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college threesome

Wild drunk lesbians are always welcome here, aren’t they? What if it’s a decent girl licking a nicely shaved pussy? Okay, what if it’s two drunk lesbians licking pussy AND sucking cock! Does that sound like a fun way to spend New Years? :)

What do you guys have planned to celebrate? I still haven’t quite decided what I want to do… I’ve been invited to a party at a friends place.. Lots of people, lots of drinking..
I’ve also been invited to another friends house where there will be maybe 6 people… For pizza, movies, and drinking…
It’s so hard to decide!!!!!!

Anyways, I’m about to pass out :) It’s sleeeeepy time! Gotta be rested for tomorrow! :)

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shaved pierced asian

Heya guys! This is a neat looking gallery! Very colourful and neat looking! Plus, despite her oddities, she’s kind of cute! This asian babe has a nice shaved pussy, pierced nipples, and seems to like a little bit of pain – S&M!!!
Anyways, enjoy the free gallery!!

Well – apparently, my last detailed post here was, er, a while ago. Things have been, well, busy. You all know how it is. :)

On Tuesday night, I decided to try a fairly new all-you-can-eat sushi place – Odaki, on St. Laurent. I’m not too sure what the nearest crossroad is, but it’s further up than Schwartz’s, so if you’re heading up St. Laurent and you pass Schwartz’s, you know you only need to go a bit further.

The big banner says that their all-you-can-eat deal is $19.99 per person Sunday through Thursday, and $22.99 on Fridays and Saturdays. But lo, tis the season – and they have a special Christmas price of $25.99 per person. How’s that for holiday cheer?

So we get seated, fill out our order sheet with our first round requests, and sit looking around at the nifty decor. And we wait. And we wait. And we wait. It’s sort of busy, and they’re fairly new, so we figure that perhaps less than stellar service is not so unexpected. But then we start noticing people that had come in after us who are eating their food. Hm.

Finally, after an hour of waiting, a (different) waitress comes up to our table and asks us if everything’s okay. We inform her that we’re just waiting for our order. She flits off to the sushi bar, where the chefs prepare the food, and has a little huddle with one of the other waitresses. They start sifting through papers at the counter – not just any papers, order sheets. Finally, they select one, split it into three pieces, and hand the pieces to the chefs. About five minutes later, our first item appears.

It sure looked like our order sort of got misplaced!

In an effort to make amends, the waitress brought us a pot of green tea, and said, “Compliments of the house” as she poured it. I have two thoughts on this. The first one is, gosh, too bad I don’t really drink warm tea, that means nothing to me. The second one is, gee, green tea is the stuff that you get for free at dim sum. What a gracious gesture.

It gets better yet. Remember that we ordered the all-you-can-eat buffet? Well, because we were delayed so long in getting our first round, when the waitress brought us the order sheet for our second round, she also informed us that this was the last call for the night. And they put limits on how much you can order in a single go. So much for all-we-could-eat. I suppose it was just as well, since being really hungry and then having to wait an hour for food seems to have a negative impact on hunger. Or well, it did for us.

Did we get any sort of compensatory discount? Heck no! We got that free pot of tea we didn’t want, remember?

On the plus side, it was pretty good sushi. Give them a few months to work out the kinks in their service staff, and the whole experience will likely be positive if you give it a whirl.

Oh, and wait until the holiday season is over to save yourself some coinage. :)

Anyways, I hope to have some more good porn for you guys soon!!! I found some nice new sites! Still busy busy!

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party chick dancing with stripper at partyhardcore party chick dancing with stripper at partyhardcore party chick dancing with stripper at partyhardcore

Okay, I already gave Randall a sneak peak at this Partyhardcore update, as well as anyone who reads the comments :)
But, since it’s Christmas, and I’m really, really, REALLY busy packing, I’m going to recycle the comment, and make you guys see it again! :) It’s more male strippers getting kinky with amateur girls on the dance floor.. Not a bachelorette party – they don’t seem to do those anymore, now it’s just a “come if you want free alcohol, and have girly parts” party..
And, once the girls are drunk enough, the male strippers take advantage of them Partyhardcore style! Actually, if you watch the movie from this series, you’ll see one of the girls who lets some man meat split her fall over a few times while staggering drunk! Fun stuff!

Now the typical stuff for all you newbies:

A full membership to eromaxx includes access to:
Cumsquad for you group sex / orgy bukkake type fans!
DrunkSexOrgy for you group sex / drunk girl orgy porn!
PartyHardcore for your true amateur party girls getting fucked by male strippers!
PeeSquad for all you golden shower fans
WamSexOrgy for all you fans of the wet and messy sex! :)
CumOnJugs and for you big tit cumshot lovers! :)

Plus a few more sites that are quite decent!
Check out the gallery, or, click here for their Eromaxx network full free tour and preview!

Alternately, you can sign up just for Partyhardcore for a reduced rate…

Now, enough of that… Yes, I’m moving out of this hellhole! No more Structures Metropolitan – EVER!!! For any of you Montrealers, stay away from any property owned by them. They have horrible maintenance contracts, try to charge you for damages that you didn’t do, and don’t admit to their bug infestations :) Anyways, I gotta keep packing, you’ll hear me whine more later :)

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naughty allie shoves candycane in pussy

“tis the spirit of Christmas to shove sticky goodies up tight pussies!”
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Some creatures were stirring
Including a mouse!

Okay, so that’s maybe not a quote, and i don’t have the full gallery of this series, but if you click her link, you can see SOME of her free pictures. I’ve also featured Naughty Allie previously in THIS XXX BLOG POST – Naughty Allie’s Lesbian Orgy… She’s a fun bisexual swinger. Lots of gangbangs, group sex, and lesbian orgies!

She also has very, very big breasts! :) Anyways, you like her, but, I promised you guys a Christmas present!! Here are my Quebec City pictures, plus a few from around Montreal (Notre Dame Cathedral, etc!) < - see the link I put there for the image gallery! Now I know some of you are looking for slightly more explicit pictures... It's too cold to run around Montreal nude... (or nearly nude), so, I took these in my bed :) I hope you guys enjoy them! I didn't have time to make the fan signs I had promised Jim, Neckice, and Brak... and as you can see, it's already 4:30am

Click the pictures for the full size images!
My XXX Blog's cute ass - Kaori Kaori from bentover!

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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teen with braces and santa hat

Okay guys, I got a new version of the blog software loaded up, so, tell me if you find anything wrong! Anyways, here’s a nice Christmas gallery of Michelle Lynn – the cutie with the braces and the puffy shaved pussy! Her site is kind of expensive, but, it has lots of content, and she does get somewhat hardcore. A guy plays with her pussy, there’s some lesbian action, etc!
Michelle Lynn is pretty cute, but, the main reason she’s here is because it’s Christmas!!!

Anyways, Sunday night, I got 3.5 hours’ sleep.

Monday night, I got 4.5 hours’ sleep.

Tuesday night, I got 5 hours’ sleep.

Wednesday night, I got 6 hours’ sleep.

Then, finally finally finally, last night…I got 9 hours’ sleep!!!

Ohhhhh, how nice it was to be able to sleep in again. And and and! I konked out for an afternoon nap too! Add another 2 hours of sleep to the tally!

Sweeeeeet! :)

The rest of the week still sucked though!
Monday: After being stood up by my participant, I nonetheless stuck around campus until 5 PM puttering around doing work. You see, 5 PM to 6 PM is a magical time for the bus I take to get to and from downtown – during that hour, it comes every 6 minutes or less, according to all the official STM literature (it also does this between 8 AM and 9 AM). So, at 5 PM, I headed out to catch the bus. Since the lab is a fair way from the bus stop, I didn’t get there till 5:25 PM or so. A bus was just leaving. I could have hurried and probably caught it, since it was stopped at a light, but I figured it was already pretty full, and if I waited the five minutes or so for the next one, I’d be able to have a seat.

Forty minutes later, the next bus made its appearance.

Blah, anyways, it’s bedtime.. I’m trying to get some pictures ready for tomorrow night… Quebec City pics, etc.. and maybe a nice pic of me :)
we’ll see!
g’night guys! :)

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