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asian fetish
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Here’s a little bit more fetish content for you! :) And since Brak complained that the girls I’ve been posting recently are too ‘normal’ for him, here’s a hot little asian babe!
Don’t be fulled by the preview screen! She gets into some nice, hardcore, xxx action! She even has some nice anal action!!! And she plays with a sexy glass dildo!! It’s a pretty hot gallery!
This is from one of my favourite sites – Private.Com
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To be perfectly honest, I just downloaded this week’s Loverboys (male strippers) update, and am just about to watch it :) The past few months have been disappointing, and I’m hoping it’s about to change! I’m tired of the old ladies sucking stripper cocks, and the fat ladies shaking their breasts..
Bring on the young, college aged girls going ABSOLUTELY WILD at a bachelorette party!!! Anyways, you can see my old review of them here

Some habits are so hard to break!
So there’s an abstract deadline coming up – February 1. I have an idea for the talk. I just need to put it all on paper. I was actually stalling a bit until I had had a chance to look at some of my notes for some crucial data, but my notes are stored in a box in a storage unit. Which box? I’m not terribly sure.
So the goal for tonight – finish up a first draft of the abstract. Without notes…

Sleep? Maybe tomorrow! :)

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Well, it’s pretty balmy here!!! Nothing compared to some of the snow that Europe has seen in the past! The top set of pictures are from Switzerland, the bottom set are from the Czech Republic..
I should have collected some of the ones from Japan!! They had 13 feet of snow a month ago!!!

Anyways, yes, no porn for you today! :) You can always check out my top bar, or my other pure porn site (none of my ramblings :)) if you just want some dirty pictures! I REALLY gotta hit the hay again.. or at least, get back in the mode where I leave myself enough time for some porn! The only porn I saw today was a movie I downloaded of some asian girl getting her ass stretched! It was kind of arousing because she was so small..
Anyways, g’night! :)

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she loves group sex
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Here’s some ultra hardcore porn for you! :) It’s from DPFanatics – which specializes in gorgeous European pornstars getting nasty double penetration! It’s pretty sexy!
In this case, you can see the engagement and wedding ring on the girl’s finger – I wonder what she tells her husband when she comes home from ‘work’..

husband: Hi Honey, how was your day?
girl: Oh, not bad, I fucked two guys.. Took one up the ass, and the other in my pussy….
husband: Oh, that’s nice honey
girl: Yup, and then I sucked both of them off and let them come in my mouth
husband: okay dear, well dinner is ready….

Okay, well maybe the conversation wouldn’t be like that – but it’d still be weird! :)

Anyways, it’s getting late.. Time for me to head off to bed! :) Hope you enjoy the free porn!

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redhead teen paid for sex

Hey guys, you’re gonna be so proud of me!
I got 7 hours sleep last night, all because I gave up a blog post! I woke up at 6:30am, feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I was then able to get all my work completed without feeling sleepy!

Now I’m having a hard time trying to get this blog post done, cause I’m also watching the Partyhardcore video from this week :) It’s pretty nice!!!! Looks to be a new party already, which was kind of surprising, since i didn’t think the last party ended… but then again, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up! :)
I’ll get some pictures from it posted soon I hope!

Heh, I was talking to a friend of mine.. she’s quite a bit sluttier than I am, and she was telling me how every second week or so, she takes a guy home from the bar, and gives him a blowjob… sometimes once on Friday, and another on Saturday..
(cause she thinks that’s safe.. can’t get a disease from that!.. not the brightest)..
anyways, this has been going on for 3 years now…
that’s what… 25 guys a year? She’s sucked at LEAST 75 different cocks… yet, she doesn’t consider herself a whore..

anyways, I just figured I’d give you guys some thoughts to chew on..
She’s Chinese, and I guess Chinese New Year is sometime this weekend… Saturday or Sunday?

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shaved blonde stretches pussy with big toy
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Sex toys? Who doesn’t like sex toys?? Who doesn’t like GIANT PUSSY STRETCHING SEX TOYS!
Well.. I dunno… they can hurt a little, but after 10 minutes of trying to squeeze it in, if nothing rips, then they can feel quite good! :) And, I haven’t had too many sex toy pictures up here, so it was definately time! :)

Right now, I’m swaddled up in giant pyjamas (pajamas) eating a yoghurt, drinking hot chocolate, and trying to keep warm while I finish a paper! It’s 2:00am..
I’m SO SCREWED! Recently I’ve been getting 5-6 hours sleep, and I just can’t function like that :( It makes me feel a little ill in the mornings when I wake up (sick to my stomach.. no, I’m not pregnant)…

Long story short, I need to learn how to discipline myself and behave! I also need to learn to eat better! Too much McDonald’s, too much Pizza, and WAY too much oven food…..
Unfortunately, my kitchen is still tiny, so I can’t cook real meals..
and, even if it was bigger, I wouldn’t have the time! :)

Anyways, you’ve heard me complain enough.. Enjoy the free porn! :)

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