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Karen and Kate - completely naked teen lesbians
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It’s Saturday night folks. Par-tee down.

Actually, I have this awful nagging feeling that I should be doing something productive, like arranging bill payments, or cleaning. So, effectively, I’m in procrastinating mode, which feels strange, because I’m not entirely certain what it is I’m procrastinating about or from! It IS the weekend….

Okay. I guess I’ll pay some bills now. It’s either that or do the filing. And I don’t think I want to attempt cleaning and filing just yet. That will wait until…later. Just later. :)

I didn’t get many replies about the speed of my site!! Let me know if you think it should be upgraded! I definitely want more reliability – just gotta decide how much extra bandwidth ^_^

Enjoy the katesplayground gallery!

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Lily Koh masturbates - shaved pussy
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Okay guys – serious question… I need to know how my host is performing…

Do you guys find that my site/pics load REALLY fast in comparison to other sites?? Or is it kind of slow??? I’m just trying to decide what I need to do to make it a better experience for you guys!
(aside from posting the unedited pic, and aside from posting more of myself ^_^…. that being said – if anyone knows of a REALLY easy cropping and resizing upload tool, let me know!)

I bought some great healthy vites from Costco..

They’re fantastic! Not just because they’re a valuable vitamin and mineral supplement, but because they’re fun to eat and oh-so-tasty! Like Gummi Bears. But better! Seriously, these things are actually yummier than Gummi Bears. Yay Gummy Vites!
Actually – they kind of taste like a slightly stale, stronger flavoured gummy bear..

…And yes, I know they’re designed for children ages six and up. I’m older than 6… ^_^

Now, enjoy the Lily Koh gallery, and let me know what you think about the speed of my site!
I’m going to spend MORE money to make it better… I just need to decide how much more ^_^

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Teen nude art - slutty picture
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Okay – Met-art is another ‘artsy’ nude site.. Some of the girls look a little TOO young for me.. Not quite as young as the Texas Twins, or Chloe18
But still.. young!!
(BTW – if you like the Texas Twins, you might like the Simpson Twins, and the Milton Twins)

Anyways, I just put a new memory foam mattress topper on my bed. You know those infomercials that come on TV that show people tossing and turning throughout the night, followed by images of peacefully slumbering folks getting plenty of rest on a Tempurpedic mattress? Made of space-age memory foam developed for NASA?

Yes, I am a sucker for advertising. I think we already established that. ^_^

Well, I can’t shell out for the Tempurpedic bed (those things are ginormously expensive!) but the foam mattress topper should hold me over – a layer of memory foam that you just place on top of your mattress, then put the sheets on over top.

I think I need for find a sugar daddy…

Anyways, it’s so soft. I’m wondering if getting out of bed tomorrow might be downright impossible. Hoo boy!

I’m glad i put it on my Xmas list!! ^_^

Enjoy the adult pics up top!!!

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Okay guys – first off, I apologize… My web-host went down Christmas eve, and was pretty much unresponsive to emails for the 3 days over xmas…

I had a little gift for you guys, and I guess I’ll just post it now!
It also means there may be a few more Christmas galleries popping up in the next week!!!

Asian girl Kaori wishing you a Merry Christmas!Kaori from bentover! Japanese girl without panties

Enjoy the pics :)

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Shaved blonde teen - tight teenager
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Okay – I just got some partyhardcore galleries ready, and I found a few more pics of Britney’s shaved poontang! They’ll all be posted soon! In the meantime, I was looking through the nubiles site, and apparently Ginger is one of the most popular girls!! I know that Jim will prefer Ginger to a lot of the floppy-breasted models I’ve posted from there!

Anyways, I just worked my way through a big ol’ stack of bills. Yuck. They keep coming back every month! Why can’t I just be rid of them?!

I’m not broke yet. I am, however, keenly aware that I will be paid again next Friday….. This is important; my payday precedes my rent payable day. *Sigh*

Oh, to be independently wealthy!

Enjoy the nubiles gallery!

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