^_^

Now, do I dare try my hand at Expert? ^_^

Enjoy the asian threesome gallery!

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pussy licking Puma Swede, Anita Dark, Sandee Westgate
Click the pic for a hot lesbian threesome starring Sandee Westgate, Puma Swede and Anita Dark!!!

Okay guys, I’ve posted Anita Dark before – and I’m pretty sure I’ve posted Puma Swede… This is a hot new site starring Sandee Westgate, an ex-playboy model gone bad….
Now, I just did a quick blog search, and maybe I confused Angel Dark with Anita Dark… Angel Dark was in this hot dp gallery….
sexy ass - group sex

Click the picture for the gallery
(blog post of Angel Dark getting double penetrated here)
Blog post of Angel Dark playing an Indian Goddess

Anyways, they’re all hot galleries.. I especially like the hot-ass double penetration one…

Tonight I saw Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Now, some years ago, I saw Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and though it had its funny moments, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the watching experience. So when I saw the posters advertising a second Harold & Kumar adventure, I thought Really? Another one? Does the world truly need a second?

The answer, however, is yes, the world needed another one, because this one was much better than I remember the first one being. Then again, maybe I need to give the first one another chance. But what I saw tonight was funny. ^_^ Very funny. ^_^ I quite enjoyed it. I did not regret using up one of my Christmas-gifted movie admission vouchers to see this one. ^_^

I won’t retell any of the story here – wouldn’t want to spoil it for those who want to see it! If you like silly humour, go see this one. Yes, there’s some gross humour in there too, but it’s not hugely absurdly gross, and it’s usually mercifully brief. There is some full-frontal nudity (and I mean full…. both guy and girl!!!) though, so it’s not one for bonding with the parental units….

I must say, though, even though they poked fun at The Square Root of Three, I kind of liked it – I thought it was sort of clever. ^_^

Enjoy the pussy licking, lesbian threesome gallery of Puma Swede, Sandee Westgate, and Anita Dark!!

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young vietnamese teen nude
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Okay guys, it’s Friday night… Is this gallery reasonably sexy to lead into the weekend? This vietnamese porn teen has just the right amount of tease… I’m really curious if she ever takes those panties off, or if any of you know other websites she might be on????

Anyways, with the amount of purchases I make online, I suppose that it was statistically inevitable that one transaction would not go well. Remember that glass pen I ordered back in late August 2007? That big brouhaha is still up in the air. I hadn’t heard anything back from the person at the store that I had been corresponding with for quite a while, so I fired off a quick but polite email requesting an update. This was in late March. After a week and a half with no reply, I sent another. Still no reply. A week later, I sent one more, and when that went ignored I started to get really nervous, so I sent another email to a different person at the store – someone who I had corresponded with briefly before being passed off to this other person.

Well, this second person replied quite promptly, apologizing for my being left in the dark and telling me by way of explanation that the first person had left her job to pursue a college degree, which is why my emails were ignored – the old email account was still active, but inaccessible to other employees.

I’m glad that they’re not completely ignoring me, but this doesn’t exactly make me confident that this fiasco will come to its conclusion soon.

The only comfort I take in this scenario is that the thief must have been pretty ticked when s/he opened my package, hoping for valuables, and found a glass dip-style pen and a few pots of ink….

Anyways, enjoy the young Vietnamese porn teen!!!

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Blonde teen goes for casting call - group sex
Group Teen Casting – Where sexy blonde teens Get Fucked By Two Guys For The very First Time!

Click the pic for a free hardcore group sex gallery of a new, innocent blonde teen showing up for a casting call and getting banged by two guys!! I have a feeling that these Russian teens don’t make too much money off of this ‘casting call’ ^_^

Anyways, this morning, I was looking at my fingernails and thought to myself, Well, they’re a bit long, but I could leave them a little while longer – it might be nice to have longish nails for a change.

This afternoon, as I was packing my laptop back into my bag, I broke one of my nails… So, once I got home again, I trimmed it down, and then, because having the ring finger of your right hand with a trimmed short nail while the rest are long looks silly, I trimmed the rest of them down to match. So much for longish nails.

Now, I’ve never actually broken a nail in such a way that it causes me pain – it’s always a nuisance, but never painful. This is probably good fortune on my part. Still, if you complain to me that you’ve broken a nail, I won’t coo in sympathy because as far as I’m concerned, that’s not an injury. ^_^ Of course, now that I’ve said that, I wonder if the next time I break a nail it’s going to be a doozie of a break, with pain and blood and everything!!! I really hope not.

In other news – my Crocs have arrived! ^_^ Well. I went and picked them up from the post office today. And I really ordered two pair, but one of them is on backorder. But the one pair did arrive! ^_^ I’ve already pulled them out of the box and tried them on, and phew, they fit. ^_^ I’m not sure what’s in the heel, but it is definitely solid – no wibbliness there. And they’re so light. ^_^ I’m so pleased. ^_^ I can’t wait to debut them! ^_^

Enjoy the groupsexcasting gallery of the blonde teen with two guys!

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