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Melissa Midwest Blowjob
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okay guys – here’s another picture gallery of cute blonde Melissa Midwest sucking cock!

So, I was going to have a nice long post today about how I went shopping and didn’t buy anything, and how I had proper snacks throughout the day – even if they were just granola bars!

Unfortunately, I’m very, very sleepy!! I think it’s an unintended consequence of snacking……

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Little Lupe Lesbian
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Once again I stress that Little Lupe IS of age.. She’s an established porn star in Europe!! The same people do Little Summer and Chloe18

People have been saying for quite some time now that snacking is good for you. Well. Provided you reduce your portion sizes at meals to account for the additional calories consumed from your snacks. ^_^ But the point is that it’s better for your metabolism to give the body a somewhat constant low flow of food, rather than giant masses two or three times a day.

Now, I’m not a breakfast person – I’d rather sleep. This means that, really, I should make sure I’m always toting around a couple of granola bars with me, for munching on at midmorning points. I should also make a point of not forgetting to have lunch – I know this is a terrible habit I’ve developed, but sometimes when you’re working you just lose track of time, and next thing you know it’s dinnertime. On that note, I suppose I should also make sure I have some fruit or something for afternoon snackiness.

I’m going to try this for tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. ^_^ Today was already a wash!!

Enjoy the Little Lupe lesbian gallery!

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okay guys – time for some more of these First Time Video girls – FTV Girls!!!
I thought this was a neat preview picture, and a nice gallery featuring a rather attractive girl, so I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Anyways, one benefit of going back to Canada instead of staying in Seattle, was that we got to have (a very late) dinner in Vancouver, at a very tasty little restaurant called Kingyo Izakaya. It’s fully staffed by Japanese, and had the best sushi I’ve ever tried this side of Japan!!!! The Ahi Tuna sashimi was spectacular!!!!! ^_^

We also discovered a very nice hotel in Vancouver – next time I go I plan to stay there again. Beautiful rooms, great views, and it’s right on Robson Street, so there’s lots of stuff within easy walking distance. Like the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. ^_^ Oh, I behaved though, and walked out of there empty handed. But I did go in to have a look and smell. ^_^

Anyways, yesterday, now that I was back home, I unpacked all my goodies and put my new clothes through the wash – I’m debated wearing one of my new tops today, but it was way too cold for this top, it’s a turtleneck but the fabric is pretty lightweight, so it might not offer much in the insulating department. We’ll see.

The one thing that I had been hoping to get that I did not get is a new laptop – I was sort of hoping that some amazing deal would present itself to me, and I could upgrade my laptop!!! It’s so hard to use this slow, pokey one!!!!

Sadly, it was not to be. Still, I am very pleased with my weekend’s activities. ^_^ I think I will be planning on future Black Friday shopping trips in the US. ^_^

Enjoy the FTV Girls gallery!

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HotAdri SweetAdri
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Okay guys – here’s a gallery of Hot Adri – Also known as Sweet Adri… One one site, she stars with Melissa Midwest in a few galleries, on the other (by the same people who did realpeachez), she’s pretty much solo!!!! Hopefully she’s go hardcore like Sarah Peachez did!

Anyways, I shopped till I dropped this weekend!

Okay, fine, I didn’t actually keel over in the middle of a store once I’d had enough shopping. But I did have a very shoppingful weekend. ^_^

Thursday was American Thanksgiving. That made Friday Black Friday. ^_^ Ever since learning about what Black Friday is, I’ve been curious about the whole event. So this year I decided to take a little trip to Seattle to check it out. ^_^ Why Seattle? Because my little group was able to get a screaming deal on our cross-country flights to Vancouver, where we rented a car and drove across the border – I did all the driving, though. ^_^

Anyway, we flew out Thursday night, slept a few hours in a hotel, then got up bright and early to start our shopping adventure. Well. By bright and early, I mean we left the hotel around 8:30 or thereabouts. No 6 AM doorcrashers for us!

We arrived at our first US store at about 10 AM – a Macy’s in Bellingham, WA. Now, I’d never been to a Macy’s before. Really, I was only interested in stocking up on a few Origins goodies, since they’re cheaper in the US and the exchange rate is so good for Canadians right now. So we went in, made a beeline for the Origins counter, where I picked out my goodies. At the till, though, the girl offered me a chance to apply for a Macy’s credit card to save an additional 15% on all purchases as a new cardholder. I hesitated, then asked if it mattered that I wasn’t a US resident. It didn’t. So I applied. I was instantly approved. I got my goodies for 15% off! ^_^ I should also mention that she was young, cute, and had a sexy g-string that showed every time she bent down to get me another product!!

The clerk then pointed out that there were additional Black Friday Macy’s card savings throughout the store, and that I would save an additional 15% on top of those discounts with my spiffy new card. Well, we were off and running at that point. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes made their way into plastic Macy’s bags for us to tote around. We actually went back to the car to unload our haul once, then went back into the store to keep on shopping!!!

After a lateish lunch at a Jack-In-The-Box (mmmmmmm – Steak & Cheddar Ciabatta with a real ice cream Oreo milkshake!), we continued on towards Seattle, stopping at an outlet mall along the way. A few more clothing items found their way into our lives, and then we continued on into Seattle. We checked into our hotel at around 8 PM, then headed out to find dinner, which we found at a nearby P.F. Chang’s. After dinner, we pretty much headed straight back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

Saturday we woke up later – around 10 AM – and packed up our things to check out. But we weren’t done shopping. I wanted to find another Macy’s Origins counter to pick up a few more items with my 15% new card discount, so we walked to a nearby Macy’s to investigate. Sadly, they did not have an Origins counter. They did, however, have some merchandise that the other Macy’s did not, so we ended up buying more clothes.. We then found ourselves a Macy’s that did have an Origins counter, and went there in search of my goodies. After that, we headed for yet another outlet mall – a Premium Outlet Mall – where we did more shopping. I got a new watch! ^_^ Plus some more clothes. And we had Auntie Anne pretzels for a snack. And then we were done. We headed back up to the border, declared our purchases, paid a little bit of tax on our items, because you have to spend 48 hours in the US to be allowed to bring back $250 worth of items tax free – if you’re only there for 24 hours, then you only get to bring back $50 worth of stuff. I suppose we should have spent an additional night in Seattle!!!

Anyways, I’ll continue this tomorrow – i can’t believe how long this post already is!! It was definitely neat being on the other coast!!!

Enjoy the Hot Adri gallery! Also check her out at SweetAdri

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Okay guys – I just got home, and was going to post about how bad some drivers are, but I’m SO TIRED that I just need to go to bed! Instead I want to posting something entertaining enough for the majority of you, and figured that this big asian orgy would contain enough different asian girls to satisfy all of your thirsts!!!!! Please don’t ask how I picked the preview picture! I should have used Mia Smiles, or that asian double penetration!

Anyways, enjoy this interracial asian orgy gallery preview from OrgyEntal!! You also get access to Kung Pao Pussy!
I’ll have a proper update tomorrow!

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