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Gorgeous brunette teen with puffy pussy lips
Click the pic for a free gallery of a gorgeous brunette teen with puffy pussy lips!

Okay guys, click the picture up top to see the free gallery of Nina – a gorgeous Eastern European (or possibly Russian) porn teen featured in incredibly high resolution…. On the website, each porn picture is roughly 4 times higher resolution… That means that you can see each and every one of the model’s pores… You can also count the hair folicles from her bikini wax…. It’s all good!!! This is a met-art gallery….

Anyways, despite nobody being overly curious, I figured I’d post a followup about how my dessert making foray went…

I made some treats last week, blogged about one, and thought that some might like to know how these treats turned out. ^_^

Well, that attempt at chocolate-covered licorice turned out very tastily – I actually had to let them set overnight, but in the morning they were beautiful. That being said, I transferred them into ziploc bags, to keep the licorice from drying out too much and going rock hard, and at some point in the next 24 hours, something bizarre started happening – the chocolate started going all spotty. O.o They still taste fine, they just don’t look so nice. X_x I’m not sure what the problem is – it may be that I heated the chocolate too long, or on too high of a heat, even though I used a pretty low heat, and some of the sugar in the chocolate got crystallized, or maybe some of the protein in the dairy product in the chocolate got denatured. Either way, they taste fine, so I’ll eat them, but this treat requires some experimentation so I can have them look as good as they taste. ^_^ Maybe as suggested, I needed to put them in the fridge to set?

I also made a pan of puffed wheat squares, topped with marshmallows and drizzled lightly with some of the chocolate that was melted down for the licorice. Now that I think of it, none of that went spotty. Hmmm. Anyway, the squares came out tasty, and wonderful looking – but I was a little fast and loose with my measuring of the puffed wheat, so they’re a bit drier than they should be.

Almost like cardboard…. tasty cardboard…

The problem is I have this scoop that I know is half a cup when I have the adjustable measuring stopper in it at the biggest setting, but when I wash the scoop, I have to take that stopper off, and I leave it off to let it dry completely. So when I know I need half a cup of something, I often will just leave out the stopper and use the scoop. In the past, I’ve done this in measuring chocolate, and marshmallows, and it’s always fine, because with those things a bit of excess is totally fine. ^_^ For this recipe though, I ended up putting in probably close to a half scoop of extra puffed wheat, and the result was tasty but dry squares. Lesson learned – next time, and for all of perpetuity, I will put that stopper back in to measure the dry stuff for squares. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the high resolution Russian teen gallery from met-art!!!!

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Black and Asian interracial
Click the pic for a REAL true interracial threesome gallery!!!

Asian girl… Black girl… White guy!! Talk about a threesome, it’s almost a Benetton ad!! Anyways guys, this gallery comes from ‘OXPass‘, the mother of all bangbus websites!! Buy the password there, and get access to all the sites found here..
As yes, I realize a black and asian threesome would be technically more correct than ‘lesbian babes banged’ ^_^

Anyways, I know I’ve been waffling….. I stopped at a Bell kiosk today.

I ogled the Blackberry Pearl. It’s so pretty. ^_^

The sales rep guy said that he would waive the one-time $35 activation fee for me… Although I’m sure he says that to everyone!!

And yet, I returned home again empty handed. I was so close to just saying, “Sign me up!” and bringing my new toy home to charge and get ready for usage tomorrow.

That being said, the tremendous guilt I felt at the idea of spending $60 a month for cell phone service, when I get sufficient service for only $20, made me walk away without a prize.

No pretty spiffy newness for me… Did you know that Canada has the highest data rate plans for all cellphones???

Anyways, enjoy the BangBus (sort of) black and asian lesbian babes banged gallery!!! It’s taken from the BallHoneys..

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Drunk Partyhardcore babes fucking male strippers
Click the pic for a gallery of bachelorettes and drunk girls giving male strippers blowjobs!

Okay guys – it’s the weekend, so that means it’s time for a few more wild women with male strippers!!!!! These guys aren’t quite the Chippendales!! ^_^ Anyways, I had a request looking ofr a new article about a bride-to-be sucking off a few male strippers before her wedding.. Or maybe it was a post somewhere on a forum… I’ve been racking my mind, and will try to find the link!! In the meantime, enjoy this PartyHardcore gallery!!!

Anyways, I heard an ad on the radio today encouraging me to bid a fond farewell till the fall to my corduroy pants and head to Winners (an ultra discount shop) to peruse their spring dress collection.

I suppose the ad was a bit of a failure, since after hearing it I had no urge to go dress shopping whatsoever. I did, however, want to pack away my cords and pull out my lighter summer pants, and tuck away my sweaters and pull out my t-shirt collection. ^_^

It’s probably a good thing that I’m not that susceptible to advertising. ^_^

That being said, I headed over to the Bell website today to ogle their picture of the Blackberry Pearl, and discovered that their price has dropped to a measly $9.95 on a three year contract! I’m rethinking my earlier decision. ^_^

Anyways, if you want to see some of the PartyHardcore movies for free, click here!!

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Cute girl has group sex casting call
Click the pic to see a full gallery from a site “where Cute Girls Get Fucked By Two Guys For The First Time!”

Okay – so that wasn’t my tag line.. I kind of borrowed it from the groupteencasting site… But I found it humerous!!!

Group Teen Casting features exactly that – young teen girls who want to be pornstars are lured to a sleazy room to be filled with cock…. It’s deliciously nasty!!!!
And of course, you get access to:
All these sites!

Anyways, last summer, while vacationing in Vancouver, I discovered a treat at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Robson Street – Twizzlers dipped in chocolate. I don’t really care for black licorice, and adding a layer of chocolate doesn’t make it better, but the red ones dipped in chocolate were really really nice. Like everything in that store, though, they were on the pricey side, and as I munched away, I thought to myself, y’know, these are good, but I bet I could make them at home.

Fast forward to today, when I decided that I should actually try this. ^_^

So, I pulled out a cutting board, fished out some licorice, and cut the twists in half, so that each piece is about four inches long. When I had a handful or so, I put them on a little plate, and moved over to the stovetop. There, I placed two handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips into a small fry pan, and put this over low heat to melt the chocolate. When it was all smooth and melty, I turned off the heat, but left the pan on the burner so that the residual heat could keep the chocolate all nice smooth and melty, and then proceeded to coat the licorice pieces in chocolate, except for about half an inch at one end, which I was holding on to…. Once a piece was coated, I would place it on a sheet of parchment paper to cool and set.

How did they turn out? Well, I don’t know yet. Chocolate takes much more time to cool and set than it does to melt. Refrigeration probably would have been helpful, but I don’t have that sort of fridge space at the moment…. So I may have to wait till tomorrow to test out my little experiment in home prepared confections.

I will say this though – they sure look good. ^_^

It’s probably good that they’re not quite ready.. My stomach still isn’t perfect!

Enjoy the Teen Casting for Group Sex gallery!

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Leah Luv - Anal Slut
Click the pic for a free gallery of a slutty pornstar – Leah Luv!!

Okay guys – this isn’t a hardcore gallery of Leah, but sometimes it’s nice to see her when she’s not covered in cum, and doesn’t have a couple of huge black cocks shoved in her various holes!! ^_^ Just heart-shaped pubic hair..

Anyways, I know I still have a few days yet to make my decision and still take advantage of the current deals on nifty new communicative gadgetry.

But, I think I have a decision. Not one I’m particularly happy with at the moment, but I have one nonetheless.

I will not be upgrading to the world of Blackberry.

I figured it out, and initial cost aside, which would be about $100 with the cost of the device and all the ‘setup fees’ and taxes, the plan itself would cost me an additional $1,200 through the duration of the contract. So yes, an extra $400 per year. O.o Too bad for me, I just can’t justify that kind of additional expense. T-T

Oh well. It smacks of disappointment right now, but just you wait and see, by this time next week I’ll have forgotten all about it and will have bounced off onto something new. ^_^ Such is the way of the fickle hearted!!! ^_^

Enjoy the Leah Luv gallery!

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