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Brandi Belle learns to fuck
Click the pic to see a free gallery of Naugty girl next door, Brandi Belle, learning to fuck!

Okay guys – this may be a bit of a misnomer – the gallery is technically called ‘Brandi Belle learns to fuck’… But, if you’ve ever been a member of her site, it’s obvious that she probably learned the necessary social skill at a rather young age… In fact, I’m sure she’s probably participated in more than one rainbow party – and probably contributed a lot of colours to a lot of guys!!! ^_^

Obviously I’m still learning how to use the script that helps me make galleries – this Brandi Belle gallery was SUPPOSED to be pink – instead I’m just seeing it as white! *ROAR*.

In fact, I’m actually thinking I’ll create a new category called “Sluts”, in which I’ll put the Brandi Belle stuff, the Partyhardcore stuff, the Loverboys stuff, and maybe some of the threesome stuff as well…

I mean, you guys probably DO enjoy the sluttier girls a little more than just the model posers, don’t you???

Anyways, it’s time for me to head to bed and rest up for my next day at Disney tomorrow!

Enjoy the Brandi Belle gallery!

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Sweet Adri and Melissia Midwest lesbians
Click the pic for the free gallery of Sweet Adri and Melissa Midwest in some lesbian dildo action!!

It’s that time again – time for Melissa Midwest and Sweet Adri – both of who I know you love… And personally, Sweet Adri is growing on me a bit as well!!1 She has that innoent, and wholesome look – until you see Melissa Midwest shoving a vibrator up her shaved pussy ^_^

Okay guys, I’m laying down in a foreign bed with a laptop on my lap, trying desperately to stay awake long enough to type out a blog post!!!

Unfortunately, I’m fighting a losing battle… My eyelids are starting to droop, an I can barely form sentences! It was a HORRIBLE plane ride; with nasty little brats kicking my chair, a broken TV screen (thank-you Westjet), and a very late night packing!!!

Anyways, enjoy the Sweet Adri and Melissa Midwest lesbian gallery!

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cute young lesbian teens get naughty
Click the pic for the free gallery of naughty lesbian teens!

Time for some Chloe18… I must say ‘Do you want to watch me play with my Pee Pee’ isn’t REALLY the turn on the gallery designer thought it was!

Okay guys – I’m packing my suitcase, and getting ready for my little Disney vacation!!! But, the place I’m staying at has a computer, and has internet – so I’ll still be posting almost nightly, although probably not my usual ramblings….

These ones will be short, sweet, and to the point! And I’ll post some disney pics when I get home as well!!!!

Anyways, enjoy Chloe18’s naughty lesbian galllery!! I need to head to bed!

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Big breasted brooke
Click the pic for the free gallery of a slutty girl with big breasts – a free Southern Brooke porn gallery…

Okay guys – here’s a new girl for you! I don’t believe I’ve ever posted other galleries of Southern Brooke – but considering I have over 800 posts, you never REALLY know! ^_^

The past couple of weeks have been sort of crazy with work, and I must rather shamefully admit that I’ve been neglecting my eating habits.

As in, I’ve been forgetting to or been too busy to eat.

Normally I don’t have breakfast anyways – I know, super bad, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, blah blah blah, but you know what, I just don’t feel hungry in the morning. So there. But sometimes when you really immerse yourself in work, for whatever reason – be it super intense obsessive interest or simply deadlining, the latter of which is more usually the case with me – time just slips away from you. You sit down at the computer in the morning, start plugging along – and next thing you know, it’s 6 PM and you haven’t stopped once!

So last week I had a few days like that. On Wednesday I wound up skipping dinner entirely because I was in something of a working zone from about 1 PM till around 8 PM. The zone wore off, but I pressed on since I was also fighting a deadline, and ended up calling it a day at 10:30 PM. I realized I had missed dinner, but wasn’t really hungry, and decided that it wasn’t worth investigating at that hour. On Tuesday of this week, I had a couple of muffins – one around lunch time, the other later on in the evening – and nothing else. Again, strangely, I didn’t feel ravenous that night. Well, okay, I wasn’t totally fine either. At around 11:30 or midnight I was really wishing I’d eaten more.

The other days weren’t quite so starvation-like, but I was still in a work first, eat later sort of funk, which is odd because usually working makes me snacky. I guess it was different kind of work – writing type work makes me really snacky, but this was all data manipulation and experiment preparation, and then experiment running… And oh yeah, I had that new script to play with..

But I hereby pledge to try to take better care of myself. Make sure I get plenty to drink and aim for food group targets and all that. My mother would be so proud – until she found out just how horrendous my diet has been the past two weeks, then she’d be traumatized.

So – shhhhhhh – don’t tell her. ^_^

Enjoy Southern Brooke

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lesbian twin party
Click the pic for the free twin lesbian gallery!

Okay guys – here’s another twin gallery – by the same people who bring you Little Lupe and Chloe18!!! Hot, hardcore twins that a FEW of you complained about, but that most really liked!!

Anyways, I was complaining about my sister getting a car yesterday – and how she has much more choice available to her than I did when I bought mine a few years back…. Now she’s decided that roads just get too slippery in the winter, and she wants all wheel drive…

Honestly, this makes me happy.. When she was picking some of the fun cars (Jetta, Mini), I was getting jealous because they’re so much better looking than mine!!! But now that she’s getting all wheel drive, it means she’ll probably have to buy a SUV or a Subaru!! Definitely not as sexy as a little Mini!!!

Anyways, enjoy the Lesbian Twin Party starring the Simpson Twins!

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