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Lucy Love - DP Pornstar
Click the picture for a nice DP (double penetration) gallery – kind of makes me want to go on vacation in the desert!! This one is courtesy of Private.Com

I’ll also have some more RealPeachez posted soon if you guys want it.. Leave a comment, otherwise I’ll keep looking for other stuff – maybe a little more hardcore!

Today was my haircut!

And I am a teensy bit ashamed to say that I wimped out – I did not get the super short do that I had imagined. I started having second thoughts last night, and by the time I got to the salon today, I was only willing to go through with the big chop if the stylist thought the result would rock the cazbah. She figured it’d be cute, but she must have picked up on my uneasiness, because she advised me to not go quite so short, because the shock of it might make me hate the new hair no matter how good it looked.

So she lopped off six inches of my hair! It now hits at my collarbone, and it has actual shape to it!

Piccies coming soon – I promise, I even had some rear-view pics taken last night to compare the longness with the new shortness. I just need my photographer back to take the shortness shots. ^_^

So far, I like the new shortness, even if it’s not technically short – I suppose it could be classified as mid-length. I really really like the fact that my hair has a shape to it now though – long hair tends to be rather shapeless, cutting in layers doesn’t do much except remove weight. And no, it’s not just because my hair has been styled all fancy – because, really the fanciest bit of the styling that she did today was use a round brush on the ends. It was a pretty basic blow dry. And I could see the shape of the haircut even when the hair was still wet, before she blow dried it. And I liked what I saw. ^_^

So, equipped with my newness hair, I bopped down to the registries office to get my driver’s license updated with the motorcycleness. I got a new photo, but the new card will show up in the mail within the next two weeks – in the meantime, I have a rather unimpressive slip of paper serving as a temporary license.

Last night, a charity canvasser came to the door – when I answered, she asked me if she could speak with my mum or dad! ^_^ I replied, with a smile, that they don’t live here. ^_^ That was sort of nice. Then the guy at the grocery store today called me Ma’am, and that made me feel a bit old. I guess you can’t win them all. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the hardcore porn, and let me know if you want some more Realpeachez 😉

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joonmali's round ass
Click the picture for the full gallery of Joon Mali‘s cute little asian ass!

I know a lot of you guys are also into asians, so I figured it was time to post another barely legal asian teenager baring her cute ass.. (Yes.. I also know that a lot of you are ass guys, and for an asian girl, Joon Mali has a pretty decent one!

I still don’t think she’s done any b/g hardcore on her site – just spreading, toys, etc… Which reminds me, I’ll have to check back in and see if there are any ‘harder’ galleries I can post for you guys! :)

Anyways, I felt soooo wiped today! A friend I met at my motorcycle lessons offered to take me out riding Saturday night.. (Humm.. I wonder if there was a deeper motive? ^_^)…
Anyways, after 3 decent hours of cruising, and scaring the bejeebers out of myself while driving it alone, the bike broke down..
We started at 11:00pm… 2:00am in the morning, and we were stuck on the side of DeCarie with a broken down bike (NOT MY FAULT!!!)

Now, with as many taxis as there are in Montreal, you’d expect a lot of tow trucks! Unfortunately, this was not the case!
3.5 hours later, the tow truck finally came, and I was half asleep and REALLY needing to pee!!

I think I’ve finally recovered, and am ready to get my new haircut! Wish me luck!

Enjoy pictures of the asian teen Joon Mali!

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flashing goth girl smokes cig
Here’s another gallery of Liz Vicious – since some of you love her, and some of you hate her! Personally, I’m a big fan of her and Raven Riley, and will start posting a lot more content of the two of them in the next few days! I still don’t know what my attraction to gothic culture is, but I’ve always, always loved it – even as a kid, I enjoyed the dark restaurants with the stained glass windows – I know, not really goth, but still dark!

For a while in junior high / early highschool I wore a lot of dark clothes.. Blacks, purples, etc… Now I’ve brightened up my warddrobe substantially!
But yeah, if I was white, or could pull of the goth look as effectively as Scar13 or Liz Vicious, I would totally be partially goth! (I’m kind of fickle, I’d get tired of being goth every day, but once or twice a month would be great fun!!!! ^_^

In fact, there are definitely some cute asian goth girls, but I have very friendly facial features, not ‘sharp’ enough for the goth look!!

Anyways, I’ll have some hardcore galleries of Liz Vicious up this week… I LOVE the wet t-shirt picture of Liz Vicious you can see as the background of the free gallery I posted up top! :)

Sorry I didn’t get a post done last night! I’ll write about my adventures tomorrow!!!!

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karina kay's 1st porn movie

Click here for Karina Kay’s 1st porn audtion… Since this was shot (assuming it is her audition), Karina Kay has lost a significant amount of weight..
She’s much hotter in the last movie I saw her in!!!!

As for the redhead from yesterday’s post, Smokie Flame can be found here

Anyways, so I’ve been watching Prison Break lately. In fact, I’ve had a bit of a marathon today – I watched four episodes! I can feel my brain squishing itself into a comfier position in my skull after all the inactivity. ^_^

Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this show. All the ads I’d seen were dark, and gritty, and full of scary looking scowling men. It’s also a drama show, whereas I tend to gravitate more to, well, comedies and cartoons. So it was with a fair amount of uncertainty that I sat down to watch the pilot episode.

I was surprised by how much I liked it… I’m not well into the first season – I think I must be halfway there by now – and I still like it! Hence the four episode marathon today.

I’m not so sure that it’s a good thing for me to find another TV show that I enjoy. I already watch too much TV. Well, it’s easier to do when the new shows are actually appearing on a weekly basis. Summer is typically discovery time for me – that’s when I start pawing my way through seasons of shows available on DVD.

I suppose next week will be back to work time for me. In the meantime, though – it’s the weekend! ^_^

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hot redhead fucks black guy dick
Click the picture to see the softcore gallery of this gorgeous redhead… I’m trying to get the hardcore gallery for you guys, and hope to have it in the next day or two!

Okay, so my title is misleading… But there IS a hardcore gallery of her on the site :)

Yesterday morning, the sky looked so wonderfully clear, I figured I could put the sleeping bags out on the deck in the back yard to air out and get some sunshine before I stuff them into the basement for storage till next summer, because honestly, another camping trip is just not in the works for this year.

Good plan, right? Except these mischievious rain clouds came out of nowhere when I wasn’t looking, and dropped some very quiet rain, so quiet I never heard any drops on the roof or on the windows. So the sleeping bags were all wet when I went out to retrieve them, which sort of defeats the purpose of airing them out in the sun.

So today, with the sky so bright and blue, I’m giving this another try. I’m also doing my best to keep an eye on how much sunshine is trying to pour in through the blinds. Yes, I’ve learned my lesson.

Anyways, Brak liked Kara yesterday, so here is Kara Mynor’s Hardcore Interracial gallery!

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