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okay guys – I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. I saw a gallery like this once, where a girl shoved her panties up her pussy…. I thought it was kind of neat.. I even BRIEFLY thought about trying it…. That’s about as far as my thought got though, as I was just about to head out the door on a night about town…
Besides, what good is it storing panties in your pussy?? I mean, they’re drying, and well…. let’s just say it could get a little painful pulling them out after a few minutes!! ^_^ Anyways, I found a few of these ‘panties in vagina’ galleries courtesy of FTV Girls, and figured ‘why not!!’ I hope you guys get as much of a kick out of them as I did!

Anyways, in my old apartment, I always kept the curtains drawn. Why? Well, not for privacy, since the apartment was on the 15th floor of the building – makes it tough for peeping toms. And it wasn’t because the view was ugly either, because I had a lovely view of the St. Laurent and the LaChine rapids. So why keep the curtains drawn? Because the windows were ugly and nasty. That and stuff was arranged in such a way that drawing the curtains was a huge hassle. So they just stayed closed. Yes, I wasted away time spent with a beautiful view. One benefit of this lack of natural light, though, was that I didn’t notice the changing of the seasons so much – namely, I didn’t have that shock of looking at my watch in wonderment that it’s actually dark at 6 PM when just a short while ago it was light out until after 9 PM.

Now that I have more natural light in my living space, I feel the seasonal changes that much more. I don’t think it’s full-out SAD, but it does bring my mood down a few notches to realize how bleak and dark it is outside for so much of the day.

What we need is for people to start putting up and turning on their Christmas lights. That’ll perk up the dreary darkness. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the FTV Girls gallery!!!
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okay guys – no ‘real post’ tonight, instead I’m just going to post a gallery of a big asian gangbang!!! Hope you guys enjoy!! It’s from OrientalOrgy

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Daddy and the friend
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So I’m ready for the jelly…

For several years now, I’ve lived with the belief that I am not a fan of bubble tea. Why? I don’t care for the tapioca pearls that they put in it. They’re too chewy! You’ll be drinking merrily through the straw, and then suddenly zingo! A tapioca pearl shoots up into your mouth. I have nothing against the zingo, or even having to chew the tapioca pearl – chewing your drink is kind of fun – but I don’t care much for the texture of those tapioca pearls. They’re sort of sticky, and firm, and they don’t seem to really have any flavour to them. They’re also invariably black in colour, which is a bit off-putting. I suppose it’s an advertising maneuver though – the black pearls are visible no matter what kind of bubble tea you got, so wherever you go, people will see you toting around that clear plastic cup with the black tapioca pearls in it, and think Hm, I could really go for a bubble tea instead of Hm, I could really go for a smoothie.

Recently, though – in Vancouver, actually – I discovered that you don’t have to have tapioca pearls in your bubble tea. You can get jelly cubes instead! The jelly is much better. It comes in different fruit flavours, depending on the bubble tea vendor, and it doesn’t have that same sticky chewy consistency. So I can get bubble tea, still have the fun of the zingoes and the subsequent chewing, all while thoroughly enjoying my treat! ^_^ No more black tapioca pearls for me! ^_^

So this means that when someone suggests that we go get some bubble tea, I no longer scrunch up my nose and mount a protest. I start thinking about what kind of jelly I’m ready for. ^_^

Anyways, I hope you enjoy that Daddy’s friend gallery!

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Blonde lesbians paid money for group sex
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okay guys, here are some free videos from MoneyTalks – these same guys do 8thstreet latinas and cumfiesta… and it’s ‘buy one, get all adult sites for free’… I highly recommend them!!! *_^

Anyways, I placed an order for some stuff through Victoria’s Secret a few days ago….. don’t remember which day anymore. ^_^ I ordered myself a couple of pairs of boots – remember, 20% off boots! – and a couple of sweaters since the weather is putting me in a sweatery kind of mind, and a couple of summery tops that were on clearance.

Of course, yesterday I got an email informing me of another offer I am interested in – 25% off certain items from a list. Of course, I want a couple of items on that list.

So now I will be placing a second order, which means that I am paying two rounds of shipping and handling charges, which is a bummer to say the least.

But, that also means that some goodies are coming my way! ^_^ It’ll be like my birthday all over again! Or an early Christmas. Or a particularly generous Halloween. ^_^ Yay new stuff! ^_^

Enjoy the moneytalks free video gallery!

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Click the pic for a free gallery of an extremely used pussy!

Okay.. so this girl can go home to her boyfriend and say ‘Guess what honey, I just had sex with 15 guys!!! I’m going to be walking a little funny for a few days, and can you prepare me my inflatable donut to sit on while we snuggle???’. Like yes, a 15 person gangbang is kind of kinky – but unless I was a pornstar, I don’t think I’d want to increase my ‘count’ by that many men in a single night!!!

Anyways. my mother once told me that if you’re cooking something that could potentially leave behind an unpleasant odour, it helps immensely to light a candle while cooking.

I wish I had remembered that tidbit on yesterday, when I baked up the rest of that sole I bought a few days ago. The meal turned out well enough, but the preparations left behind a horrible fishy smell. I threw out all the packaging and rinsed off all the cookware I used, but the smell remained!

And then today I thought to myself, why don’t I bake up a batch of cupcakes? That should help clear out the fish smell, and replace it with a nice cake smell. So I did. And I thought it worked. But then I went out and came back after dinner, and was greeted with a chocolate cake mixed with fish smell. X.x

Lesson learned – when cooking with fish, light a candle!!!

Anyways, I bet this girl could use a candle after the pounding she takes! Enjoy the super huge gangbang!

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