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Okay guys, I know I’ve been posting a lot of goth stuff, and soon I’ll be posting a little bit of fetish stuff, because I LOVE the look of it… I’ve started really enjoying vampire books, and the whole ‘dark’ side of things. But don’t worry, I still love fluffy bunnies! :)
Anyways, for porn, goth porn is very neat looking – and I know that you guys all love Scar13, except for all her.. welll…… scars! :)

Anyways, I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – and I must say, I was a tad disappointed!

It’s no wonder that Movie/Production studios are making less money every year. It’s not because of pirating, it’s because they rehash other successful movies!!!
For example, here are the movies I’ve watched this year:

Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Mission Impossible 3
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Superman Returns
Xmen 3
and Da Vinci Code..

So – one ‘new’ movie… Blech!

Anyways, enjoy the hot goth babe – If you want more goth from my site, follow the ‘goth link

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I didn’t hear much about you guys liking Liz Vicious, and I’m not sure how many of you saw my previous post of her, so I’ve posted a NEW gallery of the cute goth girl. This time, with a main picture to give her more exposure! I hope you guys like goth/punk girls. You’ll see more of her in the near future! She does hardcore too :)

I passed my test!

Same tester as before, and he remembered me from last week. Asked me if I was ‘ready this time’, to which I said, ‘Ehhhhhhhhh.’ with a wibble of my hand. He smiled and told me that I needed to think positively – sort of giving me a hard time about being so pessimistic. So I replied, ‘Alright, then. I will pass today. You will give me my Class 6 today.’ He said, ‘That’s better!’ and sent me on my way to do the circle, which was the first one. I got through it on my first try. ^_^ Then on to the straight line, which I had practiced practiced practiced but still couldn’t get it every single time I tried. Didn’t matter in the end – I got it on the first try! Then on to the shifting arc, which I got on my first try. Then on to the shifting box, which I got on my first try. Then on to the emergency stop, which I got on my first try. Then on to the emergency swerve, which caused me some hiccups. I got through it though. Then the hill start, no problem. Then the serpentine, easy peasy!

And just like that, I was done!

So I now have a piece of paper that says I passed my practical test and a piece of paper that says I passed my knowledge test. With these, my current driver’s license, another piece of photo ID, and some money ($20 to get the Class 6 added), I can go down to the registry and officially get my Class 6!

But, all that fun will wait until after I get my hair cut. ^_^ Which won’t happen till August some time.

And now, I want a motorbike! But I won’t get one. Not this year, at any rate – the season for motorbiking is almost over. I’ll behave myself – I promise!

Enjoy punk girl Liz Vicious!

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My thumb joints were aching last night. My left thumb is still sore – darn clutch lever.

I effectively got about 2.5 hours of on-bike practice time – since I was really crashing another class, I stopped after half an hour for their little tour of the test items, and then stopped again about half an hour later when they gave their little road ride talk, opted out of the road ride, practiced for an hour, took a little break because my bum was going numb, then practiced for another 45 minutes or so until they decided it was time to wrap it up for the night.

Did I get any better at the straight line? Well, marginally so. I’m heading back there early again today, to hopefully get at least another hour’s worth of practice in before Mr. Tester shows up. I wonder if he’ll remember me from last week. If he does, I hope it doesn’t count against me! O_o

I’m trying to take it easy today so that I arrive at the track in a relaxed and zen state of mind. This means that I have been playing some video games, and I think I will knit for a bit too. No paper revisions (editing), no preparation for defence, no putting together another proceedings paper. My brain is mush today. ^_^

That is, until I think about testing again tonight, at which point my brain frazzles to life with nervous jitters. O_o

If I pass, it’s out for a night of celebration!
If I fail, I’ll slink home and duck under the covers :)

Enjoy Real Juliet!

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Speaking of, I haven’t seen his cohort, Brak for a while!

Anyways, enjoy the ‘girl next door’, and her hairless pussy!

I am not one of those people who rises with the sun with ease. For me, waking up is a thrashingly unpleasant thing I have to do everyday. Even after more than ten hours of sleep, it takes a lot to get me up and moving. So I can’t argue that it’s because I don’t get enough sleep. In recent months, I usually get about seven hours of sleep on a weeknight, and more on a weekend. Yet I never ever want to get out of bed.

Today I got to sleep in a bit – instead of waking up at 7:30, I was able to grab an extra two hours of sleep. I still didn’t want to get out of bed at 9:40.

Maybe I need a more uncomfortable bed?

In other news, tonight I headed back to the track to snag some extra practice time. Tomorrow night is the re-test. Yeeks! I’m already nervous. That straight line haunts me. But hopefully, that old saying that practice makes perfect will prove to be true – if all goes according to plan, I should have an extra six or seven hours (!!) of practice time before the test tomorrow evening. O_o

Enjoy Tawnee!

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Ewww – I just dripped pink lemonaide on to my cordless keyboard. I hope it doesn’t get too sticky!

Anyways, I’m getting nervous again. I’m booked in for another motorbike lesson tomorrow, and it’s supposed to rain!!!!!
(Technically, I’m not booked in… The instructor just said if I want to come around for a little more help, just give him a call, and I can come for free… Sometimes it pays to be a girl!!)
But yeah, so I’m going to be on a motorbike for 4 hours tomorrow, in probable rain and thunder – practising for the skill test, and doing a little road ride on a REAL motorbike!!

So I was watching more of NCIS tonight, and got in a goth posting mood – hence the asian up above. I was going to post more of Scar13, but she’s been overplayed here, so I’m looking for some more new goth content. There aren’t too many, but here’s a girl you’ll LOVE! (No, not the asian goth from above..)

Here’s a teen goth – Liz Vicious..l
And, if you’ve read this far down, here’s a free gallery of Liz! :)
Click here for a LizVicious goth teen free Gallery

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