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Raven In Prison
Click the picture for the free porn gallery

Know who we haven’t seen in a while?? (Or at least, who YOU haven’t seen in a while???) A naked Raven Riley!!! She’s got some nice tanlines to go with her jail stripes in this set of free pics!! I wonder if she grants sexual favours to her gaurds in return for preferential treatment? Anybody volunteering for that awful job?

I’ve also got some Raven Riley lesbian pics I’ll put up soon – that being said, in a background window, I’ve got a hardcore movie of some asian girl getting screwed by a big white guy :)
Still, Raven Riley is a nice ‘refresher’ for the eyes!

So today, I went to one of those Mary Kay-type cosmetic ‘parties’ – a group of friends or relatives is assembled and a rep from the company shows up and tells everyone all about the line of cosmetics and skin care that they are selling, has you try out samples on your hands, lets you play with the colours, then takes your orders.

Why, oh why would I go to one of these? Because the hostess was my bride-to-be friend – you know, the one who’s making me wear periwinkle in a little over a month. Mental note – I really need to go get myself a dress!

So I showed up firmly resolved to not spend a penny. I have a skin care routine that I am totally and completely content with. I have no need for more cosmetics. The stuff that was being paraded is very expensive. Besides, my friend said in her email “Of course, there’s no obligation to purchase anything.”

No obligation my big toe. There were only four of us there – the bride-to-be, her mother, and one of the other bridesmaids. The bride-to-be and her mother jointly spent over $500 on stuff. The other bridesmaid spent around $140. I would have looked like the stingiest chick ever had I walked away without a filled-in order sheet. Plus, there was an incentive for the hostess – if her guests collectively spend $340, she gets $130 worth of products of her choosing for $26.50. So I would have had that additional guilt had I stood firm in in my resolve.

So I broke. I’m weak. I spent $30 on eyeshadow.

Hey, I may be weak, but I’m still a cheapskate. :)

And for the rest of you cheapskates, click here for the free Raven Riley porn pics

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Heya guys!

I’m just watching a neat porn movie I downloaded a while back from Unseen Japan! It features a couple of sexy Japanese twins!! And not just Japanese twins posing… They give blowjobs, have sex, and have all sorts of fun!

I took a couple of screenshots for you 😉 Unfortunately these asian babes ONLY do censored films – but there’s tons on Unseen Japan that don’t….

Here are the pics!

sexy japanese twins sex

Cute japanese twins

Japanese twins!

Anyways, I figured I’d get your appetite wetted! The ONLY free porn gallery I could find from the site was here… It’s also a couple of Japanese lesbians going down on some lucky guy! :)

(for the lazy, the free movie gallery is here

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cute babe with sextoy
Click the picture for the free sex toy gallery!

Here’s a great looking gallery that i think you guys will love! It’s a very cute babe playing with a big sex toy…. I have one similar to it in pink :) It’s a pretty tight fit!

It’s FINALLY the weekend!

I get to climb in to my big comfy bed, snuggle under the flannel sheets, and sleep for 10 hours, while ignoring the snow piling up outside. In fact, that sounds so good that I’m going to climb in right now!!!

I’m thinking however, that spending Friday night watching a movie with some friends is a rather tame way to spend a night..
And it’s been AGES since I’ve ‘gotten some action’!!! I’m going to have to start guy hunting in the upcoming weeks :)

Any tips???

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Asian girl taking black cock
Click the picture for the free porn

Heya guys… I’m way behind tonight, so I’m just heading to bed :)
here’s an ‘interesting’ gallery for you! I’m sure at least some of you will enjoy it! It’s an athletic asian girl getting screwed by a couple of guys… interracial and all that jazz…

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jade hsu with huge sex toy
Click the picture to see sexy Jade Hsu cram a large sex toy up her sexy shaved pussy

Here’s a site that specializes in goth girls as well, and although Jade Hsu isn’t too goth, she IS cute (or at least, kind of cute.. she was better before all her tattoos, drug use, and piercings!
I’ve got two more galleries of her up in the archive
Jade Hsu fucking
Jade Hsu having lesbian sex with Sunny Leone

She USED to be one of my favourite porno girls, and she’s still pretty sexy…. but… meh

Anywyas. what a difference a few hours makes!

Yesterday – sunny, clear skies, bare roads, brown dead grass wherever you look.

This morning and afternoon – overcast skies, blowing snow, falling snowflakes.

Now – it really looks like winter now! A thick white blanket covers everything, except for main roads, which have been sanded and chemically-treated (no salt here) to improve conditions for driving. But the snow has stopped falling.

I wish I had before and after pictures. But I don’t. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. :)

In other news, I think I got a bad contact lens. I put new ones in yesterday, and the left one drove me nuts all day. I put it in solution overnight, hoping for an improvement today, but alas – it’s still driving me bonkers. Rats.
No more staring at porn…

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