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ariel rebel with sign
Click the pic for the free gallery of Ariel Rebel!!

Okay – it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted Areil Rebel…. Sometimes she’s nude and explicit, other times I only get these teaser galleries – fully clothed, but Ariel is still cute!! Unfortunately, in this gallery you only get to see her panties….

Speaking of which, it’s good to be a girl

I can sum it up in two words: fun undies! ^_^

Now, to be honest, I’m not really sure what it takes to shop for undies for guys… If there are specialty stores out there, I’m unaware of them. I’m going off of what I’ve seen passing through department stores. And what I’ve seen is rather uninteresting – there seem to be three styles (brief, boxer, and boxer-brief), and these are mostly available in plain, single-colour stretch cotton. I’ve seen some fun boxers, but never fun briefs. It’s always a choice between black, white, gray, and maybe red or blue or plaid… Whoopie.

Then you have girls’ undies!

First off, not only do department stores have rather extensive lingerie departments, but there are also specialty stores – La Senza, or La Vie en Rose, or the queen bee of them all and my personal favourite, Victoria’s Secret. There’s a wide range of fabrics to pick from – you can stick with stretchy cotton, or you can venture into microfibre (nice and soft), or something lacy, or even silk and satin. Then there’s all the different cuts – hiphuggers, hotshorts/boyshorts, bikini, string bikini, thong, v-string, french cut, and of course let’s not forget the infamous size 16 granny panties. Last but certainly not least, there’s the colours!
Lingerie comes in a full spectrum of colours, both bright and subdued, and also an assortment of prints. Some prints are garish, some are cutesy, some are flowery, some are quite dignified. I suppose, really, that some things that are appropriate for lingerie simply wouldn’t work well for men’s underthings, like cutesy rubber ducky prints. Still, with exception of Joe Boxer, the guys seem to have erred on the side of caution in their spectrum of available choices.

Now you may be wondering, what sparked all this sudden and detailed reflection on underwear????
Yet again, I got another temptation email from Victoria’s Secret. It was urging me to browse their site to find the on-sale items and newest underwear ?innovations? (we’ll talk about that later). ^_^

My poor overused credit card!!!

Enjoy Ariel Rebel’s teasing panty gallery!!!

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Asian bubble butt teen - nice ass - Lily Koh
Click the pic for a free gallery of asian bubble butt teen Lily Koh

Okay, it’s been a while since you’ve seen some Lily Koh – so I figured I’d refresh your memory with this bubble butt picture of her!!!

Unfortunately I don’t have time to write a more detailed entry – gotta get to bed!!!!! ^_^ I spent too much time watching Heroes, 24, and Prison Break!!!

But enjoy Lily Koh, and if you’re searching for a little bit more porn, go check out GirlsAreSexy!!!! There’s more Joon Mali, and Lily Koh on there!!!

have a good night!

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sexy teen with braces - cute next door girl
Click the pic for the free gallery of Topanga

Okay guys – time for yet some more new stuff!! I’m betting that you’ll be split evenly amongst this new porno-girl – Topanga.. She’s young, she’s cute, she has captivating eyes…
Teen Topanga also gets nasty… super nasty… Lots of lesbian action with Topanga and Chloe18, who’s even cuter!!! And unlike most of the young porn girls, both Topanga and Chloe18 get completely nude, and feature toy insertion, and pussy licking ^_^ You’ll love them!

Anyways, last night was a strange new kind of first for me. I vocalized in my sleep and woke myself up!!!

I don’t remember anything about what I was dreaming about at that point… Pretty sure it wasn’t a sex dream…. And I didn’t even form words – just noise. And it woke me up. Normally I am a phenomenally heavy sleeper…

Perhaps needless to say, this has left me very curious about what I was dreaming when this happened. Maybe I was running away from a villain, and trying to scream for help? Maybe I had won a fantabulous prize, and was shrieking in joy? Or maybe it was a sex dream….

Sadly, we’ll never know the answer. ^_^

Enjoy Teen Topanga!!!

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Pregnant teenager
Click the pic for the free pregnant teen gallery!

Okay guys, here’s something new! Pregnant teenagers!!!! I don’t know how many of you like pregnant teens, find them attractive, etc.. Most men I hear talk say that pregnant women are gorgeous – but I just don’t understand that! That being said, pregnant teen pictures ARE something different, and it IS the weekend, where I don’t get as many visitors to my blog, so now is as good a time as any to evaluate the pregnant niche, and see if anyone likes the pics!!

I guess at the very least, it does show corruption – I seriously doubt the girl was planning to get pregnant… ^_^

Anyways, there’s something about loose change… I just love it! ^_^

I don’t like carrying it though… Too heavy – bah!
On a fairly regular basis, I empty out the coin pouch on my wallet, and sort through all my coins. Loonies and toonies get tossed back into the pouch – they’re worth carrying around – but everything else gets put into little jars for safekeeping!

When the jars get sort of full looking, I pull out the coin roll papers I got for free from the bank and go to town. Last time I did this, a couple of weeks ago, I wound up with $18 in rolled up coins! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

This is why I love loose change. You could be rich and not know it! ^_^ Well, rich enough to head over to McDonald’s a few times…. ^_^

Enjoy the pregnant teen gallery!! I’ve got some really good, new teenager galleries coming up soon!

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more dp action
Click the pic for a free double penetration, gaping gallery!!!

Okay – I actually have a lot of galleries from DPFanatics on that new site – GirlsAreSexy, but I figured I’d post a slight bigger preview for those of you that don’t go to my thumbnail gallery post!
Just because sometimes nasty is better, and a double penetration threesome is about as kinky as you can get..

Double anal however, is a bit of a stretch… hee hee hee ^_^

Eitherway, despite double anal not really being my thing, it’s still a hot and kinky gallery, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

You may have noticed that I’ve added a new feature to the site called ‘Related Posts’ – basically there will be a list of related posts based on keywords at the bottom of each of my entries..

Sometimes they won’t make sense, and shockingly, sometimes they won’t even be porn related!!!

I’m kind of curious to see what it pics as related to this one.. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about double anal before, and, I don’t think I’ll ever talk about it in the future! ^_^

Enjoy the dp porn gallery!

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