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Anyways, I heard a little story today about a friend of a friend.

This friend of a friend happens to be a big time ski fan. I mean, he spent time working at a hotel that was near a ski resort simply so that he could be conveniently close to that ski resort. He skis lots. Tons. Probably as close to an expert as one can get, short of taking it on as a career.

So this friend of a friend had a little mishap today. He was zipping along merrily, when he caught an edge or something, and went from skiing in a controlled manner to hurtling down the hill. Unfortunately for him, trees are notoriously bad at dodging things that come their way, and the trees at ski hills are no exception, so when a tree saw him coming, it didn’t get out of the way in time!!

He broke his femur. The strongest bone in the human body. Broken.

Now, expert skier that he is, you might expect that he was on one of them super tricky triple-black diamond runs which are essentially jumping off cliffs with skis strapped to your feet. Or, at the very least, he was on one of the more difficult black runs.

He happened to be on a green run. You know, the ones that they put you on after they teach you how to snowplow. Or, in some cases, the ones they put you on to teach you how to snowplow….

So he managed to break the strongest bone in the body, and there isn’t even an exciting thrilling story behind the incident. He just happened to catch an edge and hit a tree at the right speed.

It seems like that deserves some sort of achievement award. Not quite a Darwin award, since it wasn’t pure stupidity… It was more an accident…. Still… award worthy….

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Super Hot European Lesbians Kiss
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Anyways, the countdown is on….

2007 is drawing to a close. 2008 is fast approaching.

Which means that the season for New Year’s Resolutions is upon us.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about New Year’s Resolutions before. I never know what to make as mine, but feel compelled to try to make one anyhow. Even though I know that pretty well all New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first month, if not the first week, of the new year! So I’m thinking about what sort of thing would make for an appropriate New Year’s Resolution for me for 2008. Should I pledge to be a better person? To cook more? To complain less? To lose five pounds? To maintain a regular exercise program? To spend less money on frivolous items? To volunteer? To follow a healthier sleep schedule?

I will have to ponder these options over the next couple of days. In all seriousness though, I think a more suitable and attainable one would be something along the lines of pledging to become an ultimate Guitar Hero III super rock star. ^_^ (One of my friend’s brothers got it as a Christmas gift for his Wii, and he’s a nice kid so he let me have a few turns on it the other day. Very fun. Me wantee.) ^_^

I realize that most of you are going to suggest I post more pictures of myself on a regular basis – as I do plan to post them on a more occasional basis!! (After all, I’m not content!!) ^_^

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Male Strippers bachelorette party
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I bet you’re all thinking, ‘Enough with the Christmas Porn!!!’ And okay, so it probably isn’t a bachelorette party, and some of the girls ARE paid to fuck the male strippers – but there are a lot of real amateur girls mixed into the crowd, getting hot and heavy with the male strippers!!! If you want to see more, go to Partyhardcore!!

Anyways, no matter where you live, or how long you’ve lived there, you’re going to end up receiving someone else’s mail. Sometimes, it’s mail that was accidentally placed in your mailbox when it should go in a neighbour’s. More often, though, it’s mail that is addressed to the person who lived there before you did. Depending on how long you’ve lived there, this sort of incorrectly addressed mail varies in degree of importance. In fact, you can sort of tell just how much that previous resident cared about the source of the mail by how long you keep on getting it. ^_^

Now I haven’t changed dwellings in over a year and a half now, and I’m still getting mail for previous residents. As it turns out, the person who lived here before me is a friend of an acquaintance, so I know that this mail is actually meant for someone who hasn’t lived here for a very long time…..

The funniest bit of incorrectly addressed mail, though, is the advertisement mailers that keep coming from a real estate agent!! Those make me laugh. Because, it would seem, the agent was consulted at one point, but was not selected for the actual home purchasing process. They’re still trying to keep their foot in the door with fliers and calendars, but the potential client is long gone!!!!

In the meantime, I get a free calendar. ^_^

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Sweet Krissy Big Tits
Enjoy another Christmas Gallery of a big titted, Christmas teen!! (Despite the fact that Xmas is over!)

Well, there’s another friend’s dinner thingum for the holidays tomorrow, and again to avoid showing up empty handed, I am baking even more cookies to take with me. ^_^

Not the chocolate covered cherry ones though. This time I’m trying that recipe I borrowed- for the shortbread ones with the bits of toffee in them! ^_^

Now the recipe says that a single batch will yield 48 cookies. Again, because I’m selfish and want some leftover for myself, I decided to make a double batch. This should give me 96 cookies. But, I think I rolled to dough into balls that are larger than what the recipe tells me I should have. It says to roll them up by heaping tablespoons, but rather than measure I just dug in and guesstimated. The result? I think I’m going to end up with roundabout 60 cookies – not sure yet because I’m not done yet! Tray #4 is in the oven, and I need to let my other tray cool down enough to get the 3rd round of cookies off, then I can reload it to become Tray #5. Each tray has 12 cookies on it. And judging from the amount of dough left behind in the mixing bowl, I don’t think there’s going to be a Tray #6, and if there is, I doubt it’ll be full….

So I’m really glad I went for that double batch!!!!

Now I need these cookies to finish, so I can finally get to bed! Gotta love midnight baking!! ^_^

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Kaori Christmas And so on4 And so on4
Kaori Christmas And so on5
My Christmas Pics And so on4 Thumb Desc3  

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the pics!!
For those of you new here, these are pictures of me…. See ‘About Me’
For my regular readers, I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see some of pictures of me – and you wanted to see my onesie, so enjoy!!! (I dug out the old ‘fansign’ I made you guys last year for Christmas!!)
I should have had ONE more picture for the template to work properly!!!
Check out GirlsAreSexy if you’re looking for your regular porn dose ^_^

Otherwise, Merry Christmas!

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