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Costumed threesome
Click the pic for the Halloween Porn Gallery!
This gallery features Sara Twain in a double penetration groupsex gallery…

Anyways, I gotta get running right now, and figured I’d post a slightly classier Halloween gallery from Private.Com – if you can consider groupsex classy!

It’s definitely more artsy than Alyssa Doll carving a pumpkin!

Anyways, I’m off to a Halloween Party!

Have a great Halloween!

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Slut babe licks cum off plate
Click the pic for the free gallery of Brandi Belle licking cum off a dinner plate!

Know who I haven’t posted in a while??? Brandi Belle! I know that a few of my loyal readers are fans of her (Neckice??? ^_^), so it’s definitely time to post more!

Anyways, bring on the frosting!

Or icing. Whatever you want to call it. ^_^ I think I could use both, but in my head on some level frosting seems to harden more than icing. Which is odd, because ice is harder than frost. But maybe this internal distinction is due to the fact that when I was younger, icing usually referred to a sweetened whipped cream topping my mother put on cakes, and that icing never got stiff. Also, frost is the only verb I would ever use. I’d never say It’s time to ice the cake.

Although, if I were a gangster, I’m sure I’d use ice as a verb a lot more! ^_^


I made cupcakes a week ago. A batch of 24. I bought frosting to go on top. The container says it will frost 36 cupcakes.

After having frosted 24 cupcakes, I had some leftover frosting. But certainly not enough to frost another dozen cupcakes! I could have done maybe five.

So I suppose this means that I put on more frosting than the folks at Duncan-Hines think I should. Nuts to them – it’s better my way! ^_^

Well, enjoy Brandi Belle licking the frosting off her plate! Join her site to see them eat it off candy apples!
Now that’s Halloween spirit ^_^

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Ariel Rebel Sucking
Click the picture for the free Ariel Rebel gallery!

Okay – you guys wanted more Explicit Ariel Rebel, how’s this gallery for you? ^_^ You get to see Ariel Rebel’s fully shaved pussy as she eats a watermelon.. And sucks on her finger, hence the title! You thought it would be Ariel Rebel sucking something better, didn’t you? ^_^

I did up one of the packages of cheater cookie mix today – peanut butter cookies. It’s not quite as cheater as a tube of pre-mixed cookie dough would be – this stuff is more like cake in a box, so you get a packet of powder to which you add an egg, some oil, and some water, and then stir them all together into a dough. Then you shape the dough into little one inch diameter blobs, and place them on a cookie sheet – lined with parchment paper, of course, unless you like washing cookie sheets or having to scrape off your baking – and flatten them out. The package says to use a fork, but I found the dough too sticky to do this, so I just used my fingers. ^_^ The package makes 36 cookies. 24 of this batch are cooling on a wire rack as I type. The remaining 12 are enjoying their last minute in the warmth of the oven. ^_^

I hope they’re good. ^_^

Whoops – time to pull the last 12 out of the oven! ^_^

Enjoy Ariel Rebel!

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Big natural boobed pornstar Laura Lion has threesome
Click the picture for the free gallery from featuring Laura Lion!

So, how many of you guys like big, floppy, natural breasts??? Personally I’m glad that I don’t have D-cups… I guess from the male point of view, they COULD be fun to play with, but from the female side, they just get in the way ^_^

It’s Saturday, which meant I put through a load of towels and socks and vacuumed the floors. Which begs the question – how often should one run a vacuum through their living space?

According to my mother, it’s minimally every other day, ideally everyday. I think I would go insane if I were to try running the vacuum every other day, never mind everyday. According to a friend, it’s once every two weeks, but could probably even be stretched to once a month. I think the floors would be pretty, um, we’ll say dusty after two weeks, never mind once a month. Of course, in my last apartment, the answer was pretty much never because there was hardly any floorspace to vacuum. O_o

I had thought about testing out the two week hypothesis, but part of me refuses to allow that to happen – the part of me that is most definitely my mother’s daughter. ^_^ So a-vacuuming I went.

By the way, for those of you who follow DST, don’t forget to set your clocks back, and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!! Of course, that also means that you can have another hour of looking at porn, so enjoy! ^_^

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Raven Riley licks Samantha Gauges lesbian pussy
Click the picture for the Raven Riley lesbian gallery!

Heheh, I was just reading the title, and I thought ‘Raven Riley Ricks Pussy!’ Oops! (And no, I do not have enough of an accent that I mix my L’s and R’s…)

Anyways, I was thinking to myself, who haven’t we seen in a long time, and the answer came to me – Raven Riley! ^_^ Lo and behold, I’ve gotten a bunch of Raven Riley galleries ready to post – this one is a lesbian one featuring Samantha Gauge… Sorry guys, it’s the most explicit lesbian gallery she has up right now :( I think all the gallery providers are switching to ‘soft core’… bah!

Anyways, you can tell Christmas is coming.

All the stores have their artificial Christmas trees up on display.

Others have all their holiday crafting supplies out in the aisles, with sales on ornaments and other such knick knackery.

Grocery stores now stock all the jolly favourites – eggnog, mandarin oranges (clementines), and peppermint ice cream. Okay, I haven’t actually seen the peppermint ice cream, but the eggnog’s out, so it must be there somewhere. Lately I’ve been making a point of ignoring the ice cream aisle – there’s still goodies in the freezer leftover from summer. But who wants a popsicle when it’s cold out? That calls for seasonal ice cream! ^_^

Wait, what? We still have yet to pass Halloween, you say? ^_^ In that case, we have all the post-Halloween candy clearances to watch out for! ^_^ Those little fun size chocolates make for terrific snacking – so long as you’ve got a handful of them, and a place to put all the empty wrappers!

I wonder how long it will be before we see a sticky faced Raven Riley covered in melted chocolate? That reminds me, I need to find some nice ‘spooky’ galleries for you guy! I had the Raven Riley ones last year! I might have more this weekend!

Enjoy Raven!

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