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So far on this trip, I’ve read:

1) Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett.

2) Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. (borrowed from sis)

3) Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. (borrowed from sis)

4) Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella. (borrowed from sis)

Yes, when I’m not reading for school, I read pure fluff. :) There’s one more Shopaholic book in existence, Shopaholic and Sister, but my sister doesn’t own that one, which means I can’t yoink it off her shelf for a couple of days while I plow through it.

I also brought Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! with us, so if I’m going to read that I’d better do it before we get on the plane next week. I intend to watch mindless daytime TV (yay WestJet!).

My favourite author is probably Terry Pratchett – although, I do enjoy some light reading by Brian Jacques. He writes the Redwall series, which is aimed at a much younger audience than myself.

Recently, I’ve also finished most of Dan Brown’s creations. Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, and Angel’s and Demon’s… All three are entertaining books, as long as you remember they’re fiction, and not real. The furor that Da Vinci Code created was unbelievable…. I also enjoy the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. As you can tell, I enjoy lighthearted humor!

Anyways, enjoy that cute Brazilian teen getting slammed. I have some more amateur pics that I’ll be putting up soon. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding REAL gallery software to my blog… It would probably make sense.. I just need to think how, and plan it out so I can directly link to thumbnails from here…

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Sexy lesbian licking

I’m still here in Calgary :) And I’ll continue being here for exactly one more week (to the day)… It’s going to be kind of dissapointing going back to Montreal – but also nice because it’ll let me get back to all MY own stuff… No more sharing with my family, gaurding what I do, and all that boring stuff….

I stayed in last night, and watched “Manchurian Candidate” with my Father and Sister. It was an interesting movie, yet, it didn’t feel too plausible, despite the fact that theoretically, it had a sound basis!!!!
I’d have to give it a solid 6 out of 10… In otherwords, it was ‘okay’ :) I tend to prefer movies with more humour, and more action!
I also don’t understand why Denzel Washington was rated ‘Sexiest Man in the World’. He is a terrific actor, but I don’t find him sexy!!!
Anyways, i need to run!! Gotta go out for lunch with a friend!!! I’ll add some more ‘comments’ later! :)

Anyways, on to the pictures!
More nicely shaven teen pussies :)

I know I haven’t had any of the male stripper stuff for you recently, and I’ve kept promising, but that’s because it takes tooooooo damn long to get content for it! :) Loverboys I need to take screen captures for, and PartyHardcore, well… I just need to choose good pictures, that won’t get me in trouble with them :) And then make a gallery of it, post it, etc… I also can’t show ALL the sex that goes on at a Partyhardcore show! :) But I can show you some :)

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Here’s a few more of Jamie for you..
A half-chinese amateur girl!! Nice and sexy!! :)

I have still have a BUNCH more photos from her :) And will post them occasionally on the blog :) I know that some of these are dupes, but i was too lazy to get the typical gallery of her up! :) Sorry!!!!!!!

It’s been a busy day.. Had some issues with my host, and the statistics they keep… I don’t have enough technical skills to figure it all out myself, so I need to rely on their tech support… BLECH!!! :)

Anyways, I’m still awed that the last loverboys update had a male stripper ejaculating in some housewife’s mouth… And I want to put up some screenshots of it for you! :) I’m just waiting to hear back from them if I’m allowed! (Somehow, I doubt it.. They’ll want to use it to entice new subscriptions I bet…)

Partyhardcore has that kind of stuff all the time, but, their parties are drunker, and have ‘hired women’ to help create the mood… It’s never a plain housewife behind a towel..

Anyways, I have a nice, quiet evening planned for tonight.. Probably going to rent and watch a movie.. (No idea what yet), and maybe read some of my book later this afternoon! Right now, it’s shower time…. I like being squeaky clean! In fact, that’s the thing I miss most about showering at my parent’s house!!
My apartment has amazing water pressure, and no limits! I can shower for an hour whenever I feel like it!!

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Okay, I think Private.Com is definately one of the sexier sites on the internet – as you can see by it being included in the list of my 3 favorite sites… They always have the most artful arrangements, and make the girls look the sexiest….
Oh, that and they’re ULTRA HARDCORE!!! :) They really push the limit with their content… If they have a sweet asian model, they’ll shoot her sucking three cocks, in the middle of a forest, with something crazy like a lion in the background… In fact, I love the scenery found in most of their shots…
Anyways, enough about If you want to see a few more of their free pictures, click on the link on the right hand side of my site.. Or the link I just provided!! :)

So apparently I was too verbal for you guys about critters! I only got one reply!!! You guys like it short and sweet, don’t you! :) Heheh
Anyways, I went out for lunch today (and got my hair cut!) with that friend of mine with the nice car, and he got pulled over and given a speeding ticket!! 70km/hr in a 50km/hr zone.. Poor guy… I’m so expensive to show off for!!!
The cop even made fun of him for ‘having a nice car and wanting to show it off’…

Anyways, I’m gonna get some more vacation pictures up soon, as was requested! I did take 200 pictures :)

Heh, I finished going through this weeks loverboys free update, and noticed that the movie included a cum shot!!!
I believe it’s the FIRST cumshot that loverboysusa has ever shown!! The male stripper (Jeff – the cute guy with the devil tattoo on his bum) drags some housewife up on to stage (you can see her wedding ring), and convinces her to suck him off…
This continues for a minute or two, when suddenly his cock explodes, and you see the housewife lapping up his cum! I think she even swallowed it!!!
I kind of feel sorry for her husband… She returns home, husband asks how her night was, and then she kisses him goodnight!! Her mouth still dirty with male stripper cum…
Click the banner below to see their free images, if you haven’t already…

Hot stripper bending over girl

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Sexy Stripper Sucking Cock

Sunday night, as I was driving back to my parents’ home, I noticed something brown and furry-looking vibrating by the side of the road. As I got closer, I realized it was a rabbit – not someone’s escaped pet, but one of the wild(ish) ones living in the ravine near my parents’ house. Now, this is not unusual in and of itself. That night, however, was the first time that one of these wild(ish) rabbits ran out into the road in front of my vehicle as I got close enough to spook him. Fortunately, the limit on that road was only 60 km/h, and it was late so I was the only one on the road, and was able to gently maneuver the car away from the rabbit until he changed his mind and darted back to the safety of the side of the road. Silly bunny. The experience left me a bit rattled, though – I’m not sure what I would have done if I had run over a poor, defenceless bunny. Let’s just say I’m really really glad I didn’t. :)

Monday afternoon, as I returned from a lunch outing, I noticed something small and brown and furry hunkered down by the bottom of the garage door, vibrating a little. As I pulled into the driveway, I realized it was a gopher, gnawing the paint off of the garage door. As I pulled in (slowly), he realized I was there, turned and looked at me for a split second, then took off for parts unknown. Apparently, the field across the street is now well-populated with gopher friends, and one or two of them have decided that paint is yummy. I’d never seen a gopher gnaw on a door before. And here my father thought that the paint was peeling due to road salt/chemicals and weather. :)

While out camping last week, we also had some critter adventures. Not with bears or cougars or deer or elk or anything large, though. While hiking through Johnston’s Canyon, we saw lots of Golden Mantle Groundsquirrels that have become used to people – so used to them, in fact, that they have learned how to beg! They’ll approach you (cautiously), then stand up on their hindlegs and look at you for a bit. Once they’ve determined you’re not going to give them food (it doesn’t take long, they haven’t got much patience), they move on to another person. It was really cute to watch, but tough to photograph since they move about so much.

We also had an encounter with a very bold red squirrel at the Tunnel Mountain campsite. One evening, after having dinner, we were all relaxing around the campfire, idly chatting, when along came this squirrel. We watched him root around under the picnic table, looking for crumbs or dropped food bits, thinking he was cute, when he suddenly jumps up onto the picnic table bench. Then up onto the table top, where Oreo cookies had been left unprotected. We quickly shooed the squirrel off the table. The squirrel made a mad dash away, up a nearby tree, and made this angry chattering noise at us. He came down again a few minutes later, took a perch on a tree stump, and watched us while working his way through a peanut. I think this was the same squirrel that threw a peanut at us that morning when we seemed uninclined to share our breakfasts with him. :)

Aren’t critter adventures fun?

Heh, anyways, here’s another free stripper gallery for you guys… Once again, this site apparently picks up real strippers, and persuades them to get nasty for the camera… As my Toronto Troll mentioned, yes, this could be exploitation.. It could also be a girl that genuinely loves to have fun, and make what money she can..
Eitherway, I don’t feel bad for Jenna Jameson in her multi million dollar mansion, or Asia Carrera in her Hawaiian mansion with her husband and newborn baby (and her mensa membership… IQ over 130.. Just like the troll I’m sure…)

Heh.. anyways, here’s another gallery of that stripper above for you.. some of the same pics, some new…

And here’s a car picture JUST for Jim! :) hee hee hee… aren’t they cool? :) j/k

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