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lesbian sluts have threesome
Click the picture for the free gallery of these ethnic lesbians having a threesome!

Yes – I know, if there’s a cock involved, they’re not really lesbians – but, since the gallery starts out with mostly girl on girl action, I figured I’d call them lesbians! :)
One is latina, one is… Thai?? Sexy, whatever she is! :)

Anyways, enjoy the gallery – it’s from the bangbus series of sites!

I also figured you guys might enjoy seeing Congressman Weiner! I can’t believe he’s actually named that, although, I bet it’s pronounced ‘Whiner’… is that any better??
No – I’m not political, nor am I American… I was doing a google image search for weiner, and he was the first thing that popped up :)

BTW, I STILL have the number 1 spot for ‘cute bum’ in google! Click HERE to see the search… that makes me happy! (if it doesn’t work, make sure you set safe search to off!)
It’s linking to this picture for cute bum

Anyways – I’m going out for a picnic with my new boy – and it’s 5:00am… I’ve spent the last 3 hours searching for new porn content to put up for you guys! There’s a lot of bangbros stuff coming up, as well as more Alyssa Doll! And a couple more asian galleries!

I gotta get some sleep, or he’ll completely wear me out tomorrow! (No.. not in the bad way… or is that the good way???*WINK*)

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Raven Riley's Ass
Click the picture for the free Raven Riley porn!
Click here to join Raven Riley for $4.95 trial!

Heya guys, here’s another Raven Riley gallery! I think the main picture is actually reminiscent of me, although I don’t have any outfits quite that revealing!

Anyways, I don’t have too much to say! It’s been another busy school day, and I’m running on about 5 hours sleep. I need to catch up with my beauty sleep!
especially if I’m going to get a workout tomorrow! :) j/k.. I’m still behaving..

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Realpeachez shows pussy
Click the picture for the free Realpeachez gallery!

Okay guys – this is what you’ve been waiting for! Almost an unobstructed view of RealPeachez’s Pussy!
Okay, I know you’ve been waiting to see the whole thing – and if I haven’t shown it to you, I do have it here somewhere.. I just need to find it! :)

This is one of the rare sets where Realpeachez has pubic hair – normally it’s shaved right off! BTW – Realpeachez has a blog in her member’s area… it’s only updated twice a month, but it’s fun to read!

Anyways, sorry I haven’t been around too much! I’ve been really busy with school, and there’s a new boy in my life!
I’m not going to get into any kinky details yet…. (mainly because we haven’t been too kinky.. despite my love of porn, I’m still a good girl, and don’t put out on the first, second, or even third date! :)

I also took my poor car in to the dealership :( The brake rotors need replacing – apparently they’re rusting in all this Montreal salt!!! And the pollen filter needs replacing too, but it was $150, so I told them to do it next time :)

Anyways, enjoy the hopefully faster porn! :) I’m off to bed! (alone!)

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babe sucks sex toy
Click the picture for the free sex toy gallery!

Well guys, the weekend is over, and I didn’t accomplish anything I had hoped to accomplish!
Not only that, but my site is running slower than it should – and the host just moved it on to different servers… I’m thinking that the servers are a bit overloaded right now – we’ll have to see how long it takes them to get them up to speed!
In the meantime, I apologize if your porn is a little slower than usual! :)

That’s okay… I know most people don’t have much porn surfing time in April – everyone gets busy prepping their yards for summer, enjoying the warmer weather, etc!

From what I’ve seen, traditionally porn surfing is MUCH reduced in the spring and summer months. It makes sense – who wants to be in front of a computer moniter looking at pictures of sexy, naked girls, when they could be outside having a picnic, or just sitting on their porch?

What you need are sexy, naked girls at the picnic! Maybe this summer I’ll get out and about – and FINALLY have some new pictures of myself up for you to look at!
A little bit of public nudity could be fun!!!!!!

BTW – in case you miss the free pictures at the top, here’s a drunksexorgy gallery for you to enjoy!

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Sadistic blonde pain slut Sadistic blonde pain slut gets ready for fucking
Click the picture for the goth / sadistic slut porn!

I’m in a funny mood tonight – so I figured I’d post this gallery I made ages ago! It features a nasty S&M babe getting beat by her master!
Honestly, I think I’d really enjoy dressing in full leather, and heading down to a fetish club! I’m not a fan of feeling ‘pain’ though – nor am I fan of causing it!
(Okay, I don’t mind getting held down, or having my hair pulled when I’m getting it from behind… but that’s different :))

Anyways – leather, lace, whips and all that kinky stuff would be fun to occasionally participate! I’m going to have to look for a club somewhere here – I just don’t want to go and be surrounded by smelly men, and overweight ladies in thongs!!!!


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