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There are some nice lesbian teenagers on the top bar today, so I’m going to include this anti-bush epithet – personally I’m very non-political.. I live my little life in my little apartment, and don’t have time to pay attention :)
So, I don’t hate bush.. I do think he looks a little funny, and sounds a little dumb, but, meh.. whatever :)

It’s also in tribute to my shower.. I’ll let you think what you want! :)
mmmmm… smooth….

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The big draw in the young blonde in the stripper’s back room!!! Right now, there’s a conversation going on about this girl on the loverboys messageboard (inside the member’s area..).. They’re trying to find more content of her, but the pictures were taken with a camera, and not video captures like they usually have….

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Here’s a nice asian girl for you :) Don’t let it distract you from answering me about my broken images!!!!! (The 3 in the post before this – with the asian girl getting dp’d)

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Well, I’ll talk more about Greek tonight, and too celebrate, a BETTER greek style gallery – that last one was just lame :) Here’s a fresh gallery I made JUST for you! I KNOW you all love Asian girls, and I know a lot of guys love anal, so, here’s a japanese girl getting anal :)
She’s actually getting double penetrated, but they didn’t have many good pictures of that..

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I figure you guys might get a chuckle out of this picture :) click it for the full size… Note the chubby little kid in the background taking the picture of the babe in the thong :)

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