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Latina Teen - Pacino
Click the pic to see a free picture gallery of a hot, halloween latina!!!

Okay guys – it’s almost halloween, and I bring you a new site filled with sexy hardcore latinas… And no, not all are dressed in halloween costumes!!!
I know I promised a Melissa Midwest Hardcore gallery – and it’s coming, and really, any Scar 13 gallery would be good.. But this is a great site, and tomorrow I have a cute asian hallowwen gallery as well, so enjoy!!!

Anyways, I bought a bag of brown sugar some time ago. Now, I know that there are clay discs a person can buy, soak in water, and then put inside the container with the brown sugar to prevent it from hardening. If you don’t want to buy the clay disc, you can substitute a slice of apple.

When I opened my bag of brown sugar, though, I thought it would probably be okay so long as I was careful in reclosing it every time. So that’s what I’ve been doing. But air still gets in, so over time the bag slowly hardened. This doesn’t surprise me.

On the bag, though, there’s a little blurb saying that if hardening occurs, simply put an apple slice inside container overnight. I read that and thought, really? That can undo the hardening that happened? I was a bit skeptical, but I went ahead and put in a teensy apple slice last night.

This morning, the bag is full of soft brown sugar again. Well, okay, the corners are still a bit hard, but it’s no longer the chunk of brown sugar that it was yesterday afternoon.

So how does that work? I don’t get it. I understand that the apple slice introduced some moisture into the bag, but why does that work to undo the hardening? Why doesn’t it just cause the sugar that touches the apple slice to dissolve?

I suppose I could probably find the answer out there in the great big Internet. To be perfectly honest though, I don’t think I care enough to actually go searching. It’s one of those things that puzzles you for a few moments, then you think to yourself Oh well and continue on with your day. ^_^ Besides.. hard is kind of fun!!

Enjoy the latina teen gallery!

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Thumb Desc2
Click the pic for a free gallery of a hot, asian, orgy!!!!

Okay guys – the big news is what you can see… I completely redid the theme of my blog!! What do you think? Better??? Worse??? I tried to get a poll going, but I’m WAY too tired, and it was too complex to put it so that you could actually answer!!!

Anyways, I’ve added the ‘tag’ function – as you can see to the side… basically it’ll let you surf by category.. categories with the most posts being the largest!!!! And oh yeah, it’s prettier!! I still have to work on the alignment on the right tag cloud, add some ‘pictures of the day’ below it, and all that fun stuff :)

Enjoy the new look, and enjoy the oriental orgy gallery I posted!! I have more Melissa Midwest hardcore coming up soon too

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Hot Sexy Ebony Teen
Click the pic for a free gallery of a hot ebony teen!!

okay guys, time for a big breasted, black teen – Summer Banks! Hope you enjoy her!

Anyways, I love love love puffed wheat squares. Seriously. Love. ^_^

I pestered my mother to give me her recipe for making puffed wheat squares. This was a while back now. I was so happy to get it, and I started out trying to make a double batch because I love love love puffed wheat squares. Seriously. Love. ^_^

It ended up being a single batch though. Why? Because when I went to add the binding compound – yes, I know that doesn’t sound very edible, but I’m not sure what else to call it, it’s not filling, or frosting – I had to do it in two halves, because I don’t have a bowl large enough to hold 16 cups of puffed wheat. >_< Okay, no big deal, but I added half of the mixture, and the puffed wheat wasn't binding to itself the way it should have. So I chucked the rest of the mixture in, hoping that a more thorough coating would help the binding process. Nope. It was tasty, but it didn't hold any shape - the grains only stuck together very very lightly. A while later, I mentioned this to my mother in passing, saying that it may have been that I put in too much butter, since I didn't really measure, I just guesstimated. She thought a beat, then asked me how much marshmallow I put in. I told her - her recipe called for 1/4 cup, so since I was making a double batch, I put in 1/2 cup. "Well, that's the problem! I put in 1/2 cup for a single batch!" So she never updated her recipe card, and when I asked for the recipe, she had my sister copy out that recipe card and email it.. I wonder if she updated her recipe card after this little incident. Silly... Anyways, enjoy the ebony teen gallery!

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Slutty Blowjob
Click the pic for a free gallery of some naughty cucumber masturbation!

Okay guys – obviously this isn’t as sexy as the RealPeachez cucumber masturbation, but I’m still guessing that it will be a pretty popular gallery!! This blonde IS cute, and the idea of using a cucumber to mastubate IS naughty…. Vegetables as sex toys!!! (I’m sure Brak or Neckice will take the oppurtunity to pounce on that…)

Anyways, I guess it pays to diversify.. Cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots… j/k

My parents get their local telephone service, cable TV, and Internet service all provided by the same company. Greatly convenient when it comes time to pay the bill – only one to pay, instead of three separate ones. There are drawbacks to this setup, though.

Very recently, they decided to switch their local telephone service to another provider, so my father called up the current company to cancel the phone only. What happens? Today, they discovered that they had not cable TV and no Internet. Period. They still had phone service, but that’s because they were already set up with the new company. So my father called up the other company to let them know they messed up with the phone disconnect – the other things were supposed to remain.

He got told that no one can fix the problem until Monday. O.o

I don’t know how he reacted when they told him that – my sister told me about it over the phone. I do know that had it been me, I would have been livid. A whole weekend? With no Internet and no TV? I don’t think I could go a single day without Internet anymore!!!

I suppose this could be interpreted positively as an opportunity for fantastic family bonding, with the notable absence of distractions. Still, I will be thinking of them often this weekend, as I obsessively check my email and tootle around cyberspace….

Mmm… now it feels a little bit creepy to talk about porn – but eitherway, enjoy the gallery from FTV Girls!

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And so on4
Click the pic to see a free picture gallery of Melissa Midwest – hardcore!!!!

Okay guys – Melissa Midwest is cute, her friend – Sweet Adri is cute… Now imagine them in a lesbian hardcore threesome with Melissa Midwest’s fiance!! EVEN BETTER!!! The first of the Melissa Midwest sex pictures have started showing up on the web, so I’m bring them to you!! I still want to see RealPeachez true hardcore, but this is pretty good!!!

Anyways, I woke up this morning to find that power was out… It is a good thing that I have a battery-operated analogue clock right next to my CD player/alarm clock that needs to be plugged in.

The morning would have been pretty sad – I did not have my breakfast or internet. At one point, I considered using my barbecue to toast some bread – I LOVE my warm meals, especially when it is this darn chilly. I got some extra dosage of chill this morning thanks to the heaters not working without power.

The power came back on a couple of hours later – after a few hours of me being awake in the cold… I will have a warm breakfast tomorrow. I love my life in the civilized world!!!

Anyways, enjoy the melissa midwest hardcore gallery!

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