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goth babe cutter with scars
Click the picture for the free goth porn gallery of Scar13!!

Scar13 is soooo sexy! Although, she’d be sexier if she didn’t like to cut herself/bleed… Not sure I’m in to that :)

Anyways, I am |–| this close to being finished with my draft revisions. I must get this done today. Ideally within the next hour. That’s how close I think I am! Then it’s off to bed..

Yesterday, I went to my very first farmer’s market! It wasn’t just a visit for kicks, though – there is a stall there that sells the absolutely best meat pies I have ever had. So I bought a dozen! ^_^ They’re chilling in the freezer, waiting to be eaten – six steak pies, six swiss chicken & mushroom pies. Oh yum. ^_^ While at the market, I also found a stand that sells beeswax pillar candles – not the waffly ones you can roll yourself if you buy the wax at a craft store, but the sort where the wax has to be melted down and then poured into a mold or something to get its shape. I would have bought one, had they not been $15 each! O_o They were big, though – maybe it’s worth it?

I also ate a lot of salad over the past few days, which is, to say the least, unusual for me. ^_^ I had a mandarin chicken salad from Wendy’s for lunch on Tuesday, I had an Ahi tuna salad (seared rare ahi tuna rolled in cracked peppercorns and served over mixed spring greens, avocado, mango, red onion, and cherry tomatoes in a ginger lime dressing! Yum! Except that mine actually came without avocado.) for dinner Monday, and yesterday I had grilled chicken over spinach and romaine tossed with mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, and celery. Lotsa greens in there. ^_^

In light of the amount of vegetables consumed over the past few days, my breakfast this morning was toast with peanut butter. Lots of peanut butter. And lots of butter too. But really, I wound up putting more butter on than usual because I was trying to use up the butter left in the dish so I could top it up. No, I can’t top up the butter dish when there’s still some left behind, because the new butter would go on top and the bottom butter would just get super old. Gross. So, I heaped on the butter. Heaps of butter requires heaps of peanut butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ^_^ Tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth goodness. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the Scar13 gallery, I know a few of you quite like her! :)

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blonde plays with cock
Click the pic for more double penetration porn! (The full gallery is linked)

Sorry guys, I still haven’t gotten around to replenishing my porn supply with more diverse material.. It’s still the same ol’, same ol’…
Of course, it’s also stuff I like, so it’s all good! :) Although I don’t think I’d like recieving double penetration, I do like watching it!
And I love watching the slutty girls with absolutely no inhibitions… (My favourite fetishes all involve that.. Parties with strippers, Japanese Zenra, girls paid for sex, etc..
Just recently I watched a College Invasion movie.. Mostly it’s Frat boys playing with porn stars, but there was ONE girl who got in the mix.. made the whole movie worthwhile.. the rest of it was just blech…

I was just reading my blog, and realized that a week ago was June 21, the official first day of summer. It was also the longest day of the year – as in, the most hours of daylight. That specific day, I believe it was still raining :) It actually fairly flew, even though I didn’t get my new cell phone, sigh. Upon reading some reviews online, it now seems that the phone I was going to get through Telus is not as wonderful as it had the potential to be – people have been having problems with stuck buttons, low volume, dead pixels in the screen, and the phone is only a CDMA phone, not a GSM phone, and I’ve heard that Telus will soon be phasing out their CDMA networks in favour of something more technologically up to date. So I could get myself fancy newness, but it might potentially be broken, or something will go very wrong very quickly, and the phone might be obsolete in a year or two. Bah. Guess I get to go crawling back to Rogers. Hoo-ray. But I digress. ^_^

I’ve always been a bit confused by this ‘first day of summer’ thing. Well, first day of any season, really, because by the time that official day comes rolling around, in my head, we’re already well into that particular season. And whose bright idea was it to make the longest day of the year the first day of summmer? Now the days will only be getting shorter in terms of daylight hours! Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the longest day of the year be the high point in the middle of ‘summer’? That way, when summer begins, you have additional lengthening of daylight to look forward to. Not shortening.

Oh well. I welcome summer with a big wide grin. ^_^ It just makes me sad that when I’m walking at night with an ice cream cone, it’s going to be getting dark earlier and earlier :(

Anyways, enjoy the double penetration porn!

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sexy asian schoolgirl
Click the picture for an awesome hardcore Japanese movie site!

Okay – you CFNM types will love this!! (Clothed Female, Nude Male)…

When could a men’s room be the most popular location in a luxurious, five-star hotel?

When it has life-sized photos of beautiful women strategically placed over its urinals.

Men’s room at Hotel Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand, features life-sized photos of models above the urinals

That’s the decor at the brand new, $45 million Hotel Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand, featuring local models with humorous looks on their faces as they scope out the men as they take care of business.

The glamour gals have binoculars, tape measures, cameras, and at least one appears to be laughing at what she sees.

Click here for the full article

I’d enjoy taking pictures of myself and putting them up in washrooms ogling men as they’re at urinals! :)

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Raven Riley Puss N Boots
Just for Brak – More Raven Riley! :) Click the picture for the full gallery!

Okay guys, I’ve run out of precanned porn! My usual method is to spend a saturday cropping pictures – I visit porn sites, grab all the free galleries I can, take a good picture, crop it, resize it, sharpen it, adjust the colour, and then save it using Photoshop..
I then upload it to the blog, link it to the gallery, and have a good collection of porn ready for my daily ramblings! :)
Unfortunately, it means that for a month or two, I tend to have all the same content…
I know that most people get tired of seeing the same thing time after time – so in the upcoming weeks, I’m gonna try to get as much different porn as I can… You might see some duplicates, because I can’t remember everything I’ve posted! But, if it’s a duplicate, then it’s a gallery I loved!

In the meantime, enjoy Raven Riley‘s pussy… I don’t remember if I’ve posted any of her hardcore yet… but more is coming up! BTW – they’re contemplating making a Fleshlight mold of Raven Riley’s naughty bits!

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sexy slim alyssa teen
Click the picture for the free gallery of Alyssa Doll posing…
I thought there was a Partyhardcore gallery up on top (but it’s not) – and I’ll be getting more loverboysusa out soon!
In the meantime, you can browse all the free galleries at:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Alyssa Doll!! She’s a cutie with great breasts, and a playful smile!! I know that at least a few of you quite enjoy her, and I plan on having more of her in the future!

Well, I finally got that load of laundry done. And I vacuumed the house. And, and I made up two pitchers of juice from concentrate. Mango, and orange-guava-passionfruit.

How’s that for productivity? And on a Friday to boot!

Granted, boatloads of revision work on my paper didn’t appear in that list. I may get there yet today. Not likely, but I may. I think I’ll work on some travel expense forms first. I need my money back! O_o Really, I should get some sleep to enjoy the crazy weekend we’re gonna see with St. Jean Baptiste day!

For now, it’s more porn!

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