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gorgeous pornstar - brunette blowjob
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Okay guys – I still haven’t given a review of 1by-day, but trust me – if you like these preview pics, you’ll LOVE the full content… many, many gigabytes of similar material!!!!

Anyways, I apologize for not having much of an update today.. I had a lot of stuff around the house I had to finish up after going in to my job orientation!! YECH!!! So enjoy the 1by-day gallery, and I’ll have something better for you tomorrow!!

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Okay guys – more lesbian galleries from Sapphicerotica! Enjoy!!

So guess what!! I got it!!!!!! I got the job!!

Because of this, I felt it was acceptable to treat myself…. ^_^

I went to Sephora, where I picked up my birthday freebie – a small tube of Bliss body butter. I’ve never tried this stuff before, but I can’t argue with free. ^_^

I also had a coupon for 75,000 bonus HBC reward points with a minimum $70 fragrance or cosmetic purchase, so I went a little wild at the Origins counter – I bought some more body wash, some more eye cream, and some lip stuff. ^_^

Now if only that glass pen I ordered would hurry up and get here. I want to keep on playing with new things. ^_^

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okay, there was a request for some gangbang and orgy pics.. and while I don’t have any gangbang pics ready for posting, I DO have some orgy pics!! So enjoy the drunksexorgy, and if you like it and LoverBoysUSA – you’ll definitely love Partyhardcore!!! More drunk girls screwing male strippers!!

Anyways, I have a feeling that my interview went none too stellarly…

So, now that I am playing the waiting game, I decided that I would make some cupcakes. You see, either way, it’s a win-win scenario – either I don’t get the job, in which case I will drown my sorrows in cupcakes, or I do get the job, in which case I will celebrate my success with cupcakes. ^_^ Also, I had some eggs in the fridge that I wanted to use before they expire. ^_^

Now before you go thinking that I’m ambitious, I used a boxed cake mix to make these cupcakes – they’re not from scratch. I will ice them though, and toss some sprinkles on top. I briefly entertained thoughts of unwrapping them after they’d cooled and cutting them in half and icing them between the layers to make layered cupcakes, but that seemed excessively fiddly. Maybe for some special occasion I’ll give that a try. For today it’s just simple cupcakes. ^_^

I wonder when I’ll hear back on that job….

Anyways, enjoy the drunksexorgy gallery!

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asian masturbates with a bottle
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Before you ask me if I’ve ever done that with a bottle, the answer is: No… I don’t think!!!! Real toys are much more fun ^_^
Anyways, no comments about the amateur girl from yesterday, so I’ll post more like that occasionally!

Anyways, yesterday I bought a crock pot from Costco. It was something of an impulse buy – I hadn’t done any research or anything, but figured it was likely that I’d continue to forget to look up user reviews, so I just bought it. After all, Costco has a fantastic return policy – if at any point the item you purchased becomes unsatisfactory, you can take it back for a full refund. ^_^

A little bit of online digging unearthed reviews that were either fantastic or hideous. It seemed that folks either love or hate this crock pot. Closer inspection revealed that those who hated it did so because the crock pot seemed defective – it heated up too quickly, resulting in burnt food. One reviewer, having seen these reviews, decided to test hers before putting real food in – she put water in and checked the temperature at various intervals while heating. This seemed like a smart way to test the unit out, so I decided to follow suit.

Today, I washed out the washable bits of the crock pot, put some water in, set it to low heat and set the timer for two hours. The measurements I’ve gotten so far largely coincide with that other reviewer’s, so I strongly suspect that my crock pot is a-okay. ^_^

Upon successful completion of this test run, tomorrow I will be attempting an Indian-style vegetable curry. I hope it’s yummy. ^_^ I plan to serve it over rice with butter chicken. This means that there will be lots and lots of food…. Maybe I’m just a little bit hyper from the aftereffects of my job interview!

Anyways, enjoy the asian masturbation with a bottle!

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Brea Bennett loves MyXXXBlog.Com!

Okay guys – I don’t have too much to post tonight, so instead I’m going to post a sexy fansign from Brea Bennett, as per Jim’s request!! As well as a very sexy amateur college age teen! I found this brunette while browsing on the internet, and felt that I just had to post it!! let me know if you do want some more of this amateur stuff!! I posted some ‘sexy msn girls’ a while back, but didn’t get too much feedback on them!!

And if that sexy amateur college teen gallery wasn’t not quite enough for you, I present a sexy Brea Bennett video gallery!

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