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Asian lesbians - Lily Koh and Joon Mali
Click the picture for the free gallery of Joon Mali and Lily Koh in lesbian action!! :)

Okay, so it’s not full lesbian action – but the pics you find in Lily Koh and Joon Mali’s member area are MUCH more explicit than what I can show you guys.. I have asked for more explicit shots, and they have promised them – but still no luck!!

Anyways, instead of writing today, I continued my quest to learn to knit… And yes, I realize it’s mostly what old ladies do, but it’s getting suprisingly popular in the younger crowd!

And now I have a toe!!

Okay, anatomically speaking, I have ten toes, as I suppose the vast majority of humans do. ^_^

But in terms of knitting, I have the toe section of my very first sock! ^_^ Granted, that’s not a huge amount of progress, since I’m knitting toe up, so really when I say I have a toe, what I have is a little cap of knitted material that I can pop onto the toe of my foot and admire. ^_^ I’m still excited – it feels like real progress. ^_^ Plus, the sock yarn I bought is self-striping, and so far I quite like the way it’s turning out. ^_^

In terms of activities that matter, I did manage to get around my abstract block yesterday and produce a draft of something abstracty. I’m going to go ahead here and attribute the unsticking to the sock…. I’d work a little, then knit a few rounds while mulling things over in my head… Then stop and type a few more lines… Then knit a round or two. You get the idea!

Anyways, enjoy Joon Mali and Lily Koh!

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interracial group sex with bad eyeliner
Click the pic for the free porn gallery with the 80’s eyeliner…

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a group sex, interracial gallery – so I figured it was time to shake things up from all the glamour porn I’ve been posting! I don’t know who the starlet is, or who the stars are – and I really don’t like her eyeliner, but the porn is nice! ^_^ It’s a decent free gallery!

I’m trying to put together a nice abstract. The deadline is Friday. I want to get a draft done today so that my co-authors have a chance to look things over and give it their seal of approval.

So far, I have a bolded, centered line that says ‘Title goes here’…

It’s going to be a long afternoon – good thing I’ve already started with the porn! :)

Looks like everyone has grown bored of RealPeachez though… I have a little ‘click’ counter, and the stats are falling and falling! :) Good thing I’m bringing all this new porn to you guys!
I’ve got more Lily Koh coming to you tomorrow! :)

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lesbians eat a banana
Click the pic for the free lesbian gallery!

Okay, here’s a cool lesbian gallery that caught my interest… I like the banana aspect of it..
It took me a few minutes to notice the one girl has her knees rubbed raw! Think the camera man got lucky? ^_^

Hee hee hee.

Online shopping is very evil. ^_^

I just placed an order for over $700 USD!

Now, to be fair, it’s not all for me – this order combines items being purchased by three individuals.


That’s a lot of money to spend in one fell swoop. Or, click, as it were.

It was all at Victoria’s Secret – however very little of it was for undies ^_^

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Tattooed gorgeous asian nude
Click the picture for the free gallery with a tattooed asian girl…

Okay, so the asian girl is not not heavily tattooed, but she is nicely shaved, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate it anyways!

In an attempt to eat healthier foods, I’ve stumbled across quite a few recipes for blended salads.
That’s right.
That is, from memory, a recipe attributed to Dr. Fuhrman’s Disease Proof Your Child.

7-8 ounces green leafies
5 medjool dates (uber yummy goodness)
1 banana (for flavour???)
1/2 avocado (mmm… guacamole)
1 tablespoon vinegar (he recommends black fig, but I’d be tempted to use raspberry)

Now all those ingredients seem yummy. Also, I think I would enjoy eating them all in a salad. But blended together in a giant green slushie just seems *ick*

Is anyone brave enough to try this for me?

Okay, even if you try it, and tell me it’s delicious, I still think I’ll stick with some french fries instead – much less of an *ick* factor ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the Asian babe gallery – I’ll continue with my ‘New Stuff’ posts tomorrow!! Hopefully I’ll have some exclusive first looks of Sweet Adri!!

Stay tuned for SweetAdri in the next few weeks!

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Super sexy shaved blond teen with trim tight body
Click the picture for the full free gallery from Met-Art!!

Okay guys, this is the newest website I’m going to be posting galleries from.. as always, click the picture to see the full gallery!
Met-Art has a huge collection of super-high quality pictures featuring some of the most gorgeous women you’ll find in Europe… No hardcore porn though – in otherwords, you won’t see ANY explicit sex…

Unfortunately, Met-Art is also very picky about who they let promote them… Which means that I might only be able to promote them for one month! ^_^ It depends how many people click through, view their tour, sign up, etc… They don’t want their material being found all over the internet for free…

Eitherway, let me know if you like this artistic side of porn, and I’ll keep posting Met-Art! I still have a bunch of, Lily Koh, Joon Mali, Raven Riley, Liz Vicious, and RealPeachez to post as well – so you won’t be lacking!

I’m also saving up to buy a new script to display the galleries found on Lostcherries a little bit easier – better groupings, better choice for displaying galleries, better thumbnails, etc!
For example, you’ll be able to pick that you want to display only galleries featuring ‘teen blondes dressed like cheerleaders’, or only ‘drunk party girls getting gangbanged’ – it should be terrific – unfortunately I missed when it was on sale last Christmas for $100 off – so I’m hoping it’s going back on sale this Christmas!

Anyways, enjoy the Met-Art gallery!

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