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cute red hair goth teen liz vicious
Click the pic for the free gallery of a cute red-haired goth teen with a smooth, waxed pussy

Gah, I’m being overridden with comment spam! It does NOT make me happy… Currently I’m averaging almost 200 spam comments every single day – and you should see how many go into my email! It’s not happy-making trying to weed through all the crap!

Anyways, enjoy Liz Vicious! I’m just about to crawl into my warm, comfortable bed, and enjoy the softness of the sheets against my skin!

Click here for the Liz Vicious gallery
Click the tabs at the top of the gallery to see the Raven Riley and the Cum On Candi gallery. Personally, I’d ignore the Kat Vixen and Ladyboy crush ones…

There’s quite a shot of Raven Riley’s cooter!

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Asian and black girl have threesome with lucky guy
Click the pic for the free gallery of the Black and Asian sex gallery…

Okay, in this case, it’s asian and black lesbian…. but isn’t that better? :) This comes from the BangBros series of sites – BallHoneys, AssParade and all that :)

I may be a bit late, but I do believe that spring has officially sprung! ^_^ The days are getting longer and warmer, and one can now realistically begin ogling the lighter breezier clothes in the closet.

If you’re a romantic, then you’d dreamily say that love is in the air. If you’re a cynic, then you’ll roll your eyes and say that pheremones are in the air. If you’re allergic, you’ll sniffle and say that pollen is in the air. ^_^

Me? I’m anxiously anticipating sufficiently warm weather to pop my tootsies into sandals again! ^_^ This is always exciting, even more so when you have new sandals to try out. Lucky me, I have two pairs of new sandals this year – a pair of comfy cute Mary Jane style Crocs, as well as a pair of dressier but still casual strappy sandals with a wedge heel.

Ah, season changes – a time for newness! ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the Black and Asian gallery!!! I’ve included both the porn picture gallery, and the porn movie gallery!! (yes.. shameless search engine terms..)
Click here for the Black and Asian Picture Gallery

Click here for the Black and Asian interracial threesome Movie Gallery

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teen plays with sloppy pussy - topanga
Click the pic for the free gallery of the sloppy pussied teen – Teen Topanga!!!

Personally I prefer Chloe18! ^_^ And I call this one sloppy because of the second last picture! Roast Beef!!!

I’m not a huge bacon fan. Never have been. I think it’s because I’ve always had a thing against visible fat – if I can see the fat, I want to get rid of it. This simply can’t be done with bacon – you end up making a mess (yes, I’ve tried). I know I’m supposed to just ignore it and eat it and enjoy the bacony goodness, but my brain refuses to do anything but scream about how I’m eating fat….

So when I discovered turkey bacon several years ago, I was thrilled. It’s yummy, and the light bits aren’t fat, but white turkey meat! No more brain screaming. ^_^

I just wish it went on sale more often….

Anyways, enjoy the Teen Topanga gallery.. I’ve been working all night, and my brain is about to explode..

The porn gallery is here

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Shaved blonde teen with natural breasts from
Click the pic for a free gallery of a teen babe with natural breasts and a nicely shaved pussy from nubiles…..

Okay guys, here’s another model from nubiles that you might like!! I’m actually not sure if I’ve posted her before.. I know I have more of Sweet coming up soon..

I just called my parents’ place to confer with my sister. My mother answered the phone. I asked to speak to my sister. Mum basically said, “Sure, just hang on a sec and I’ll get her. Oh, by the way, did you get the letter from your Aunt?” But as I’m reading out the mail I received – mostly junk – my sister chirps onto the line.

“Hello?” she says.

“Um, hi. What happened to Mum?” I say, thoroughly confused.

“Nothing. She’s here. She just handed me the phone and walked away. Why?”

I laugh. “Because I was talking to her, that’s why! She asked me a question!”

My sister laughs. “I was wondering why you were already talking when I put the phone to my ear!”

Turns out, my sister had thoroughly distracted my mother by drawing her attention to her (my mother’s) shirt, which apparently has some nifty texture to the fabric. I guess my rambling out loud loses to funky texture. ^_^

Anyays, enjoy Sweetie. And I just updated GirlsAreSexy!!

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Joon Mali on the beach - legs spread
Click the pic for the free porn gallery of sexy asian Joon Mali from the Phillipines…

I love the preview picture I chose for this gallery – Joon Mali looks so sweet and innocent, and about to be corrupted!!!

So I washed socks and towels today. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday.. Followed by gorging myself with Sushi – but that’s a story for tomorrow…
Anyways, as I was folding my socks back together into pairs, I looked through them carefully to make sure I could set aside the one with the hole. Much to my dismay, I found two with holes. Frustratingly, they were both left socks, which means I have two extra right socks kicking around. Yup, I can tell the right side socks from the left side socks. No, not because I’m extra fussy and check things like the way the fabric has been habitually stretched in the toe region, although I suspect it says something about me (OCD???) that I’ve figured that might be a way to differentiate between your left and right side socks, but my most recent batch of store-bought socks have a brand logo embroidered in them on one side. I wear the logo on the outside side, so I can tell which sock goes on which foot. I went ahead and folded the two right side socks together into a pair, and I fully intend to wear them, but I’m not yet sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to be able to do so. I mean, two right side socks? A right side sock on the left foot?
…It’s just so wrong.

Enjoy the Joon Mali gallery!

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