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blonde fucks dildo
Click the picture for the full gallery of a busty blonde using a big dildo

Well guys, it looks like I””m going to be switching servers again! This means you may see one or two hours of down time, and parts of the site won””t work…
The good news is, it should be faster, and won””t have the punctuation problem! (atrocious apostrophes)

Are you guys interested in seeing more pictures from this girl? (it””s a link to one of my previous blog posts)

Anyways, I gotta get back to work on my paper!

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Scar13 loves myxxxblog!
Click the pic to see the fullsize!

Well, I originally meant to post this picture of the beautiful goth slut Scar13 a few days ago..
But, I couldn””t send it to my server… And then my server broke…
And then I was too tired..

So, now you get to see the fansign from Scar13 that I promised Jim nearly 2 months ago!

So, my dress still isn””t here…
The bride lost all her music and wants me to burn it…

She wants Coldplay to be the processional song…
and another Coldplay to play during the signing of the registry….

Did I mention that the dress originally showed her tramp stamp tattoo??

It””s going to be a classy wedding!

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Raven Riley Lesbian
Click the picture for the free lesbian gallery

Okay guys – my site has been up and down like a yoyo.. Or, like Brak put it – like Paris Hilton on a Tuesday night (okay.. I misquoted – but I’m sleepy and lazy :))
Anyways, here’s Raven Riley and Misty Anderson having a little bit of lesbian sex – you can see more of Missy Anderson at:
Misty Anderson”s Gallery of the Day

Meanwhile – my apostrophes are all messed up – they keep multiplying on me.. dunno why, and hope they’ll get it fixed up soon!

Anyways, what do you guys think of girls who drive crazy? Race through the streets, etc?
Are they sexy, scary, or dumb???? :)

I’m just wondering, because as I was driving home today, three cars, each driven by a single girl, went whipping by me – weaving in and out with each other… I thought it was kind of cool!
Anyways, enjoy Missy and Raven Riley! Don’t let them tease you TOO much! :)

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vampire babe with cross in pussy
Click the picture for the full goth gallery!

Here’s an extra kinky gallery to celebrate the weekend! I know she’s not as attractive as Scar13, but I can’t have every free gallery dedicated to her!
So, if you like kink, vampires, sacriligious porn, and tattoos, I’m sure you’ll love this gallery!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any loverboys or partyhardcore… I’ll have to try to get some galleries up!!! In the meantime, I think you can search on this other site – in the free xxx pics section..

Anyways, it still isn’t here..
My dress, that is. Fancy pants Airmail Express shipping indeed. Roar! On the plus side, though, I stumbled upon a place that does both dry cleaning and alterations, so I think I will be paying them a visit with my eBay prize when it arrives. Hopefully the cost isn’t too exorbitant.

I’m having a hard time coming up with the motivation to get some more work done today. Yesterday I went through a thwack of data files to get a feel for how many experimental trials ended up being rejected by artifacts – if the number is really high for everyone, then I need to run some artifact correction, which I’m not terribly sure how to do. If only a couple of participants ended up with lots of rejections, I can just exclude the troublesome ones for the time being and report on smaller group sizes. The groups are already small – I really do mean a couple when I say a couple. We’ll just keep calling this a pilot study. :)

I keep telling myself that once I finish the data analysis and create the pretty pictures I need, all I have to do is paste those pretty pictures into my paper and add some blather about what it all means, and my paper will have a first complete draft! I tell myself this in an attempt to motivate myself, but it usually ends up that I feel like I can spare some time to go shopping…or play a video game…or blog…hm, and what is it that I’m doing right this moment? ^_^

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exotic babe gets fucked
Click the picture for the free exotic hardcore gallery

Heya guys! Here’s an nice exotic babe getting a little bit of sex action! :) Does she do anything for you?
She’s got a nice little body, a nice bottom, and is super kinky!

Anyways, I thought about NOT posting tonight – I was working for 16 hours straight… Not a pleasant situation!
But, I figured I’d come on, look at a little bit of nice porn (particulary the bottom left picture from the gallery above) and share it with you guys! :)
I don’t have much to say, and my verbal skills have dimished due to tiredness….

I’m in my big comfy pajamas, and it’s time for sleep!

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