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There seems to be a general hooray for organic stuff movement going on. As I understand it, to qualify as being ‘organic’, the food item must have been produced without chemical enhancements such as pesticides or fertilizers. I can see how this might be a good thing.

That being said, last time I bought yogurt the only stuff on sale was some organic probiotic stuff. It’s different from any other yogurt I’ve ever had, and I’m not yet sure how I feel about that. I’ve had Activia yogurt before – non-organic probiotic – so I know it’s the organic bit that’s making this stuff different, and not the probiotic part. The texture is different. Normally yogurt is a sort of semi-solid, like pudding, but this stuff is flowier, more like a super thick gravy. It tastes good – like any other yogurt – so I wouldn’t say I won’t buy it again. It still strikes me as odd, though….

Also, last year, during the pomegranate season, I happened to wander into a health food store, and saw some organic pomegranates, and they were miserable looking – small and shriveled, and expensive to boot. Meanwhile, the regular grocery store was selling giant beautiful non-organic pomegranates, and they were on sale. Eating organic might have some benefits, but in cases like that, I’ll be buying my mutant fruit, thank you very much. ^_^

I guess really, while talking about enhancements, and other things, I should have opened with a big, fake breasted teen gallery… Maybe a nice gangbang involving several DD bleached blondes, rather than this sweet, natural girl Paris Tale

Oh well, she’s still cute, so enjoy!!!

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Jim: Send me a link to that yahoo post!!

Okay guys – the preview I was given of this gallery had a much harder anal shot, and I was hoping that I’d be able to grab that pic and use it, but unfortunately it wasn’t available!! Anyways, I know a lot of you guys love asians, and appreciate some of the nasty, harder scenes – so I figure you’ll love this anal asian one!!!

I had a day, and in fact a weekend, of utter and complete nothingness.

Okay, it may not be quite that complete – I did manage to get a teensy bit of work done this morning. Usually, when I’m not doing academic type work, I try to get other things done so that I don’t end up with everything needing to be done all at the same time. Not so today. I could have vacuumed the apartment and washed towels and socks, but I’m not going to because I don’t wanna. I could have touched up the primer I put up last week in preparation of real paint going up, but I’m not going to because I don’t wanna. I could go grocery shopping, but I’m not going to because I don’t wanna. You get the idea. ^_^

Instead today, I managed to munch my way through the day, squandering my time by playing video games. ^_^ Tomorrow will be the same…

Well, everyone has an occasional off day, don’t they? One just needs to get concerned when every day is an off day. ^_^ I don’t think I’ve hit that point yet. Other people might think otherwise though!! ^_^

Enjoy the anal asian gallery!!

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Okay guys, I just absolutely LOVE the preview pic I prepared for this Latina Threesome gallery – and in fact, at this very moment, I’m quite taken with the gallery itself!! I’m sure that I’ll wake up tomorrow, and the girls won’t look as hot, and the gallery won’t be as appealing – but right now, right this minute, I think this threesome set of pictures is unbelievable!!!!
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I mentioned a few days ago that the hygienist scaled away the tartar from my teeth, and voiced some concern over my gums’ bleeding during the procedure. She told me to be extra careful when flossing, to make sure I get below the gumline and all. I said okay, but I’m pretty confident in my flossing technique – justly so, I think, given that I came out cavity free after two whole years! ^_^ So while I pretended to be making careful mental note of her instructions, I figured the reason there was more buildup than would be expected for a regular flosser because it had been a whopping two years since I’d last had my teeth scaled. I also suspected that the bleeding was happening because she was a bit rough in the scaling, because I kept feeling little shots of painful poking sensations as she worked, and those hook things they use to scale teeth are downright evil looking. Barbarism at it’s best…

Yesterday, I’m was more convinced I was right, because my gums were still a bit sore when I chewed and brushed my teeth.

I wonder, if I were to request a different hygienist on my next visit, would the one I had yesterday find out and be offended? More than likely she won’t even remember me, especially since I won’t be back there till next summer. ^_^

Oh well, enjoy the most excellent Latina threesome gallery!

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Okay guys – again, tooooo tired to post a real entry today.. So intead, enjoy this gallery of Teen Topanga – same people that give you Chloe18 and Little Lupe!!! ^_^ You can find more free porn at GirlsAreSexy.Com and LostCherries.Com!!


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Thumb Desc2  

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Okay – I posted some of the RealPeachez blowjob scenes, and previously, I’m SURE I’ve posted some of Jordan Capri’s blowjob and sex scenes… but you know what? They’re so good that I just have to post more!! I don’t believe it’s the same Jordan Capri gallery, and even if it is – it’s still worth it!!!

Anyways, I’ve been working too hard, and up too late!! Enjoy the Jordan Capri gallery, and search my site to find some of Tawnee Stone – another hot hardcore teen!!!

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