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Little Lupe - dirty latina whore
Click the pic for a free preview gallery of Little Lupe hardcore!
Guess what’s happening to Little Lupe in this picture? Hee hee hee – I wish they wouldn’t censor them though… uncensored in the member’s area!

Okay guys, it’s Friday, it’s almost 2:00am, and I’m absolutely EXHAUSTED!!!!

Plus I need to wake up tomorrow to go buy that bag!! So enjoy this Little Lupe hardcore gallery… I guess ‘Dirty Latina Whore’ is a LITTLE bit strong, but she’s definitely not the young, innocent virgin experiencing hardcore for the first time!!
You can also find Little Lupe as Zuleidy – she’s starred in a few hardcore movies from Private.Com!!

Anyways, enjoy the Little Lupe pictures and movies gallery! I’m off to bed!

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latina lesbian groupsex
Click the pic for the free gallery of latina lesbian group sex!!

Okay, in my continuing quest for hardcore – I bring you this gallery which IS hardcore, but not overly explicit… It’s a bit disappointing, but still from the BangBros site (which also does Ballhoneys, BrandiBelle, etc) so it’s all good!!! Besides, I’m betting most of my readers love Latina lesbians… and of course, lesbians in general!! Add a lucky guy into the mix, and it’s a threesome I’m sure you all dream about!

Today I got a dangerous email. It was from Danier, informing me of a sale on handbags. Later on, I found myself at a mall that has a Danier store in it, so I breezed on by to check out the selection, on the naive and optimistic assumption that I wouldn’t find anything that appealed to me enough to make me hand over money.

Naturally, I was wrong. I spied a beautiful leather handbag, in an amazing shade of red. It’s medium-sized – large enough to accommodate my wallet, keys, cell phone, and probably a few odds and ends and a small paperback novel, but not large enough to accommodate a textbook or notebook.

In other words, it represents a gap in my current handbag inventory. I have three small ones that only fit my wallet, keys and cell phone, plus a few little candies maybe – one black leather one, one beige shearling one (fuzzy inside!), and one black corduroy one. I have two larger handbags that are large enough to accommodate notebooks, textbooks, and other 8.5 x 11 sized objects – one beige shearling one, and one dark brown suede one. I also have one black leather messenger bag type thing – it handles 8.5 x 11 objects, but not too many of them, as it’s slim.

So no mediumish bags. And certainly no red ones.

So now I want this red one. I want it enough to pay the $60 price tag for it.

I have lots of handbags.

But I still want this one.

Maybe I should unsubscribe from Danier’s mailing list…. Especially after the Wii and the flat iron!!!

Anyways – enjoy the latina threesome galleries!
Click here for the latina lesbian threesome picture gallery

Click here for the latina lesbian threesome movie gallery

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Anetta Keys - Dildo
Click the pic for a free gallery of super sexy Anetta Keys sucking on a silver dildo!

Okay guys, Anetta Keys (Or is it Aneta Keys, or Annetta Keys??) is one of the SEXIEST porn girls on the market right now! I’ve always loved Anetta’s nose piercing, even though in general, I don’t like nose piercings!! But on her, there’s just something sexy about it…

Anyways, most days I spend in the same spot – parked in front of the computer.

I usually have my laptop set up at the kitchen table. Right now there are files and papers strewn all over the kitchen table – obviously this table is not typically used for eating. If you’re curious, eating usually happens on the couch, in front of the TV. ^_^ Eating at the table happens when friends come over and the couch will no longer accommodate everyone and their food comfortably.

I didn’t vacuum the kitchen last week, so looking around today, I realize that it’s pretty clear that this spot is where I spend most of my time. There are crumbs on the floor scattered around the chair legs, because I eat my lunch in front of the computer. Stray hair litters the floor around the chair, because I shed.

To my credit, though, the kitchen table is not littered with dirty dishes and food wrappers. I make some attempts to tidy up after myself, thank you very much.

I don’t think I’ll be skipping the vacuuming this week though. No matter how enticing spending time with the Wii may be. ^_^

I just wish that HP would send me the box to get my computer fixed!!!! Grrrrr

Enjoy the Aneta Keys free preview dildo gallery!

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Small brunette paid to fuck black guy
Click the pic for a free preview gallery of a hot but skanky girl getting paid to fuck a black guy…

Okay guys, the main reason I picked this interracial gallery to preview is because of Mr. Suave in the back of the limo giving the thumbs up as he gets a handjob!
The other reason is because I know some of you love flat chested, tiny babe with black guy porn! So, enjoy!!!! There are both pics and vids…

Anyways, I’ve never thought of myself as a Bruce Springsteen fan. I don’t own any of the albums, be it on tape or on CD. I’ve never been to a concert. I don’t know enough words to be able to sing along to any of them.

Today, though, when I went to the grocery store, they were playing one of the Boss’ songs over the PA system. And I noticed that as I pushed my cart along, not only was I walking in time to the music, which happens somewhat frequently, but I was also sort of bouncing and bopping along too! The song put a real spring in my step. On my way home in the car, I found myself humming the tune of the song. And now that I think about it, I don’t remember hearing any other songs while I was there, though I must have – I was there for almost half an hour, and I’m quite sure that the song is not half an hour long. ^_^

I wonder if it’ll be stuck in my head all night now?

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Asian cosplay
Click the pic for an asian cosplay gallery!

Okay guys – not much time to say anything tonight! I’m still waiting for my computer box to arrive so I can ship it back to HP, and hopefully it will happen soon!
I *hate* using this old dinosaur of a machine!!!

Anyways, enjoy this asian cosplay gallery! Are you guys interested in seeing some real cosplay pictures featuring non-porn, Japanese girls? I’ll try to get some up! No.. not me… at least, probably not ^_^

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