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sultry brunette teen from met-art
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Okay guys – here’s a free gallery from Met-Art, and not the typical shaved blonde you’re used to seeing.. This time it’s a hairy young brunette! Don’t worry, she’s over 18, so you won’t go to jail looking at her!!

Over a year ago, I took a deep breath and ordered giant one litre size bottles of shampoo and conditioner from Origins because I wanted minty shampoo and conditioner. Fast forward to last week, where I pumped the very last bit into the smaller bottles I keep in the shower. I’ve had a good year of minty hair cleansing, and I’m overall happy with the products. But emptying those bottles triggered some sort of impulse in my brain – probably the bit of me that hates the idea of running out of anything, which said Time to order more shampoo and conditioner. That thought then led to, But is it time to try something new?. And once the possibility of having something new was raised, that started a frenzy in another part of my brain, the part that lives for new things. Thing is, that bit of my brain is particularly loud and persuasive. So even though I still have enough shampoo and conditioner to last me at least until August, I ran out and bought some new stuff yesterday. ^_^

So today I used the new stuff, and it seems to have worked out pretty well so far. I was a bit irked that the conditioner bottle was 50 mL smaller than the shampoo bottle, but I don’t seem to need as much as I’m used to using, so maybe it’ll all work out in the end. This new stuff is special – it claims to be formulated for curly hair – so we’ll have to see how my hair behaves over the next little while… I have a slight natural curl to it when it’s cut short…

There’s something very magical about new things. ^_^

In other news, I’m wearing a T-shirt today! ^_^ Short sleeves! Exposed arms! Which, of course, means that the blotchies have faded out! ^_^ Huzzah!

Enjoy the hairy young brunette teen!! Sorry I didn’t have time to get a loverboys gallery up!

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Wet asian teen
Click the pic for the free gallery of Philipina teen pornstar – Joon Mali!

Okay guys, I’ve recently posted some Lily Koh, now it’s time to post her counterpart, Joon Mali! This is as close to fully nude as they’ll let me post for free – but in the member’s area, there’s full spreading, toy insertion and more! Okay – she’s not Riyo Mori, but she’s cute, so enjoy!! I’ll try to get another Loverboysusa gallery up tomorrow..

Well. I’m not sure how I feel about modern medicine these days.

My spots are almost all gone now. My hands, feet, chest, neck, and arms are completely clear, as is my upper back. My legs and back and stomach are still a bit blotchy, but I think that will clear up pretty soon.

I still have a teensy bit of a cough. I tried my inhaler again last night, largely to see if the allergic reaction was to the inhaler or to the amoxicillin. It was the amoxicillin – no reaction to the inhaler alone. That being said, I’ve got the impression now that the inhaler made my cough slightly worse. I haven’t taken any puffs today. I think I’ll just wait for my cough to go away on its own – it seems to be on its way out. Which sort of makes me wonder – had I not gone to the doctor and not been given amoxicillin, how long would it have taken me to recover on my own? At the time, it seemed like my body wasn’t going to get rid of the problem without help. But was the help worth it in the end? Hmmmmmm…

Silly modern medicine… I should have just drank my tea, and rested in bed….

Click here for the free preview Joon Mali porn gallery

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Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007 Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007
Click each picture of Riyo Mori – Miss Universe 2007 to see the fullsize image

Riyo Mori was crowned Miss Universe 2007 tonight – and she’s from Japan!!!! Not only is she from Japan, but Riyo Mori did all her schooling here in Canada! Apparently she’s the 2nd Miss Universe ever, and the last one was crowned 48 years ago……
Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007 Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007

There’s some contention that Riyo Mori’s win was political, and that Riyo didn’t deserve it because her body type was noticeably worse than the other contestants -thanks to our notoriously poor genes, but I still think she’s cute!!!
Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007

She’s a ballet dancer most of the time, and 20 year old Riyo Mori was born in 1987.

Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007 Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007

Riyo Mori - Miss Universe Japan 2007

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these galleries, and maybe if we get lucky, Riyo’ll let some porn slip like a few others have been known to do! ^_^

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shaved young blonde walks on the beach
Click the pic for the preview gallery from Met-Art – a shaved blonde teen walking on the beach!

Okay guys – it’s Met-Art time!! I’m hope that you’re enjoying your day off! If it’s warm enough, maybe this will put you in the beach mood, and those of you who live within 100km of a body of water can make your way down there!!!

My sickness has healed, but I’ll tell you about that later.

Recently I had the chance to purchase some Jelly Belly jelly beans in bulk for something on the order of $6 USD per pound at Target.

Jelly Belly beans are something of a rare treat for me – in Canada, you typically can’t find them in bulk at grocery stores, so you have to schlepp your way to a specialty bulk candy shop, where you pay somewhere around $2.50 to $3 CAD for 100 g. So you only get a little. Costco has a better deal – you can purchase a two pound bag for roundabout $10. The downside of the Costco bargain is that you get a mixed bag, so you get a little of everything, and some of the colours are very similar if not identical to the casually observing eye, which is bothersome when you’re hunting for a cherry flavoured jelly bean, find a nice looking red one, and pop it in your mouth, only to discover that you’ve actually got cinnamon!!

So I naturally grabbed a bag and started assembling my dream collection of Jelly Bellies – toasted marshmallow, french vanilla, cherry (because I avoid red ones in the Costco pack because I don’t want cinnamon), and chocolate pudding (because I avoid dark brown ones in the Costco pack because they could be root beer or Dr. Pepper). Oh yes.

And how much did I buy? Just over a pound. ^_^

Self control? Whuzzat? ^_^

And no, I haven’t eaten the whole bag yet. ^_^

And no, that’s not why I got a rash!!

Anyways, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the sexy shaved blonde teen!

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Young asian teen has sex
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Okay guys – you’re gonna LOVE this gallery I’m sure!!! It’s a preview from a site that dedicates itself to black, asian, and latina girls – all ethnic, and almost all threesomes! Of course, if you join it, you get access to a bunch of other sites as well… Anyways – not only is there a cute, new asian teen – but it also stars Charmane Star!!

Well, it would seem that things are improving. Today I am less welty, but still blotchy all over. My feet were really itchy this morning, but I took a Reactine and the itching seems to have subsided. Phew!

Yesterday I went for a haircut – I figured so long as I kept my hands out of sight, she’d never know I was splotchy, and I wouldn’t need to reschedule. Wouldn’t you know it, the smocks this salon has you change into are all short sleeved. So there I was, reclined in the chair as she washed my hair, thinking to myself Please don’t notice my arms, please don’t notice my arms when the stylist suddenly says, “Is that eczema all over your arms?” >_< I explained that I was having an allergic reaction to some antibiotics, and she then proceeded to share a story about an allergic reaction she had to some medication that caused her to break out in eczema all over her body and gain something on the order of 25 pounds over a period of six weeks. After hearing that, I felt downright fortunate! ^_^ Of course, she thought she had caught scabies at first... ewwwww Anyways - enjoy this hot asian threesome gallery with Charmane Star from BallHoneys!

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