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Erica Lightspeed - Sweet

I need your help! :) How would you like me to change the blog?? What would you like to see more of? (excluding me :)) What would you like to see less of?
Anything you want me to focus on?? Should I join more adult websites and review them?
Just post more pictures?
Funny articles, etc?
Tellllll meeeeee!! :)

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purple stripper hair

I’m just withering in the heat!
And worst of all, the building has no water!!

That’s right. There is no water flowing in this building. For a minimum of 14 hours.

I really hope the workers don’t decide that they’ve had a long enough day after those 14 hours and just go home intending to finish tomorrow.

I must say, I’m a little bit surprised that they’re able to do this – completely shut off a building’s water supply for such a long period of time. It also makes me wonder what exactly it is they’re repairing?

Eitherway, I have lots of popsicles… and I guess IF the water turns back on at midnight, I’ll take a shower then!!! Also, Partyhardcore was updated yesterday, as was Loverboys I’ll write more about them tomorrow! :)

Here’s the gallery of a purple haired stripper at a club picking her money up off the floor.. Then getting involved with a guy in the back room :) You can see the thumbnail at the top of this post :)

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Balisong - butterfly knife

I believe I mentioned before that a friend was teaching me how to use a butterfly knife/balisong??
They’re REALLY fun! :)
This is a ‘Benchmade 42’… Pretty expensive apparently…
That ‘latch’ at the bottom is special.. It’s spring loaded, so when it’s closed, if you squeeze the handles together, the latch pops open, and it’s ready for use!! The handles are made of Titanium…
Pretty sexy, eh? :) If my camera took better movies, I’d put up a movie of me swinging it around! :) I know how to open it 3 different ways now!! I’m dangerous! :)

In other news, I got contacted by a cute girl on AdultFriend Finder who wants to have some fun!!! I’m still mulling it over, but I don’t think I’m ready!!!!!!! (I’ve been contacted by lots of ‘not so cute’ girls and guys so far!! (Well, a few have been cute, but there have been other extenuating circumstances blocking it!!!! That, plus I’m shy.. hahah)
I’ll put up some pictures of her later this week if she lets me…
Hee hee hee…

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Crud… I don’t remember if I ever posted this for you guys.. I guess I could search, but I’m lazy.. so instead, here it is (possibly) again! :)
BTW, I ‘ve been having problems with the site recently… so if you guys find it slow to load, or something broken, PLEASE leave a comment or shoot me off an email! :)
I’m planning to try and redesign the site sometime.. my graphic/internet skills suck though! So it might be slow going! :)
Anyways, I’ll have another update for you tonight :)

The girl from before:
Here’s her sexy shaven pussy… smooth and lickilicious!

*edit* found it on page 3 :)… so yeah.. it’s a repost.. hahah

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asian bdsm

Posting a little asian girl in a heavy BDSM session!!
To be honest, I’ve never quite understood BDSM.. Yeah, it IS kind of fun to be tied up.. (or is that tied down :))
And dominated a little…

But pain??? Not a big fan of pain! :) Give me pleasure instead please!
Anyways, yeah, I was surfing around when I saw the gallery, and decided to take the quick tour.. Apparently a lot of people are into it!!! (And to be honest, I really like the picture of the girl having sex with “X” taped over her nipples.. it’s on their main page… kind of kinky, and she looks like she’s reallllly having fun!!
I might sign up for the 3 day membership.. It’s only $4, and browse the weirdness for a few days :)
If anybody else wants to join first, and tell me if it’s worth it, that’ll be appreciated!! I want to join that Brazilian site I linked to yesterday first :)

I recieved a few letters from you guys hoping I get better!! I guess your wishes were with me! I feel just fine!!! It must have been the smoke that was bothering me!! It would have been kind of hard to get a cold in this 32C weather!! (90 degrees Fahrenheit for your USA’rs :)
Thanks for the letters! :)

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