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Lana Croft and Mya Luanna Lesbian 3some
Click the pic for a hot gallery of two asian lesbians fucking a lucky guy!!

Okay, it’s almost the weekend, which means it’s time to post a nice Asian Threesome gallery!!!! This one stars Mya Luanna and Lana Croft and some lucky guy – it’s a free gallery from Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver

A while ago, I set a deadline for myself. That deadline is coming up tomorrow. This means that if I am to meet my self-imposed deadline, I really need to be productive today.

I’m finding, though, that lately I have a lot of difficulty focusing on getting work done. I sit and stare at my computer screen and the blinking cursor, with my fingers poised over the keyboard, hoping that they’ll start tapping out words that actually go together in coherent sentences, and nothing happens. X_x

Hopefully it will be better later tonight, but at this moment, I’m not even cautiously optimistic that that will be the case. X_x We shall see how things develop. Especially since there’s so much procrasticleaning that can be done. O.o

Enjoy the Asian Threesome!

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Melissa Midwest Chocolate hardcore blowjob
Click the pic for a free, hot gallery of hardcore Melissa Midwest giving a chocolate covered blowjob!!!

Okay, so there may not be super hardcore content of melissa midwest in this gallery… but there is a really sweet blowjob – or at least, a really sweet PREVIEW picture of a blowjob…. Personally, I don’t like what Melissa Midwest did with her hair.. It should be blonde!!! But it’s a good free set of melissa midwest blowjob pictures anyways!!!

Anyways, I guess I’m stressed ….


Last night, I had a stress dream. I was trying to get some important work done, but things just kept going wrong. I had to go to Edmonton for some unfathomable reason. Upon arriving there, I realized that I hadn’t contacted anyone about what I was doing. Once I managed to get in touch with some people, it turned out that I didn’t have the necessary equipment with me to do what I wanted. And those people who were going to help me? They were more interested in shopping, and convinced me to just spend an afternoon at West Edmonton Mall with them….

I guess this is my subconscious telling me to hurry up and make some real progress, before my dream becomes some sort of bizarre reality!!!!!!!

Anyways, enjoy the Melissa Midwest hardcore blowjob gallery!

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Click any picture to see the full sized image of the girl before and after naked!!

So they say more girls like porn now… Big surprise!! (see link)

Anyways, I guess it’s perhaps a bit excessive

Okay. Perhaps more than a bit. Perhaps I’ve become the poster child for the wasteful society we live in.

But I’m okay with that, because it means I get to have lots of neato stuff. ^_^

It’s all the internet’s fault! There are some sites like that I frequent… When an item is up, you can usually only purchase a maximum some number.. One I frequent let’s met get three of that item at significant savings – typically around 60% – 70% off the regular retail price. The catch is that items are time sensitive – items don’t stay up for long, usually only until the remaining stock is all sold. Then the item is removed and a new one is put up. In other words, if you see something on there that piques your interest, you’d better buy it quickly – or it may be gone by the time you decide you really want it!

This Buy it before it’s too late mentality is how I ended up with three laptop bags. ^_^ Well, I bought one at Costco, over the summer. About two months ago, I saw one on a deal site, but the design I wanted – olive green with a nice flowering vine graphic creeping up one side – sold out too quickly, so I didn’t get it. I did, however, get the bag in a different design – black with a small skull in the corner. More recently, the olive green bag came back up – I guess someone cancelled their order or something. So I snapped it up! It hasn’t arrived yet, but when it does in the next week or so, I’ll have three laptop bags that have all been purchased within the past year……

Oh well. Like I said, I get to have lots of neato stuff this way. ^_^ And they’re all great deals too! How can I say no to a deal? ^_^

Is it bad that I have my credit card numbers memorized? Not just one, but two. That may be a bit telling. ^_^

Still, I can’t run around with a skull on my laptop bag… that just isn’t me!!!!

Enjoy the clothed and unclothed teenage girls – get commercial safe porn at GirlsAreSexy!!!

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Young Russian Teen Porn
Click the pic to see a full gallery of this super hot, super sexy Russian teen Lucy!!!

Okay guys, time for another gallery featuring young, super cute russian teens!!! All photos on this site are in 3600 pixel resolution… That means they’re huge…. super high resolution porn… That means that you can see every hair follicle on hairy Russian women…. Although to be fair, none of the girls on met-art are actually hairy!!! ^_^ In fact this one is very nicely shaved, with coincidentally, a similar heart shaped pubic hair pattern as found in yesterday’s post about Leah Luv!

Anyways, Barry left a comment (in my Dirty Asian Pornstar post) once informing me of a dish called ‘Frito Pie’….. For those of you who are neither vegetarian nor trying to keep kosher, you will likely love the frito pie. ^_^ I made frito pie for dinner tonight! It was wonderful. ^_^

What, you ask, is a frito pie? I modified mine slightly from Barry’s suggestions…..

Well. First, you start with a big ol’ batch of chili. Not from a can – from scratch! Well, I guess you could probably use canned chili, if you don’t have the crockpot needed to make chili from scratch. If you’re using canned chili, you’ll need two cans. And you’ll want to add in some onion too. ^_^ I love my crockpot, and make my chili from scratch.

Next, you need a large rectangular dish or pan – something that you would use to make a lasagna – a big bag of corn chips (320g), and some shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese. You could shred your own, or you could buy a bag of pre-shredded stuff. That’s what I did today, because they were on sale. ^_^

So once your chili is ready – or, if you’re doing it the canned way, you heat the chili and combine it with the chopped onion – put the following layers in your dish:

Layer #1 – corn chips
Layer #2 – shredded cheese
Layer #3 – chili
Layer #4 – corn chips
Layer #5 – shredded cheese
Layer #6 – chili
Layer #7 – shredded cheese

Bake it at 350 F for roughly 10 or 15 minutes, basically just until all the cheese has melted into melty cheesy goodness. ^_^

Then, enjoy! The melted cheese makes everything stick together remarkably well, so you can actually serve this on a plate in lasagna-like squares, rather than in bowls as a casserole type dish.

Yum. ^_^

Enjoy the cute young russian teen porn!

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Leah Luv
Click the pic for Sweet Leah Luv-The Cutest, Dirtiest Teen On The Net!

Okay – so maybe I’ve been talking about how Brandi Belle is one of the nastiest, dirtiest sluts on the web…. Leah Luv has her beat – and beat bad!!!!!! Leah Luv has starred in so many anal gangbangs that i’m sure she probably has to wear diapers…. She’s starred in Japanese Bukkake style movies, and has had sex with more people than I’ve had dinners….
Anyways – check her out… She has neat, heart shaped pubic hair when she isn’t completely shaved…..

Anyways, we all have our own little personal rituals that we like to go through. One of mine that I’m particularly fond of is my weekend breakfast ritual. Or maybe it should be called my weekend brunch ritual, since I’m fond of sleeping in and tend to wake up closer to lunchtime than to breakfasttime. ^_^ Whatever, it’s the weekend! My time. ^_^

Weekend breakfasts tend to be sunnyside up eggs on toast. I fry up my eggs, toast up my bread, butter the bread, put the eggs on top, and then, to eat, I slice the yolks of my eggs and flip them over on the toast, then spread the yolks out evenly. I then cut my slices into square bite sized pieces – well, except for the top bit, which is curvy so it doesn’t make nice squares, unless I happen to have bought sandwich bread, which somehow bakes up in perfect squares. I don’t buy this bread very often though, because the other breads are nicer and tend to go on sale more often – my bread buying strategy pretty well boils down to Buy whatever is on sale. ^_^

I had eggs on toast yesterday. Today, I felt like a change, though, so instead of frying up eggs again, I popped some Eggo waffles into the toaster instead. I know, I know, Eggos are sort of cheating when it comes to having waffles, but if you don’t need a big huge batch of waffles it seems like a waste to go through the whole procedure of making them. Yes, I do have a waffle iron – Christmas gift from parents a few years back. I’ve used it exactly once – when I took it over to my parents because they were hosting a brunch and wanted to have a second waffle iron on hand to crank out the waffles. Normally I just do the Eggo thing. Besides, if you buy Eggos, you can get fancy Eggos – I usually buy the ones I could never, ever make on my own, like the chocolate chip ones, or the half vanilla half chocolate ones. ^_^ I had chocolate chip ones today, with butter and a bit of maple syrup. Yum. ^_^ I’m sure I’ve mentioned enough about how eating eggos can frustrate me… I won’t bring it up again!! ^_^

Anyway, weekend breakfasts involve one of these easy options, set up in front of the TV, watching old reruns of some long gone sitcom. Lately it’s been Seinfeld – didn’t watch it when it was popular (I think I was too young……), but I’m working my way through the entire series now. ^_^ Almost done too. Wonder what will be up next?

Enjoy the heart shaped pubic hair of Sweet Leah Luv!

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