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I can’t believe that NONE of you have signed up for the trial! :)

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It’s only $3, and you can cancel if you don’t like it :)
It does NOT show up as porn on your credit card statement…

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I woke up this morning, all excited to see if blogland would love and sign up for those sites, and nobody did :(
how disappointing! :)
They’re totally worth it!

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I want everyone to sign up for a $3 trial at this site :) Or the full membership if they want! It’s definately worth it!


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glass sex toy

Oooh.. look what arrived in the mail today! :)
I ordered this 2 weeks ago :) I’ve got some more fun ones coming too!
Sorry about the color of the sheets.. they really don’t add to the photo :)

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body paint body paint

There’s a conversation going on outside in the hallway.

It is taking place among loud people, so the voice noises float in through the closed door. So you get a whole lot of voice quality information, but not much segmental information. So I don’t know what exactly they’re talking about.

I can hear a man – the man who lives next door (of this I am sure). I can hear a woman – the woman who lives two doors down and across the hall (this is an educated guess, given that they’re just hanging out in the hall yapping). I can also hear a young boy – the man next door’s kid (of this I am also sure).

They are talking very animatedly (and did I mention loudly?!) and in jovial tones.

What’s going on?

The current hypothesis: the neighbour lady is hitting on neighbour man.

She lives in a studio apartment (1 1/2), he’s got a two-bedroom place (4 1/2). So she is clearly single, while he is clearly divorced (the boy is only around part time).

Ah, the intrigue of building romance!

Anyways, dinner tonight was… well, a bit unhealthy! Taquitos, macaroni, cheese curds, spinach dip, and some carrots and apples! Eclectic, isn’t it! It’s been a busy day – as always, my server was down for a bit last night (thanks for letting me know Woody!)

Meanwhile, I bet you guys want some porn, eh?
This is one of the places I want you guys to sign up for a trial or full membership!… I’ll be reposting it tomorrow night :) This is of an ‘innocent daughter being seduced by her dad’s friend’… Okay, obviously fake, but still, it’s some nice porn :) And she has a nice little shaved pussy!
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