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Raven Riley Sucks Cock
Click the pic for a hardcore gallery of a sexy brunette sucking cock!!

okay guys – Time for some more Raven Riley!!! It’s been a while – I’ve posted Liz Vicious, I’ve posted Realpeachez, but I don’t actually recall posting Raven Riley in quite some time.. That being said, Raven could be on the main page for all I know… I’m tired!!! As you can tell, the full set this belongs to is hardcore.. Raven Riley fucking, Raven Riley sucking… etc!

Anyways, the circle of life continues

I got an email yesterday about an upcoming sale at all Danier stores – 50% – 70% off everything! So naturally, I made my way to a store today to see if anything caught my eye.

Now, I have a fair collection of leather jackets in my closet. I have a short zip up black leather blazer. I have a longish button up black car coat. I have a short zip up brown suede blazer. And I have a long brown suede faux fur lined coat. So I wasn’t really looking for a new coat – I’m pretty sure I’m well covered in the outerwear department. ^_^

So what was I looking for? To see if I could find a new handbag. ^_^

Admittedly, I have a rather expansive handbag collection too. But I’m always looking to add to that collection. ^_^ I like getting new handbags. ^_^ I suppose that at some point, I should consider selling some of my older handbags second hand, or even just donating them somewhere. Ah well.

And yes, I did find myself a new handbag. ^_^ Don’t look at me like that, it only cost me $50. ^_^ I’ve been using the one I bought last summer for a while now – since I bought it – so it’s time for a change. Yes, I realize change could be achieved without spending money by simply taking a peek into my closet and selecting one of my other handbags. But getting a new one is more fun!!!

Enjoy the Raven Riley hardcore blowjob gallery!

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Click any of the pics for a full size image of the teen dressed and then naked!!!

Okay, so these teens are not undressing…. First they’re clothed, then they’re not…. Still, it’s pretty sexy, n’est pas? I think my favourite girl would be the curly haired brunette in the dj shirt, with the big, shaved puffy pussy lips!!!
Alternately, maybe the girl in the pink and black striped dress….. Both have that wholesome ‘coed’ kind of look… You know, the girl sitting next to you in college, diligently taking notes in multicoloured pens while you think of her without her panties on, shaved snatch bare to the world!!!!

Now here’s an interesting question – 95% of the teens pictured have shaved pussies…. Do 95% of teens shave their pussy? Or do 95% of amateur girls who let pictures get taken of them nude shave their pussies? With 80% of girls who DON’T let their pictures get taken run on the hirsute side of things???

Anyways, I think I’m going to become a rock star…

I’ve never really been into rock music. I’m not really sure I am now. I do know that it is very fun to pretend-play-guitar to on a push-button guitar. ^_^

I also know that I now have “Enter Sandman” stuck in my head!!!

Enjoy the clothed and unclothed teenage girl pics, posted out of order……

If you want commercial porn from a safe site, browse around GirlsAreSexy – everything on there is safe and reputable!!

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Claire Dames sex in Public
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Claire Dames showing her ass in public!

Okay guys – it’s another Public Sex gallery from Asses in Public!! I’m just intrigued by the ‘public sex’ part of it.. It seems like they’re only using Pornstars with big, sloppy breasts, who are… ehhmmm… well aged??? In otherwords, big breasted milfs… Personally, I prefer young and slim – but to each their own!!

Anyways, I hate deadlines…. It doesn’t matter whether the deadline is self-imposed or imposed by someone else, I still don’t like it, and I still push it….

I would love to live in a world without deadlines. Sadly, such a world could never exist – in all likelihood, were there no deadlines, nothing would ever get done, never mind in a timely fashion. People wouldn’t get their money for goods or services rendered, homes would fall into disgusting disarray, nothing would ever be repaired or replaced. The world as we know it would simply crumble apart….

So deadlines are a good thing, in the grand scheme of it all. Still, I wish I could make mine just disappear. Maybe not forever, but just for a while – I’d love to live in a deadline-free zone. ^_^ Well. Not deadline free for everyone. Just me. ^_^

Oh, and for those who were wondering what brought all this on, I’m currently fighting with a self-imposed work-related deadline. I should be able to make it, but I’m dealing with a serious lack of motivation to get the stuff out of my head and into a Word document that doesn’t look like a monkey mashed the keyboard.

Maybe a little gaming time will do my brain some good? ^_^ I don’t think the porn helps…

Anyways, enjoy the asses in public gallery!

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Skinny shaved blonde masturbates with a banana in her pussy
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a sexy teen sticking a banana up her pussy!!

Okay guys, it’s been a week or two since I posted the last gallery from ALSScan!! Here’s another one that I hope you all enjoy! Cute teen Adele sticking a banana up her pussy!!

Anyways, I have an Eggo dilemma

I like my weekends, where I can sleep in, take it easy, maybe even stay in pyjamas all day, without guilt. ^_^

I also like my weekend breakfasts – I often have two eggs sunny side up on toast, but every once in a while I mix it up a little and have a couple of Eggo waffles instead. ^_^ Whenever there’s a sale, I pick up a couple of boxes. Not of plain waffles though. I get fancy ones. ^_^ Like the last time I saw a sale, I bought a box of chocolate chip and a box of half-chocolate, half-vanilla waffles. ^_^ Very yummy.

There is one problem with Eggos, though, and that’s that they’re round. Round waffles are very difficult to cut along the grid lines into nice even pieces, because some pieces won’t have whole squares on them – they’ll have part squares!!!

That being said, I would guess that this little quirk of mine doesn’t count as OCD because it’s not debilitating – it’s not as if I can’t eat the waffles if they’re not perfectly cut into even pieces, and I still enjoy the yumminess. ^_^

It’s just, ehm, vexing….. And I could swear I’ve blogged about this before!!!

Oh well, enjoy the free ALS Scan gallery featuring Adele!

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bachelorette party with male strippers
Click the pic for a hardcore bachelorette gallery of women getting wild with male strippers!!!

Okay – so I’ve never been to a Ladies Night that has ended like this… Not that I don’t think it would be mildly intriguing…….. (Although some of my parties with Brak, Neckice and Jim get pretty close!! ^_^)
It’s just that this sort of behaviour is illegal here in Canada… Women don’t get wild with male strippers unless it’s at home, at a private bachelorette/wedding shower!! Or maybe a toy-night!!! Anyways, Partyhardcore has some awesome content… I’ve been a member since it was pretty much brand new!!! It and Loverboysusa!

Anyways, one of my Christmas gifts this past holiday season was a new deep fryer. In theory, there was nothing wrong with the old one, although it did belch hot oil all over my stovetop once. O.o

That being said, this new one is much better. ^_^

The whole thing goes in the dishwasher – even the lid, it’s got a permanent filter in it, so no more worries about handwashing the lid to make sure the replaceable filter doesn’t get ruined. It also has a nifty oil storage bin in the bottom – after each use, you flip a switch on the front, and the oil drains away in to the bin. Then you can put all the other bits into the dishwasher, and the whole thing is clean for the next time you use it! ^_^

All this means that I can make french fries much more often without fussing over clean up! ^_^ Mmmmm. Homemade french fries. ^_^ I wonder how much weight I’ll put on in the next few months???
And no, I’m not going to photo-document it for you guys! ^_^

Enjoy the Party Hardcore gallery!
The same guys do DrunkSexOrgy and MadSexParty

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