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Alyssa playing with her pussy
Click HERE for full gallery!

OoooOoooo.. It’s a spooky time of year!
I’m just about to head out the door, but figured I’d get one more halloween gallery up for you guys, and since everybody seems to like Alyssa Doll, I figured I’d post some free pictures of her carving up a pumpkin nude! She sure is slim, with nice big NATURAL breasts!!!!
And of course, her naughty grin :)


It’s official.

I am completely and utterly hooked on Maple Story.

I didn’t stand a chance. Everything is just so cute! You can make your character make faces at other characters. Plus this is turning out to be fun socializing time with my siblings – it’s an online game (of sorts) so we play together.
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Sexy Raven Riley
Click Raven’s picture for the entire free gallery!
She loves me! :)

Hallow’s Eve is soon upon us! Raven Riley got into the spirit on her web broadcast last night! I’ve got some still pics that they took ready for you!! :) Notice how she’s perfectly shaven smooth? :) I believe that she actually gets laser hair removal done, but don’t quote me on that!
(It’s something I’ve looked into, since it’s quite affordable, and leaves you bristle free for more than a year!!.. Mmmm.. silky smooth pussy..) She’s a fellow Montrealer too…

I’ll have a halloween gallery of Alyssa Doll for you tomorrow night :) IF I get off my lazy bum, and get it done before I got trick or trea… ummmm… Partying! :)

Raven Riley silky smooth
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Far too late right now to get a nice post up..
So instead, I’ll just remind you guys that all of Canada, and most of the States had Daylight Saving’s time!
So don’t forget to sleep in an extra hour! :)
Fall back! FALL BACK! :)

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group sex on a casting girl
Click above picture to see some nasty group sex action! :)

Okay guys, I figured I’d give you one more preview gallery :)
As you can see, the last few days I’ve been promoting the same network of sites :)
The Natalie Portman girl, the squirting girl, etc :)
And this is from their casting call service… whether it’s real or not, I have no idea.. but it’s a nice idea! :)

Seriously guys, sign up for the trial, and tell me how it is! :)
A trial is $2.95, and a full membership is $24.95… The full membership gives you access to at least 15 full sites.. something like 2000gb of content they say… Enough movies to keep you happily satisfied for a long time :)

It’s all billed discreetly.. nothing nasty shows up on your credit card bill :)

Anyways, I’ll have something new for you tonight.. I’m just on my way out the door!
Here’s a link to their free tour

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Horny Squirter Squirting pussy Horny Squirting pussy gallery

Okay guys, you will LOVE these two new sites!!!
Casting girls etting gangbanged
Girls drinking cum

They each have a $2.95 trial that you need to try :)
Here’s an example gallery of the group sex casting!
And here’s an example of the girls drinking cum!
Let me know if you sign up! I highly recommend them! :)

And hey, leave a comment if you’ve been getting ‘broken images’ on my webpage – eg, a box with a red x in it, instead of the picture preview I try to provide :)

Anyways guys, here’s one of the new fetishes you can find on the internet… It’s called ‘Squirting’… Basically some girls have the ability to ejaculate while orgasming.. No, they don’t pee! It’s achieved by manipulating the g-spot. I can’t squirt… At least, not yet.. Apparently it’s something you can learn, and I’m not sure if I WANT to learn it! :)
Just because sex is messy enough as it is!
I’d love to be able to squirt IF I want to – but if it became an automatic response, YIKES! I wouldn’t want to lay down plastic every time I want to get busy!!!!

I have a friend who squirts – however, it’s not the copious amounts you see depicted here.. It’s a relatively small burst.. like a drop or two she says.. And it only happens when she has sex in certain positions… Mostly when the guy is behind her, or using a toy on her….
That would be all right :) And kind of fun, although, as it is, I get almost dripping wet!

Anyways, I figured you guys would like that gallery :) I particularly like the girls cute dimples!

Whatever, it’s Friday, the weekend is here, and boy howdy am I glad! :) Even if I have to do some laundry tonight.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the weekend coincides with the end of the month, which means that November is just around the corner, which means that end-of-term type deadlines are hurtling towards me with ever increasing speed. Gulp! Okay, calm down, take a few deep breaths, have a Cola, and play some video games. Wait, how’s that supposed to help me deal with deadlines?

Oh well, it’s Friday! :)
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