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Tattooed asian babe Tattooed asian babe
Tattooed asian babe
Click any screenshot for the full size image… Or click her to see where it came from

Okay guys, I was poring through deluxepass, when I found this movie starring the previously gorgeous Kaylani… I noticed all the markings on her body – which look REALLY hot, but then I started to wonder…… are they permanent? I really hope that Kaylani didn’t permanently mark her body like that!
It looks really hot for the scene, and really, it IS kind of sexy.. But in a year or two, I’ll be so bored of seeing them!
I used to love Kaylani – she was one of my favorite asian pornstars… I hope it’s just body paint to match up with Julian!!! (who’s a total hunk as well)

Anyways, Kaylani is hot, her tattooes are hot right now… but let’s see if they continue! :)

If you want to see more of her awesome movies, browse through this mega site – deluxepass..
They also have a ton of Asian/Japanese porn, including the one I was telling you about previously – with the japanese babes playing naked twister…
The site is one of those ‘pay one price, access 200 different sites’… Each affiliate site on it has 10-200 gigs of porn movies available to download! It’s one of the best value for the money sites I’ve ever found – if you have highspeed internet! :)

Click here to see the full list of sites you get access to for one price

You can find more free pics of her here –

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cameltoe babe bares pussy
Click the picture for the full free cameltoe gallery

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a nice cameltoe! And, well, despite the girl not being too attractive, the cameltoe has some appeal! :) It IS from a hardcore gallery, but as so many sites are doing now, they only let you post teaser pics :(
I’ve got a brand new, hot asian teen that I’ll be posting soon!! Her name is Joon Mali, and I’ve got ONE gallery I can post for you! :)
Click HERE for a preview of the sexy asian teen!
I’ve been inside the members area, so I know that Joonmali does get completely nude!! I haven’t seen any hardcore, or any insertions yet… It’s mostly JoonMali being cute. stripping, getting naked on the beach -etc!

So enjoy, and I hope you have a pleasant memorial day weekend!!
(I also hope that Joon Mali makes up for the poor cameltoe gallery!

Click HERE for the free Joon Mali gallery

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Realpeachez poses and shows shaved pussy
Click the picture for the free realpeachez gallery!

Okay – so I decieved you a bit – it’s not an spread leg, full view of Realpeachez, but in the very last picture, you can’t tell that she’s completely shaved!!
I’m still waiting for RealPeachez to put out a few ‘harder’ free galleries.. Spreading, toys, etc! Unfortunately, all the freebies we get tend to be the softest pictures on her site!

I’ve told you all about the video you can find in Real Peachez’s members area… You can watch RealPeachez stretch her pussy out with a LARGE cucumber!!

Anyways, Peterix recommended that I connect my new harddrive via firewire – so that’s what I did! Now it’s humming away, ready to receive all the porn!
Partyhardcore here I come!! Or maybe a little bit of Real Peachez

Well, first maybe I better vacuum

I’m a little bit excited (?!) about vacuuming. The vacuum is a brand new, much hyped Dyson upright vacuum – the DC 14, to be precise. Dyson vacuums are a British brand of vacuums that are claimed to never lose suction, so you get the best possible clean from your vacuum forever and ever. If you read product reviews on Epinions or Amazon you’ll see that every Dyson owner raves about his/her Dyson.

We shall see if this vacuum lives up to all the hype.

It is, however, a pretty nifty looking device. I’d post a picture, but I don’t have a camera handy. Who am I kidding, I’m bad at posting pictures – but it’s not my fault! If you want the good pictures, go to RealPeachez! :)

Which reminds me – my sister needs to email me some pictures! 😛

Anyways, enjoy RealPeachez – I’m gonna eat an apple quickly and then do some sucking!

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gothic babe scar13
Click the picture for another free picture gallery of Scar13!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of Scar13, and I know a lot of people love her! So enjoy another gallery, and don’t be scared off by her scary tour!
I kind of wish I could pull of f the goth look – I think it could be fun!!!!

Anyways, I have a technical question for you guys.. I bought an external harddrive (Maxtor OneTouch II), and it comes with Firewire and USB 2.0…
I did some reading on google, and found that a lot of video editors use Firewire – which sounds like a good thing!
But then I did more reading, and found that USB 2.0 has a maximum speed of 480, and the maxtor firewire is 400..
Soooo.. is USB 2.0 better than Firewire 400.. Sure sounds it! I guess I could do a little more google downloading!

I needed the extra space for all my porn movies :) Partyhardcore has a TON of videos – and I haven’t even downloaded the wamsexorgy stuff! :)
Now Loverboysusa is bringing out the big vids too… so I need to have more space!

I also downloaded a great video of Japanese girls playing naked twister :) heheheh

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asian blowjob babe
Click the picture to see the asian blowjob babe! She eventually takes it up the ass in the full gallery!

Of course – she might not be asian.. She might be latina. And she’s not as cute as Bailey from BaileysRoom..
And it’s not as graphical as what you find at Private.Com
But still, it’s a nice hardcore gallery, and it’s free.. so you can’t complain! :)

I set up my DDR pads again today… I had put them away almost a year ago since i never had time to use them.
For those of you not in the know, DDR is dance dance revolution – a video game where you step on specific squares in rhythm with the song/arrows on the screen.
It’s really quite fun, and it’s a better workout than yoga!!!!

Anyways, enjoy the asian porn gallery…

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