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joonmali shows pussy lips
Click the picture for a free Joon mali gallery! :)

Wow, my blog is running SO slow right now… It’s definitely time to back it up, just in case my host decides to take a dive! yuck!
Do you know that I’ve made over 600 posts, and have been blogging for a year and a half?

That’s INSANE!!!!!!


I received a bulk mailer catalogue from Nashville Wraps. It’s not even addressed to me – it says Attn: Gift Packaging Buyer. But, I haven’t got a scrap of wrapping paper to my name, so I had a quick browse through the catalogue while giving my computer a reboot. After all, Christmas is fast approaching, so I should be thinking about finding some wrapping paper to have for, well, wrapping gifts. ^_^

Oh. My.

I want, I want, I want! There’s so much beautiful wrapping paper in there! And lovely ribbons for that extra special touch! And little gift tags! I want it all!

Okay, I don’t really want it all. Some of it is really ugly. And they also sell boxes and gift bags and cello wrap and other things I’m not particularly interested in, but I’m trying to determine if I should order a couple of rolls of paper and some ribbon to match. Okay, not really match – coordinate. The tulle ribbon seems reasonably priced – $2.55 per roll, with 25 yards to a roll. And the paper I’m considering would set me back $18.50 per roll, with 85 feet to a roll. That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? heheh

Of course, I don’t know what they charge for shipping, grr. And they want to charge a $4 “service charge” on any order that is less than $50. And they mention that a “nominal handling charge” is added to all orders.

That, and all the prices are in US dollars.

Probably a scam, but I still might order anyways! :)

Enjoy the Joon mali gallery!! Let me know if you want to see more of her..

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Straight Sex and anal with Maria Bellucci
Click the pic for the free gallery from Private.Com featuring Maria Bellucci having 1-on-1 sex!

Okay, I titled the image ‘Straight Sex’ because it featured one on one straight sex in a romantic setting… Don’t be fooled it DOES have anal – isn’t that a part of everyday romantic sex today???

Anyways, last night, I went out for dinner with my uncle and his family.

I asked my cousin about their new kitten. My uncle had mentioned it earlier in the week when he phoned on an unrelated matter. He had been less than thrilled with the new addition – my uncle isn’t exactly a pet person, though his wife is. They’ve had two bunnies, a couple of frogs, and some fish. And now a kitten. So I asked my cousin about the kitty, since when I asked my uncle he was unable to answer. ^_^ The kitty is a boy kitty. He’s four weeks old. They got him from a friend of a friend who needed to distribute some kittens. Okay, that one I got out of my uncle. The kitty is orange striped. The kitty is named Miko.

The boy kitty is named Miko.


I didn’t get to ask who picked the name. I know it wasn’t my uncle. When I asked him what the kitty’s name was, he said, “It doesn’t have one yet. I want to name it Chop Suey.”

That’s my uncle – though he’s not a pet person, he’s pretty clever when it comes to naming pets. Well, some people would find his sense of humour rather twisted, but I think it’s clever! When they had the bunnies, he wanted to name one bunny Haas, and the other one Feffer. Get it? Haas and Feffer? :) (Yes I know it’s spelled hasenpfeffer. But you need two As in Haas, or else you get Has.)

Bunnies named Haas and Feffer? A kitty named Chop Suey?

I think if I ever decide to bless my home with a pet, I’ll have to get my uncle to name that pet. No Fidos or Felixes or Rexes here. ^_^

Enjoy the Private.Com gallery!

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asian paid to have sex
Click the pic for an asian pornstar gallery

Heya guys – here’s the asian pornstar Loni getting paid for sex with a couple of old guys…

I’ve never completely understood Loni’s success… Sure, she’s as dirty as they come, and yes, she looks like your next door neighbour or grocery clerk, but is that really what you want from a pornstar?
Personally I prefer to see the absolutely gorgeous girls and guys having fun… Not my best friend! (No, Loni’s not, but she looks like a bunch of girls I go to school with!)
Eitherway, it’s still an okay gallery…

Anyways, if you’re procrastinating on something, check this out.

In celebration/preparation of the release of their dark chocolate M&Ms, perhaps timed to be close to Halloween, this little mini-game has made an appearance on the web. It’s a picture, with the titles of 50 “dark” movies embedded into it as visual riddles….

How many can you get?

Being someone who tends to avoid “dark” movies, I surprised myself by managing to get 27 of them unassisted! With help, both from real live people and from IMDb, I’m now up to 45. Later on this week I’ll post the answers I’ve got…

Oh yes, and turn on your speakers – for the cool but creepy music. ^_^ It’s just not the same without the ambiance. ^_^

Only five left for me :(

Enjoy the gallery of Asian pornstar Loni!

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teen slut bangs a black man
Click the pic for the free Brandi Belle gallery!

Okay, this gallery is for all you Brandi Belle lovers..

I’ve been working on another paper, and need to develop a series of tasks to test..
This is proving exceedingly hard to do.

One day, while giving my poor brain a rest, I stumbled upon a new game – Cake Mania. I like this game a lot. This is bad news for my productivity.

At this point, I’ve finished the web game, which is pretty short, and I’ve downloaded the free trial and used it all up – they only give you an hour! T_T

Now, I want to figure a way I can have the whole game, without paying the $20 US for it. Mwahahaha. ^_^

Paper? What paper? ^_^

Enjoy the Brandi Belle gallery!

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Raven Riley lesbian with Brooke Skye
Click the picture for a free gallery of sexy Raven Riley making out with Brooke Skye!!!

Click here for Brooke Skye’s site
click here for Raven Riley!

Well this post is for Gillan, since he requested more Raven Riley, and I agree, it has been some time since I posted Raven!! I’m also posting a gallery of a new girl – Brooke Skye. I’m sure some of you are familiar with her.. apparently she’s really, really popular (I don’t get it… She’s ‘okay’… kind of has a crackwhore look..)

Anyways, enjoy the gallery!

Now I need to go find out why my Vida Guerra post was removed from Wikipedia…
Could it have been the hardcore, explicit pictures???

It’s too bad – that was some good traffic!

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