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Blonde latina with a tight body
Click the pic for the free gallery of Katrina – from Nubiles

Okay guys, don’t let the initial pic fool you… despite her looking young, if you look at the gallery, you’ll see that she isn’t! Katrina’s really quite cute, and nicely shaved! You can see an older unshaved gallery of Katrina here – Hairy Young Latina Showering

So I’m working on a handout, and it’s going ever so slowly. Then again, handout making is always hard! Everything is in your head, somewhere, it’s just a matter of putting it all down on paper in a way that makes sense. I suppose it’s not that different from paper writing, except that you know you’ve got to be able to get through it in 20 minutes, so that sort of places an upper limit on how much can go in there. I almost wonder if I should take a break to head to the library to sign out a couple of books I need to check through for this talk anyway. But the library’s so far away! T-T Maybe as New Holland has said, I should grab my bike, and see if I can make it there in this 0C degree weather!!!

Well. I guess I should get back to it. Maybe I’ll grab myself something to eat – trying to be productive is making me snacky. ^_^

In other completely unrelated news – well, maybe not so completely – ever since I had that nasty bout of food poisoning/Norwalk virus, I’ve been getting odd tummy aches. I say odd, because they’ll come on very suddenly but be very short lived – I don’t think I’m in pain for any more than five or ten minutes – and the pain is quite sharp. T-T I don’t know what’s causing them, and they don’t seem to coincide with any particular food item or time of day. I’ll have to track them more carefully. My poor stomach. I get the feeling my body’s trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what.

Oh well. As long as the message isn’t Ease up on the chocolate and cookies and Cola, I can deal with it. ^_^ In fact.. maybe it’s lack of cola???

Oh well, enjoy the little shaved latina babe – Katrina IS cute, even if the picture quality screams homemade porn!!

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black girl has group sex
As always, click the picture for the free gallery!!! (same as the picture gallery below)

I’ve decided I’m going to start posting movie links if you guys like ’em… Normally i have to hunt a little harder to find them, and the preview pictures can never be as good… But if I find a gallery with both pictures AND movies, I’ll try to post it for you!!!

And since there was so much noise about posting ebony / black girls, I figured you’d all be appreciative if I post another gallery – this time FFM!! a female + a female + one very lucky guy!!!
So enjoy the black teen groupsex gallery!!

I’ve been making noises about getting some new shoes for quite a while now. So a few days ago, a friend mentioned that a nearby shoe store was having their annual blowout sale. We decided to go check it out.

At 11:30 AM or thereabouts, we pulled into the parking lot at the strip mall and saw that there was a lineup stretching outside of the store, about twenty or thirty people ahead of us. We hadn’t been expecting that, but obediently lined up, thinking Well, we’re here anyway. My friend wandered up to the store window to see how many people were inside, and came back reporting that it was absolutely packed in there. Still, we stayed in line. After all, we were already there.

Forty-five minutes later, we are allowed to enter the store. We actually had to go in one at a time – they had a guy at the door, who would only let one person in when one person walked out. It wasn’t a large gap of time that passed between each of us, though. Anyway, I was the lucky first one, and I’m sure I had a blank look of surprise on my face when I got through the door. The store only had one till, so the lineup of people waiting to pay wound its way all around the store, which wasn’t particularly large. There were tables and shelving units of shoes – right side only – everywhere, and people crowded into the spots in between, sifting through the piles of shoes, trying on ones they liked. I quickly realized that the ladies’ shoes were all on the left hand side of the store, and scanned the signs for my size and headed to the back corner.

I quickly spotted a cute little shoe – a Mary Jane style shoe with a 3″ wedge heel – and dutifully handed it over to my friend to try on, since I knew she would like it and she has a harder time finding shoes that fit than I do. She tried it on, but it wouldn’t stay on her heel. I tried it on next, and it stayed on me, so I hung on to it, at this point not sure how I was to go about obtaining its mate.

I’ve never shopped a busy clearout sale like this one before. It was a little intimidating, having to work your way through the crowds, and then you were faced with a pretty disorganized pile of shoes to sift through, some shoes were scattered on the floor by careless people. You sort of feel like a scavenger of sorts, just sifting through rubble trying to find something worth having! Fortunately, people were being pretty civilized – no catfights broke out while I was there. ^_^ After telling myself that I wasn’t a vulture, I went through the pile of shoes in my size pretty carefully, but without luck – I didn’t find another cute shoe. I almost found one, but it was a half size too large (6.5), and I didn’t manage to find one in my size. Besides, there were handmade signs up all over the store saying Please be sure of your purchase because all sales are final!, and I wasn’t really sure about that second shoe. So back on the shelf it went.

Alrighty. Now, I have a single shoe. I need the mate. I looked around a little, and realized that there were some store employees milling about the crowds, fetching mates. I found the little line of folks waiting for assistance, and patiently waited for my turn. Once I got the mate to my shoe, I double checked that it was the right one, having seen one woman come back after having received a mismatched pair, and then moved to the line of people waiting to pay. I waited in this line for probably close to an hour. O.o

Oh well!! A new pair of shoes!!!!

Enjoy the ebony galleries – they’re from ballhoneys, which I believe gives you free access to TaylowBow, BrandiBelle, Bangbus, Mr CamelToe and more….

Click here for the free ebony sex picture gallery

Click here for the free ebony sex Movie Gallery

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swollen pregnant teenager
Click the pic for the free gallery of another pregnant teen!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, there IS something kinky about a pregnant teen posing for porn – assuming you look past the fact that she may just be desperate for money!
Pregnant teens are dirty!!! Enjoy!

Lately, I’ve been getting a boatload of catalogues from Victoria’s Secret… I think I’ve received three different ones in the past week…

If I were a sensible girl, I’d just put them straight into the recycling bin without even glancing through the pages. I know that I won’t buy anything unless it’s on sale or clearance, so looking at the merchandise now is pretty much pointless.

Apparently, I am not a sensible girl. ^_^ I go through every item on every page in crazy detail, peering carefully at each garment and reading every word of the little description blurb. I make mental lists of the items that I am interested in, and then I have to wait impatiently for sales to come around, at which point I end up putting together a simply massive order that makes me gasp when the order total comes up. Do I pare the order down? Generally, no – I’ve already determined that I want these things, and have spent the past few weeks or months imagining their places in my wardrobe.

I suppose this is why they keep sending me the catalogues. ^_^

Oh well.. Enjoy the pregnant teen and her protruding belly porn!!!

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Allison Angel fingers asshole - anal
Click the pic for the free gallery of Alison Angel sticking a finger up her ass!!

Okay – I must admit, I was having too much fun last night to come home early, and create a blog post for you!!!
And then I was too busy shoe shopping today to get a post up earlier!! So, to make it up to you, I’m posting a gallery of lusty blonde Allison Angel sticking a finger up her ass! It’s delightfully filthy!!!

Unfortunately, after my night of leisure, I’m feeling presured to actually accomplish something…. And there are two ways a person can react when faced with a large task. Or several small ones. Or, worst of all, several large ones!

First they could square their jaw and plunge in headfirst, taking on each task and seeing it through to completion with an efficient, bound determination.

Or, they can turn the other way, take comfort in something else, and tell themselves they’ll start in tomorrow.

I am taking the second option today. ^_^

I have a handout to prepare for a talk to be given soon. Realistically, I do still have time to put the talk together. So I’m going to take advantage of that and ignore it for the rest of today. Well, not completely ignore, I’ll do some poking around looking for references to cite.

But I’m most definitely not starting the handout today.

I’m going to go have some cookies!

Enjoy Alison Angel – you can find a lot more of her on GirlsAreSexy – which I’ve just updated again!!!

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Young asian porn model - Lily Koh
Click the pic for the hot gallery of young asian teen porn model – Lily Koh!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Lily Koh, so enjoy!!!

I went and saw Ghost Rider tonight… It was a fun and entertaining movie, even if the fight scenes were on the wimpy side – no, I don’t mean opponents would whip each other with daisy chains, it’s just that Ghost Rider was a little too efficient in defeating his enemies when it came to combat. It relies pretty heavily on its visual effects, which isn’t surprising given that the hero is a flaming skeleton. It’s a movie that’s worth seeing in theatres simply for the big screen big sound factor – the movie fills your field of vision and the sound makes you rumble in your seat. ^_^ Honestly, it is purely action, with an insignificant plot, and sub-par acting…..

When I was a teenager, my friends and I would always bypass the movie concession stand – we refused to pay inflated prices for popcorn and pop, largely because our funds were rather limited to begin with. That practice kept up for a long time. Then, some movie theatres brought in enhanced concession stands – they have mini food courts inside, so you can get pizza, or burgers, or ice cream. At this stage, I had more available spending money – funny thing that happens when you start working – and was willing to splurge on these items. Popcorn still fell into the not worth the money category though.

More recently, though, I’ve been obtaining coupons for concession goodies – Whenever I go see a movie I whip out a handful of coupons good for free popcorn, or free drinks with purchase of popcorn, or some such thing. So the past few times I’ve been to the theatre, I’ve been enjoying (free) movie theatre popcorn. And I must say, it is good. I like popcorn anyway, but movie theatre popcorn is different somehow, and I’m not referring just to the ginormous price. It’s so thoroughly salted and buttered, and they’ll add Becel (margarine) topping for free – purists who need real melted butter have to pay an additional fifty cents.

It makes for a fantastic munchy snack while you’re in the theatre – so light and airy, and not loud crunchy like chips, unless you chew with your mouth open. And the smell! My mouth waters just at the memory of it! Or maybe I’m just hungry. ^_^

I admit it, I’m surprised at just how much the theatre experience is enhanced by theatre popcorn. ^_^ Still, I’m a cheapskate, so if I didn’t have the coupon, I wouldn’t be spending the money. Come on now, $12 for a large popcorn and a large drink? O.o

Anyways, if you want some visual candy – other than the porn I provide you on a nightly basis, I’d recommend ghostrider. If you want a movie with substance, I’d stay as far away from it is possible!!!

It was enjoyable though!

Enjoy Lily Koh!!

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